War! Huh! Yeah...

Written by Fish

War between Retribution vs Lucifers Majestics

Bane (Bulldog) got bored and dropped down from level 50
to level 41 to kill Ryan
Brandon decided to shoot Infidel and died in backfire
Bane then shot Charl and died in backfire
Shortly after killing Bane in backfire, Charl died in Infidel's backfire.
Z0mbieNation shot manus and died in backfire
manus was shot at and killed by dexii
Omie backfire wasted OldSkulPlay4
Contender was then killed by Nucleic
Aine finished off OldSkulPlay4, must have been quite embarassing for him...
There was no underboss to take over and Lucifers Majestics were finally dropped by Retribution.
Phoenix found Infidel at 5:10AM on the morning of Day 66, but for some reason he didn't shoot...
In retaliation, at 4:05PM on the same day Infidel shot 38k bullets at Phoenix and died in backfire.
Wayyne then killed Phoenix just 6 minutes later.

What some of the players involved think:

You may take my Backfire, but you will never take my freedom

I also asked another 5 players for their opinions but received no decent replies ?

"The Scamming Dead"

Written by Fish

"The money's the same, whether you earn it or scam it."

Did you know that 65.9% of scams are carried out in America? Yes, an outrageous amount. But what caught our attention was that the "walking dead" are getting in on the scheme too. Everyone here at The Times couldn't believe what we were hearing and even put it off as an outrageous assumption until we had received a first hand account of the issue. We have sent our representative, David Muggles, to the scene in Washington, to get to the bottom of this horrific and outrageous event.

"Mr President, there have been recent reports regarding the issue of the undead scamming citizens here on American soil. This is no doubt a matter of national security, what is going on here and what are you doing to resolve this problem?"


"Well..... here at the White House, we have been working day and night to catch our perpetrator. This is matter we have been looking into. I am afraid that i can not release anymore information pertaining to this situation at the moment."


"But Mr. President, you have begun stripping the citizens of their gun rights. Not only do they have to worry about armed criminals but now armed undead as well reaching into the pockets of the world. We all deserve to know how this issue is going to be resolved and what your doing to carry that statement out."

The TV cuts out and Warnings flash across the television screen

Pukka Cheese

Written by Fish

Pukka Cheese is a nice weed gets you really high and if you like weed for its taste then I suggest blues for all you smokers out there.


I could sit here and talk about weed all day but I've got a shit to eat.

If you would like to see a proper article for weed then keep voting for Wolfish as editor.

Right well the first person to send me a mentor after this has been published gets 5,000 bullets from me, PukkaCheese.