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Written by Fish

The bulk of this article will be about Wayne as nothing else is happening around the game and I can't think of anything interesting to write


Written by Fish


Congratulations to Wayne on his diet. He finally lost 2lbs. Well done big man. Inbox him for some diet tips.

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What Others Have To Say About Wayne

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Also related to Wayne, here are what random players around the game think of him:

"I went to the shop yesterday morning to buy myself a few new goldfish for my pond, I came to feed my fish in the afternoon and they had vanished... apparently one of Waynes tips were *try to eat more fish rather than just red meats* pretty upset about this... & I'd like my money back off the fat git who I assume (I'm no CSI agent) but think he's the culprit."

"Two faced window licker"

"Total cunt"

"Annoying cunt... attention seeker"


"Idiotic noob who thinks he's a pro on GN"


"The guy dies a lot...

Wayne then decided to respond to the above hate messages...
Here's what he had to say:

However, some people (a small minority) had some positive things to say about Wayne:

"Great guy, has a lovely penis. Knows how to satisfy me."

"He seems like a good guy! So far I haven't had any issues!"

"He seems like a smart guy and he certainly brings a lot of fun to the game. I also think he's pretty funny most of the time. Despite what other people say I've never seen him being over the top with anyone when it comes to an argument or something in chat, so he's all good in my books! The golden boy. I'd truely miss him if he was to ever stop playing this game."

And a few others were undecided:

"Wayne is like marmite
People either love him or hate him"


"He pisses people off and gets killed but must have a lot of friends because in an hour he got 30 mil

"I'm not really sure why people actually hate him so much

"E for Effort"

"Who's Wayne?"


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Everyone send your credits to waynnee, he will randomly select a winner from the people who will win all the credits he receives... Remember the more you send, the greater your chances of winning... Good luck ?

The Times Question

Written by Fish

I have decided to introduce this to the Times - I'll ask a simple question and you return your answer to my inbox with the subject 'The Times Question'. Thanks

This Issues Question:
What's in your pocket right now?

Inbox your answers to Fish and they'll be published in the next issue, thanks 8)


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Here's some actual information to stop people moaning about the Times containing no information (H)

Day 82, 07:46 PM - Gaia, boss of Wu-Tang Clan was killed and the fam was dropped

Day 83, 1:11 AM - Pop, boss of Haunted Head Quaters was killed and the fam was dropped

Day 83, 1:57 AM - Sean, boss of The Gaesatae was killed and the fam was dropped

3 families dropped within two days, two of them within an hour of each other ?

Interestingly there seem to have been no wars for a while

Maybe an alliance is forming?
Or maybe everyone is afraid to shoot?
OR MAYBE a war is approaching fast ?

Who knows

Short Interviews

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Scotty and Trix were asked a few questions... Yes Scotty's list is longer, Trix left out a few 8)


Final Article

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[06:55:09 PM] <ZombieNati0n> i will fart in ur mouth