Gangsternation TV

Written by Elayna

Hi all thanks for voting me as your times editor.. a nice carm relax video this time as currently not home for me and my family to make fools out of ourselves haha!! i hope you enjoy.


Guess The Gangster

Written by Elayna

Going to play a little game called Guess The Gangster

Can anyone tell me who these people in chat are talking about?
I need the gangster thats shown in red
Forward your answers to Me and the winner will receive 500k

[03:49:57 PM] <?????> ty 
[03:49:51 PM] <?????>  I'll send them right over hun
[03:49:31 PM] <?????> u got any tissues if he blocks me again ima cry
[03:49:03 PM] <?????> oh no we're all gonna get blocked again
[03:48:50 PM] <?????> exactly
[03:48:41 PM] <?????> makes him 13
[03:48:28 PM] <?????> he claimed to be 15 but stated hes in year 9 at school
[03:48:08 PM] <?????> something ????? said last night got me thinking

Something to make you smile

Written by Elayna