Ron's Homemade Syrup

Written by Fish

In order to celebrate Groundhog's day, I have decided to teach all of you my secret family recipe for


Considered a delicacy in Canada and many other countries, this sugary thick liquid appeals to all genders and ages. It's easy to create, all you need is

-A microwaveable cup/bowl

Now this recipe is extremely easy to follow, but it can be quite dangerous if done incorrectly. The video that I have included at the end will demonstrate a possible situation you may face.

But first off, the recipe.

You add any amount of sugar you want to your microwaveable cup. The more sugar you add, the more syrup you'll get.


Now here's the important part. You want to add a certain amount of water that is equal to the amount of sugar you added. This will create a nice, thick texture. If you want a more watery syrup, increasing the amount of water so that the ratio is 1.5:1 may also work.


Now you'll want to microwave this cup. What we're doing here is heating up the water and sugar, so that all the sugar can dissolve into the water. This is different than just combining water and sugar, as the heating process will ensure that there all the sugar will be gone.

BUT BEWARE. Excess heat can cause the sugar to burn. You want the water to boil, but not for a excessively long time. The amount of sugar and water I added into my shot glass may need only 30 seconds to heat up, but here's what happens when I microwave it for 2 whole minutes.

Note that the video starts when there is only 13 seconds left in the microwave, for timing purposes.

As a result of the excess heat, the sugar burned, creating a thick dark syrup. Science.

If done correctly, the homemade syrup would resemble what actual syrup resembles, minus the color. However you can customize this syrup however you want, adding things like chocolate or what not to change the color, and flavor. The sky is the limit.

The sky is also the limit when Fish is the times editor. He knows what he's doing.


And now here's a fun video

The Sun

Written by Fish





A man called the Police Thursday afternoon at around 6pm to report he saw Flaps in his backyard at his home in London.
"I was checking on the girls tied up in my backyard and there it was (Flaps) I was so shocked to my core I s**t myself. It was -- Extremely large & Flap Crazy -- said Infidel."
He estimated the Flaps weighed about 200 pounds & around 8ft 7" Tall. He also stated that the Flaps was "flapping all over the place" luckily he managed to dodge the gushing wet flaps as he took a dive of death into his pool. He later went inside and got a gun but by the time he got back out Flaps was gone.

The Metropolitan Police officials said, A second call came in a short time later from another home on the same street of Piccawilly, also reporting a sighting of Flaps. If you happen to come across him then "wack out ya pecker", Apparently from our first report from 'Infidel' (Flaps) is scared of Tiny Peckers as Infidel later on that day re-told his statement to the police that he "did not run inside for a gun he simply, Wacked out his Pecker & Flaps went ape s**t then flapped off.
Met Police Commissioner said "I can assure you that we're doing everything in our power to track down Flaps. But at this time I would like all public to keep "aware" of the Flaps as he could strike you at any time."


NotSoMuch "News"!

Lately down "GN Ville" not much has happened which we are not surprised as half of GN blow. (Said ZombieNation's Evil Twin)

- Champagne from PE killed RD Boss & Ub therefore dropping the fam. I can't remember who the boss or ub was but im sure ya'll already know who it was.

RD made the fam back up & continued to pursue their revenge & slowly but surely took out quite a few members of PE

Vince2 killed (Unknown) then MGK got the ws & killed him (I think 8)) then Mankind got the ws for MGK & died in his bf. Currently MGK has been shot @ 3x so he is most likely low in bls and might have between 4-6 business. So I suggest he watches his back as GN can be wild.

IMAGINE killed Voltage then got killed by (Unknown) he then came back as ZombieN4tion and Bfw Cam. He then came back again as Z0mbieNation & is still on the prowl ;q I heard his plan is to try and Bfw as many LM members as he can for the Lolz (I heard). "Any one feel free to jump on board. ?" Said Z0mbieNation. Try and watch out for that cunt he's damaged.

Aine hit lvl 31 for the first time ever, 8) Well done Aine from all of GN. Everone please send Aine some -rep for all her hard work. ?

TheFish killed vsop then (Unknown) killed TheFish. Then TheFish came back as Wolfish. Good Man ?. GN wouldnt know what to do without ya.

Bulldog & Didi both hit lvl 50. Gratz to them two. ?

Owen Cs'd. Don't Know why. GN can do a lot to a person.

iTed killed Hydrogen. Hydrogen is now back as PredatoR. Then (Unknown) killed iTed who is now back as Ted1.

United (jack) made up a fam and got killed by (Unknown) that night. Jack is now back as Obey. He has claimed that he asked to be killed that night by (Unknown).

Tripewire Cs'd at lvl 27 & is now back as hellfire. Don't know why he Cs'd.

Mercury Cs'd but is now back as Redemption. Good man for coming back. ?

JAGGED007 killed Robo2013 because Robo2013 killed BarackObama. BarackObama is now back as BarackO. Then i killed POTUSDOWN (who is BarackObama) for Robo2013. Robo2013 who is now called Robo was going to kill JaggedXD but couldnt be arsed with him. So Robo decided to go on a lil rampage 8) & take out as many low lvl noobs as he could ? GL with that Robo keep up the good work.

If any one would like to take advantage of this then please do. Those players are vigilant & need to be taken down by any means necessary.
I edited it for several reason. but i can tell you that the pic is at most 10 days old but its better than nothing. ?

Not So Gangster Nation?



I’m 67, he’s 22. We thought we’d done everything careful parents could - put controls on his TV and laptop and check his Facebook account regularly.
Then we discovered he’d been sending inappropriate messages to girls, asking them to send pictures of themselves and saying that "He'd like to s**t on them".
We told him how wrong it was, that it’s not the way to treat girls. Then we found more extreme messages on his phone.
The girls were telling him to leave them alone but he’d reply, “I’ll keep on msg'ing you b1tch until you send me some flaps.” I was worried we’d get some irate father turning up on the doorstep to batter our son.
His Facebook account started getting posts with sick pictures from an online person called, Infidel. We spoke to him about it and he blocked us from his Facebook account and put a lock on his iPod.
He seemed to be texting non-stop and it turned out he is on five different social networks!
I was tidying his bedroom the other day and found his phone under his pillow. To my surprise it wasn’t locked and I was horrified. He’s moved on to the most extreme porn.
I talked to him calmly and he told me to f**k off. He said he doesn’t want to be pestered all the time and to leave him alone.
We don’t want him damaged by this kind of stuff and we’ve taken away his phone and his iPod, He acted out but surely after smoking a joint he eventually calmed down, He’s not allowed internet access unsupervised. His friends on GN think I have no right to look at his private stuff, that I’m the most evil b1tch mum around. I told him I can't handle this any more and I started to get very stressed as he continued to act out. He even took a dump on my bed. i have run out of idea's Deidre, Please help.


knowing he’s got a problem is step 1. Keep the restrictions on any access to this stuff for now so he can’t seek it out even if he continues to take a dump on ur bed. But do also have an open-ended conversation with him about what he thinks might have led him to get caught up in this. Have there been extra pressures at home or on GN?
Is GN taking him down a dark path? If so cancel all his pocket money and make sure he knows you’re on his side.

How can parents best prevent teenagers becoming obsessed with online porn? Tell me your thinking by sending me a PM @ Z0mbieNation today.

If this was 'Not' helpful please Contact me at [email protected]



I apologies if this is a complete and utter pile of shite but its my first try so if you dont like it please feel free to PM me. & ill be sure to Bfw you ?

Thank You for taking time out of your day to read my Article.

An interview with the man himself: RHYS

Written by Fish

Meet RHYS, AKA GalactiK.


Today, I am going to drill into his life, interrogate him for all of the juicy details that you've all wanted to know for many years.

1. When did you start playing Gangster Nation?

when i was about 14, so around 5-6 years ago

2. How did you find the website?

Well... Lenny got my brother playing (xavier), my bro got my dad playing it, my mum seen my dad playing it, so me and my sister decided to sign up

3. How does it feel having your Mum play?

it is annoying at times, well it used to be... because i was known for being Akasha's son.... so i decided to shoot every fucker and get known as Rhys haha

4. Why do you think people consider your Mum to be a MILF? Is it true that one player attempted to arrange a meet with your Mum before Joey killed him, rendering him unable to communicate with her?

People can think what they want about my mum haha, im not really gunna say shes a milf am i? :lol: its my mum... and i know shes had some dodgy messages from people on here

5. What would be your #1 realistic feature to be implemented to the game today if you could have anything in the whole world?

wow... errm a new feature, id like to see a few new things and old things, like russian roulette back, a blackjack table without a set limit, and a new feature id like is something like a new lotto, for cars, credits ect..

6. Have you ever felt the urge to go and commit crime (such as mugging an old person at the bus stop, or stealing a school bus) after playing Gangster Nation? I heard that games like this can have a tough time on the mind of a heavy player, especially at younger ages - I remember you played from quite a few years ago and I'm sure many are concerned whether this has had a lasting effect on your mental health.

yup... gn fucked my life 8) i steal from tramps all the time now 8) i think im a actual gangster now ? done so many small crimes now i think its drilled in my head..

7. Do you think your Dad will ever return and do a one-off special bumper issue of the video Times or has he just pocketed all of the money that he earnt as resident news anchor to never return?

im trying to get my dad and erby to sign back up to start badboyz, and maybe he will do a one off special one day, i will ask him

8. Choose one player you would marry, one player you would be happy to kiss and one which you would avoid under any circumstances.

id marry lily, kiss blondiee... and one player i would avoid would have to be kitty (she kidnaps me)

(Editors note: what a cheeky boy)

9. Do you play any other non-Facebook browser games or just this one?

Nopee, i did play Criminal force until it shut down

10. If you could meet any Gangster Nation player who you haven't already met, who would it be and why?

would be you and blondie haha, because you created a GN and took my childhood away from me 8) GN IS LIKE CRACK!!!!!!!! DO ONE CRIME AND YOUR ADDICTED

11. If you could meet any celebrity in the world, who would it be and why?

100% cher lloyd simply because she is fit... and i like her music 8)

12. What is the most amount of weed you have smoked in one day/evening?

half oz :LOL:

13. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

im more of a cat man myself

14. This is a hard question, feel free to take your time on this one. Were you more upset on the day that our president Barrack Obama died in-game, or the day that Princess Diana died in real life?

tbh mike, id have to say Barrack Obama dying in the game, i cant remember when Princess Diana died, i was too young 8)

15. Last but not least. Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or one hundred duck-sized horses?

one hundred duck-sized horses lol

(Contributors note: thanks for your time Rhys, it was great talking with you)

News just in! Rhys isn't the only one who likes to dress as a girl (cheesy)



Written by Fish

Nobody guessed the correct answer from the previous competition, which happened to be Extinction.

So the prize will roll over - the winner will receive a fully tuned supercar and TWO fully tuned sports car. ?

This weeks competition:

Who started a family on day 44 of this round, and what was it called?

First person to answer this question correctly wins...
Submit answers to Fish if he's still alive at the time.
If not, find his new account and submit answers to that one ?

More riots

Written by Fish

PHX has been spotted rioting again, I guess she didn't like the previous issue
She was seen taking out her anger on a member of the riot police,
with 6 pints of milk in her hand


Clyde is a cunt lad

Written by Fish

Clyde also known as Rey is a cunt around the gn community. So yeah he's a cunt.


Written by Fish

Galactik requested this to be put in the Times, so here you go 8)

[01:21:09 AM] <GalactiK> lol
[01:21:03 AM] <LeinaD> I just asked if hes a bad smack head
[01:20:57 AM] <LeinaD> what do you even say to these people!?
[01:20:50 AM] <GalactiK> Call him Dr Pepper tho
[01:20:29 AM] <GalactiK> message him, hes called Luigi
[01:20:14 AM] <MrMellor> thanks
[01:20:10 AM] <GalactiK> red and black...
[01:19:58 AM] <MrMellor> Galactik....favirout colours?
[01:19:57 AM] <LeinaD> was his mum a smack rat aswell?
[01:19:47 AM] <LeinaD> that's fucked
[01:19:29 AM] <GalactiK> no joke
[01:19:26 AM] <GalactiK> pure raging crackhead in school at the age of 12
[01:19:01 AM] <GalactiK> ask him
[01:18:57 AM] <GalactiK> he has no veins left in his arms anymore, hes used them so much he has to use his neck
[01:18:26 AM] <LeinaD> wdf
[01:18:15 AM] <GalactiK> he was smoking it in the toilet, then started injecting
[01:17:58 AM] <LeinaD> how does he smoke crack with needles hanging out of his neck ;x
[01:17:47 AM] <Mike> lool
[01:17:13 AM] <GalactiK> he was, no joke, when he finally left the school ground he had 2 needles hanging out his neck
[01:16:41 AM] <Ryan> ty
[01:16:35 AM] <Mike> smoking crack shutup
[01:16:22 AM] <PsychoKitty> lol
[01:16:10 AM] <GalactiK> should of seen luigi in school, he got kicked out for smoking crack and robbing the old dinner ladys handbag, no joke


Written by Fish



Written by Fish

[01:10:15 PM] <PredatoR> I wouldn't know, for some reason (unexplainable) I haven't had a bird since year 8
[05:02:09 PM] <Wayyne> i have a cat 1 angry cunt you may know her as ladypurr
[01:59:44 PM] <Fish> gay or straight
[01:59:54 PM] <Miyu> I like all sorts
[01:39:01 PM] <Owen> i wana lay zombies
[06:38:00 PM] <Bulldog> suarez is a total cunt and leeds united will rape liverpool any day of the year

Guess The Haiku

Written by Fish

A fresh but now important part of the times, we are going to play Guess The Haiku. This is not a competition but a game which you can play for personal pleasure.


There was a lady,
who beat a man with some milk
and Tesco barred her.

Can you guess which player this particular Haiku is about?

Vote Fish

Written by Fish