Plainys Back In Town

Written by Joey


GN News

Written by Joey

So yeah, whats been going on since Joeys last issue. Well the big point was there was a little spat between Puritania and J0NA’s fam (cant remember what it was called, really wasn’t paying too much attention to things like this really) But I can tell you what happened! Well Gemini got bored, and when he gets bored he gets stupid, and decided to search and shoot at J0NA! The problem is when the underboss of a family, with very few bullets goes ahead and shoots at another family, without forming a decent plan, he usually screws his family over. Which he did.

So Gemini shot at J0NA and failed misrebley dieing in his backfire. Now According to my source in J0NA’s family there was going to be nothing else going on. Well no one seemed to inform anyone from The Cartel and Lienad or Deniel backwards shot at Joshua, probably the most inactive member of gangster nation ever! And then as far as I am aware, Puritania died, and that was the end of that.

In other news, someone has increased the bounty on PHX’s head, now looking at $445mill, will anyone take this offer up? Or is it going to just increase more and more until death match then all the shit goes down there? Well I suppose we’ll find out then won’t we, and we’ll also hear PHX’s thoughts later on in the issue!

Also there has been some changes to crack the safe, making it more fun really. Now the money in the safe depends on how many people have failed to crack it. So the longer the safe goes unlocked, the more money that’s in it! According to Mike, there have been come complaints about this as now the higher ranks don’t make the most money off this safe, well I think it’s a genius idea, and helps lower ranked players get more money! What are your thoughts? Just give me a cheeky message and I’ll post them here

PHX Naked

Written by Joey

Well today in the Gangster Nation Times office, we have the one and only PHX!

She's not actually naked it’d creep Zombienation out, and it would be counted as questionable content, thats not allowed!

Hard hitting, tough acting family boss, rank 50 for the umpteenth time and probably one of the best players on the game at the moment. But she has a hefty price on her head, lets find out some more!

Plainy: Hello PHX, welcome to the first plainy interview of the round!

PHX: Hi Plainy

Plainy: So how are you on this rather fine rainy morning?

PHX: im good ty and u ? waiting for the rain to stop

Plainy: I’m great thanks, and I don’t think its going to stop any time soon really. Sum up the round so far for me!

PHX: this round.......still miss driving training but all in all its been a good round, lots of fams come and gone, I much prefer v2 to v1, as you may have noticed from.

The bounty list I have quite a few on me lol, the biggest one I know who it is now just found out this morning. I have plans for them but for obvious reasons I cant say what atm

Plainy: Well that perfectly leads onto my next question, I can imagine how annoying it can be to be put on the bounty board for $445million now, are you scared that when you next log on someone could’ve gone for that bounty?

PHX: its a possibility yes but unlikely as those in range of me have been helping me figure out who it is that put the bounty on

Plainy: Do you want to inform me, and the readers of the Times who the person is?

PHX: i would rather not say at this time sorry

Plainy: I do enjoy a bit of a mystery, and if you are reading, and want to come forward and explain your actions, please do! Anyway back on with the interview, a few weeks back now your son, more notably known as Zombienation crossed the game owner, what are your thoughts on this?

PHX: for obvious reasons id rather not say too much, but i feel there were points where they were both right and wrong!

Plainy: Sitting on the fence then! You’re the top living killer on the game, a tough hitting boss that defends her own family, was this your intention from the start or did it just seem to happen?

PHX: never planned to be a fam boss this round lol that part just happened...twice

I did go for top killer though so i achieved that never been top killer before
had top fam with Entrapment last round so was happy with that

Plainy: I’ve also noticed you’ve won the bullet lotto a couple of times, may I ask roughly how many bullets you’ve put into this to win it?

PHX: once it was 12k the other times 49.999

Plainy: Okay 5 random questions that have nothing to do with anything just to finish off the interview:

1) Have you ever slept in a shed?

PHX: lol yes in my parents garden i was 18 and very drunk

Plainy: 2) How many dogs could you walk at one time?

PHX: none I really don’t like dogs

Plainy: 3) What was the most embarrassing thing you’ve done to Zombienation?

PHX: showed people on GN some photos were he was very drunk

Plainy: 4) Flannel or a sponge?

PHX: sponge

Plainy: And finally 5) If you drew Infidel in the secret Santa, what would you buy him?

PHX: has to be a stuffed willy warmer lol

Plainy: Well thanks for your time, its been enjoyable!

PHX: thank you too Plainy

Tantalising Trivia

Written by Joey

Well a competition, what can I do for this? it’s a hard decision so I’m going to go for a few questions!

1) Who is the most capped player in the current England squad?
2) How many teams are left in Euro 2012
3) What film is this line out of? “Pull it in. Go on. Go on. Go on. Pull it in.”

Please message me in game with your answers, the first person to get all correct answers will get 1 shiny credit (oooouuuuu). Incorrect guesses will be found on my profile!

Plainys Gangster Nation Tip!

Written by Joey

[center]How to become a trustful family member[/center[

How to become a trusted family member? Is it all about money? Who can donate the most money, who can donate the most bullets, who ranks the fastest? I don’t think so

When I decide who I become to trust, its usually over talking to them, I enjoy talking to people. So my first top tip to gain trust in a family is get to know people in the family!

Don’t stay quiet, you wont make friends by being quiet. Your playing the game to have some fun and making some friends on the way, I’ve seen loads of people who are silent in family chat, its not the way to be mainly because when you die, they don’t care as they didn’t know you!

Another way of gaining trust is to clearly do what the Boss, underboss and VIP’s ask, which is probably the easiest way to do it!

So there is Plainys Gangster Nation Tip

Guess the Gangster - Retro

Written by Joey

Who is this gangster? Its up to you to guess! Message me with your answers


All incorrect guesses will go onto my profile!

Ideas and Suggestions

Written by Joey

Well this is a new part from me, I’m basically going to pull a random idea from the Ideas and Suggestions topic and post it here, look at it, and see what it can offer to the game from a perspective of an ex game administrator!

So yeah, lets see what I’m looking at today

Well it’s going to be Cavie’s idea, which is this:

“When you bid anon in auction house you have to pay a extra fee, So people will hide less”

So what will this offer to the game? Well as he said it stops people from bidding anon as much, but it also takes some of those millions and millions out of the game!

But then, is this just being suggested because he’s fed up of that one person as anon outbidding him for his cars over and over again? Can be rather irritating really can’t it?

Your Funny Messages

Written by Joey

So, I read this in our family chat a couple of nights back, and I thought well that is perfect to go into the Times as it made me giggle a little bit. So what is this message? Well it was sent to DickInTheAss!

Received Today, 06:23:32 PM from LadySpite Subject RE: No Subject Message LadySpite And no I dont take it the ass... :-P (not very often anway)

Do you want your funny messages to be in the times? Message me!

Plainys Video Drama

Written by Joey

Well today’s video is a video that made me laugh, I’ve been following this guys channel for a while now and I’ve watched every single one of his videos (Kinda sad I know but still) Anyway hope you Enjoy it like I do!

If you have a video you want to put in the times, message me and we’ll sort it out for my next issue!

Profile Rating

Written by Joey

Well I said I’d do this for the young lad, so this is what I’m going to do. This is Bizzy’s profile and this is how I rate it. I’m rating it using my little technique, out of several different categories which are

Profile Content
Picture Quality
Plainys Opinion

Each will be voted out of 5 and then an average score will be given out of 5. So first of all let’s see his profile:


Profile Content - Not much there, but its what a like, decent picture 3/5
Picture Quality - Great picture, one of the best I’ve seen this round 4/5
Music - No music 0/5
Plainys Opinion - Short and sweet, no real text though which I’m not a fan of 3/5

Oh average then that gives him 2.5/5 not a bad score!

GN News Extra

Written by Joey

The news extended. Well after I’ve written my whole issue, something else happens and its like. Really? You Really had to go and shoot her and make me re-write bits of the times just to make you happy!

Well yeah, it happened. If you read the interview through earlier you would have found out that PHX has found out who has putting her on the bounties board. Well I have no to, thanks to some deducing and a witness statement!

Well, lets start from the start. Infidel shot PHX, to claim that lovely amount of money that’s been placed on the bounties board. Fair bit of money really all $455million!

Then what happened next? Roulette shot at SweetSugar, and died in backfire (expected from Roulette really) and now it’s a to be continued situation as you will find out what happened next in the next issue of the times!

A Word From Plainy

Written by Joey

Well yeah, not really been voted in to do the times, because Joey has been busy helping a friend in need being a friend indeed he hasn’t had much time to do an issue. So here I am filling in, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be editor next week.

So yeah, Vote for Saviour for the next week for more of this! Thanks for reading