Written by Fish


Choke choked back the tears

Written by Fish

This page is dedicated to GN's most arrogant player

Choke / Predator / DEAD AGAIN.....and has risen from the ashes as GERTRUDE


Here's choke working hard at uni what a MUNDANE job


And on his way home for his tea


Maybe he should give up on GN his arrogant behaviour has
not done him any favours and tbh has lost him the support
of many he called friends

Whilst on his xbox a few days ago he even asked his *friends*
to kill me
Why you might ask ?
Well Choke was adamant that I had killed him demanded I show him my kp
When I refused he stated "I have 3 bfw's ready to kill you"
For what ? I enquired. For not showing me any respect by refusing to show your
kp's he claimed (muffled giggles )

Then he said that I'm too old to be playing gn and that I'm a sad old bitch
in a mundane marriage with no life in front of me

Weeellll chokey pokey obviously my age is an issue with you
maybe you should find a hobby if the only thing that interests you
is someones age :lol:

Grab your dummy get your jim jams on its beddy byes time
And I hope this lullaby helps you sleep

Hush little chokey dry your eyes
Its now time for your beddy byes
Dry your tears and go to sleep
No more chatting shit just go to sleep


On a lighter note here are some snippets from chat

[11:47:56 AM] <Shitler> Im the same rhys, its either laugh at my cock, or cry

[11:53:53 AM] <sporange> ive had a bit of cock in me [?]

[08:04:49 PM] <Shitler> so lets all talk shit together, maybe we can all tickle each others bollocks over a shandy later

[08:42:05 PM] <Mike> chill with us in main chat

[08:42:12 PM] <Mike> we all already have our willies out ;o

Some funny pics of GN players

Storm on her way off roading for the weekend


Look what Micky / Redemption did to me. Ran me off the road the old git


And finally... I told you not to drive so close to the car in front Fishy


Well that's it from me my first attempt at the times lol

Latest shootings

Written by Fish

Day 72

01:20 PM
Bulldog died in Fire's backfire

04:01 PM
Wolfish killed Rainbow because she won lotto

Day 73

02:20 AM
Skaffle died in Onenut's backfire

12:47 PM
Scotty killed Wolfish because he's a cunt to avenge Rainbow's death

02:13 PM
Onenut was then finished off by Skiffle

06:44 PM
Someone killed Gretz but unfortunately I have not been able to find out who it was

08:45 PM
Skiffle then shot at boynamedsue and died in backfire

10:40 PM
MGK then retaliated by killing Skef, former boss of Goodfellas

Day 74

06:06 AM
Scotty finished off Fire two days after dying in his backfire

Day 75

08:26 AM
LetoAtreides was killed by an unknown player, there was no underboss to
take over his family Fedaykin and the family was destroyed forever

12:41 PM
willywonker was killed by Ted1, oh no 8)

Travel News

Written by Fish

Busy roads in China... get a bike if you ever go over there


To those who own a scooter watch out for Tom Jones in his digger


Valentine's Day

Written by Fish

If you're feeling lonely on Valentine's Day this year, and don't know what to do,
don't worry, because Bruce Willis has the perfect solution...

A Good Day To Die Hard
R, 1 hr. 37 min.
Action & Adventure
Directed By: John Moore
Written By: Skip Woods, Roderick Thorp



Written by Fish

If anyone requires a translator for any reason, Catherine Tate is available...
Here is some of her work as a translator, I'm sure you'll agree it's pretty good 8)

Behind the scenes with Akasha

Written by Fish

Some questions answered by the one and only Akasha. Letting us know a little bit more about Bad Girls and their very own boss.

What's your favourite colour? Food? TV show? Place?
(Just tell us a bit about yourself like age, fav food, etc.)

My age a lady never tells but I am a Nana of 2 and soon to be 3
I like the things that are bad for you Pizza; Take outs
My fav colour is Orange no real reason just a refreshing colour
My fav tv program has to be CSI all 3 of them.

How long have you been playing this game?

My god can't remember think its 5 or 6 years; getting old so memory isn't that good.

How many rounds has the family Bad Girls been alive?

Bad Girls was originally opened by myself and Scarlett a few years ago and opened for 1 round and we kicked arse that round.

Would you say you and your family are close compared to other families on GN?

Yes simply because most of the players in Bad Girls are players that have played gn together for rounds we know each others game play.

Why do you only want girls in your family?

The round BG was originally opened we were wanting to try something new family wise so a all female family had never been opened and this round the Ladies wanted it reopened.

How do you feel being the number one family?

To be fair we only gained no.1 spot because of the war which occurred between RD and PE although I and my members believed that we were always going to head to that spot but being no.1 fam doesn't mean as much as it used to you can have a awesome Family yet not be at the no 1 position.

Do you ever feel awkward knowing your family play the same game?

Sometimes it has led to awkward situations but we have all learnt to stay out of each others game play so works pretty well.

Would you say GN plays a big part in your life?

No not really it used to when I first joined I would be on for around 16 hours plus each day and that has altered over the years although I am still addicted to gn I don't feel the need to be on 24/7.

Who is your favourite player on GN and why?

All my girls of course.
Shocker but I love Sean he is underrated but I also think Martini is a awesome player I have prob shocked half of gn with my answer but hey ho lets go

Who do you dislike the most on GN and why? (Dwarfish is an acceptable answer)

I don't really dislike anyone I find some irritating but they are youngsters so are forgiven

Do you think it's awkward being so close to strangers due to this game?

No I have had the pleasure over the years to get to know some fab people have even met a few

In one word describe your family? (also, why that word?)

Awesome just because ?

A note from the editor

Written by Fish

Thanks for reading Issue 68 of The Times
If you did not enjoy it please don't send me a message saying 'well that was crap', but either give me some constructive criticism or vote for someone else as editor.

Watch out for Issue 69 of the Times, coming out on Day 77 at 7PM

Also, the first person to answer this question will receive $2,000,000 from me ?
Who was the 22nd president of the USA?
Hint: His surname is one of the states you can travel to on this game
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