What is the deal with grape flavor?

Written by Ronaldodonut

The grape. One of best fruits that mother nature has to offer. World renown and enjoyed for it's taste, simplicity, variety and style, the grape has been a fruit bowl staple for thousands of years.

-A painting of grapes in Ancient Egyptian society

What makes the grape different from other fruits is it's presentation. The grape is small, able to be carried and eaten in high amount of quantity due to it's vine structure and simply tasty. But most importantly, it can be transformed into many different forms. Aside from it's juice formation which other fruits have, the grape can also be turned into wine, or raisins by a process of drying.


Such a great fruit with rich history.

But in today's day and age of ever expanding technology, we find the grape being increasingly disgraced by substandard grape flavored food products.

And it has to stop.

Grape's position as one of the world's most powerful fruits has gained it access into the lineup of some of the world's most popular candies. There are grape flavored skittles, grape flavored fruit snacks, and grape flavored jellybeans. But rarely is the grape given it's own exclusive packaging like other fruits, instead it's forced to be included in with mixed flavor varieties.

The grape flavor is a very difficult flavor to recreate in sugar forms. As with fruits such as apples, the grape has different types, but each type has a very distinct flavor. You'd be hard pressed to distinguish a pacific rose apple from a cortland, but you'd immediately taste the difference between a purple and a green grape.

What results is a guessing game that the candy companies have to play. "What exactly is the flavor of grape?" A visit to a local supermarket can yield dozens of different answers alone. What we end up with is a flavor that usually doesn't even taste like grape.

Grape flavored candy? More like garbage flavored candy.

So when grape flavored is matched up with strong and robust lemon, apple, and orange flavors, it simply cannot win. The grape flavors are singled out as the inferior type. They're the ones that we give people who ask us to share. They're the ones that cause us to groan when they're the majority. They're the ugly cousins.

Can you spot the ugly cousins?

It's not right. Such a majestic fruit deserves more. Together we can do something about it. Let's get rid of grape flavored candy.

The truth

Written by Ronaldodonut

Wendy's girl that's red
Wait a minute that's not real?
She is really blonde


And now you know

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Written by Ronaldodonut

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