The Actual Results

Written by Ronaldodonut

The results for last issue's question is in. Would you pay $100 for the ability to never have to wipe again?

In hindsight, it was "a stupid question with an obvious answer" as Greatmoff so very nicely put it. Here are the results.


And now, here are the results of the GN Awards, featuring pie charts easily made with Google

Can't wait for the bitching to start about how inaccurate these results are. But hey, it's what you guys voted on. I'm just putting the results into pie charts.

Best overall player - Many players voted for themselves, resulting in 15 candidates. Of the 15, Ladypurr and Akasha stood out on top, tying in each other in first place votes. Not far behind was Instinct with the 3rd highest amount.


Best newcomer - Again, many people voted for themselves, even if they weren't new. However it appears that two newcomers who demonstrated actual playing ability were able to stand out on top and be recognized. Sharlut wins with Ted following close behind.


And you know what, fuck it, I got no more time to make these graphs. I promised somebody I would have this out by April 2nd, and I will. I discovered "The Office," and it is a great TV show. I have spent the last 6 hours watching it, and I will spend the next 6 hours. Here are the rest of the results.

Best ranker

Akasha wins it barely, Champagne and Greatmoff were both tied and 1 vote behind Akasha, NoLove was one vote behind them, and everyone else just had one vote.

Best shooter

Everyone had one vote except for Volt, who got a whopping 3 votes. Although one of the votes was spelled Volty, perhaps that's a different person but Im gonna assume it meant Volt.

Best family

Panthers Elite blew everyone out. Bad Girls had a respectable 5 votes, Solntsevskaya Bratva, The Fudge Packers and Dark Desire finished it out with 2. Everyone else had 1.

Most entertaining player

Wayne destroyed the competition, Fish and Psychokitty tied for second with 2 votes each. Everyone else, one.

Most provocative player

Ladypurr and Wayne were tied for first, Rhys in second with 2 votes.

Andddd that's it. I did a very shit towards the end, I know. Awesome. Back to the office.

~Death Match

Written by Ronaldodonut

Death match has been fun but also boring, as there aint many high ranks to kill.
But i guess most people enjoyed it.
Ted Gained loads of kills, So has Ladypurr, followed by Instinct?

Hoping next round will be better than this round!

All i got to say!

The annoying things!

Written by Ronaldodonut

Mike wont put the safes up high again.
Money is alot harder to make.

See you all next round;)

Written by Ronaldodonut

Next round will be fun count down of 5 days- till new round starts,

See you all then!

And good luck!