A Night Of Robin

Written by TomJones

What started of as a peacefull night in GNsville ended with a night of rage! Robin was asking for someone to put 18 credits into auction house for 4.5M and got shammed! (Not scammed) By none other then who?

21248 00:11:04 Bulldog 18 Prison Bribes $4,500,000 (Robin)

Scotty 2 mutha f***in hottie :lol: The poor slag strikes again. Pisses of Robin and stirs up main chat as this isnt the first time BullDog gets away with it.

After a bit of ranting Robin decides he will just take it out on BG since he appearantly hates PHX due to an arguement that was going on in main chat. He started a search for Miyu found in Miami and this was the outcome.

You opened fire on Miyu with 11,849 bullets and killed them. You took their $4,315,818 held in cash and bank accounts. You took over and started protecting 2 businesses for your family.

After Robin had killed Miyu he wasnt done...this is what he went on to do...

10:26:01 AM: Miyu was killed whilst in BadGirls.
10:27:56 AM: Robin was kicked from Relentless Desire by jackthehat.
10:41:25 AM: Robin joined The League Of Shadow.
10:42:30 AM: Robin was made the underboss of The League Of Shadow.
10:43:33 AM: bruceLee and cheesy were kicked from The League Of Shadow by Robin.
10:43:35 AM: Zeroes was kicked from The League Of Shadow by Robin.
10:45:03 AM: Robin was kicked from The League Of Shadow by Premium.

He then made Premium drop his family and join back into Relentless Desire.

Some say that Robin shot just to spark up a war inbetween RD and BG
some say hes just a fucking tard. Who know's what goes on in his little pea brain

There was a warning though put out by Robin

[10:46:42 AM] <Robin> be another kill in 3 days

That was directed towards BadGirls


Guess the Gangster.

Written by TomJones


Who can guess who this wonderful mans username on GangsterNation?

1 guess each, guesses should be sent to Charlotte.

Winner receives 6 creds & half a million dollars.

Omegle 8)

Written by TomJones

Has omegle taken over GangsterNation? Hmm... Some would like to think..

[11:39:29 PM] <Infidel> http://logs.omegle.com/22e5e06
[11:37:15 PM] <Infidel> http://logs.omegle.com/53aee0f9
[09:49:18 PM] <CoCaine> http://logs.omegle.com/d066d3d
[09:48:32 PM] <JimmySaville> http://logs.omegle.com/bedcdf6
[09:41:03 PM] <Infidel> http://logs.omegle.com/2f84314
[09:41:06 PM] <Fallen> http://logs.omegle.com/513dcf1
[09:36:34 PM] <CoCaine> http://logs.omegle.com/76f404a
[09:35:44 PM] <CoCaine> http://omegle.com/

Omegle Competition

Written by TomJones

Seeing as Omegle has been used alot by GN user and they've posted the logs i thought i'd make a little competition.
Whoever sends me the funniest Omegle log will win my mentors for 4 days and maybe my prized yellow digger! also whatever cash i have on me at the time.


Well thanks for voting for me!

Written by TomJones

Thanks to everybody who voted for me and this is my first time being times editor so i'll do my best and if it's crap then at least i tried ?
also if you want anything put into the next times, send me a message and hopefully we'll have some more action this week so the times should be a bit more full of news.