The war

Written by Ronaldodonut

You guys asked for it, and here it is.

The first ever proper war article of the year!

So recently there was a war between The Cartel and The Perfectionists. With the help of many GN players, I was able to get the full scoop on all of the events.

So first off

The Cartel wanted the Perfectionist's blackjack table. Firnari (Perfectionist) was backfire wasted by Omnicide, and then finished by Candy.

Caedis then shot the boss of the Perfectionists, Bluebob, and killed him. The family was defeated, and the Cartel stood up on top.

Or did they?

Dexii, who was also in the Cartel with Candy, decided to shoot Candy. However he died in backfire. But here's the real kicker, Mandez who was the underboss of the Cartel, ordered the attack. He wasn't informed that Caedis and Candy would be shooting the perfectionists.

Mandez decided to rob the Cartel bank and kick as many people as he could. He then committed suicide.

Our detectives learned that Rhys (boss of the Perfectionists) was also in the Disciples last round along with Dexii and Mandez. We are assuming that the dropping of Rhys's family over a blackjack table greatly angered Dexii and Mandez, providing a clear motive for their actions.

The GN times have also managed to seek out Mandez with his new alias, and receive this first hand account from him.


"The Cartel, Caedis and Candy killed a few players just for BJ tables, the players where my friends and they are disrespectful. I was made ub of the cartel there for i robbed there bank of 22mill and kicked there fam members, i had dexii search for candy during this but unfortunatly he didnt kill him, after I robbed them I sent a friend the cash and cs as a was going to quit gn but i came back they want me dead on all of my accounts. Anyway I am Mandez I am the reason that the cartel doesn't exist anymore"

The Full story of Chaoticx

Written by Ronaldodonut


A GN Times Exclusive

So recently Mike has announced a big ass rule change concerning sharing of accounts. Full info of the rule change and Mike's reasoning can be found in the forums, but right here we have the origin of the change.

That's right, all the full juicy details in an exclusive interview with ChaoticX.

ChaoticX, what happened fully with the situation?


I basically went off for a few secs to get breakfast and in that time span my little brother came on and just typed a few words, which I didn't mind when I came back and saw and other people kept making a big deal out of it/ talking about it. e.g Wayne, DrFish, Caedis, Elegance, Divergent etc. However Wayne made a big deal out of it like calling me a cheater, he's gonna grass me up to Mike and so on. I didn't really care at the time as I wasn't wary of the problem it caused for some. As soon as Mike came on he obviously got messages from Wayne and other people regarding the matter and immediately admin killed me.

I was annoyed and asked him why I got admin killed, unfortunately dont have the message saved so you will have to ask Mike for further details. I put in a help request with my side of the story and he reinstated his decision.

What did your brother say to alert everyone?

And could I maybe see the help request please?


well he's young so he would type anything
I saw "asfhjhjhjkjkkj" and "amt" then I told him to move from computer lol

Here's the help request-----------

Request opened Today, 01:54:39 PM by You

My Side of the story - I went to get some breakfast and my little brother typed in some random words, end of.

I know I should have logged out first but I didn't think it was such a big issue which would lead me to being admin killed, perhaps I should have read the rules more carefully. Never the less you made your judegement purely on the basis of game rules and took into considernation the pm's of several people. However, I will be grateful if you can un-do the admin kill on my 'ChaoticX' account as it was not in my intention to cause an uproar within the GN community, Thanks.

Response made Today, 02:00:26 PM by Mike


Yeah so basically, we were given a clip out of chat which clearly missed out the part of it being such a short time and such a young brother. I think it was even done on purpose to make it look worse on you.

I would be happy to reverse the admin kill in this case but I do think the rules need updating. I don't see how we can carry on with such a rule really - the people who really want to account share simply don't tell anyone and the people who 'accidently' break the rule in silly circumstances get done over. I've made a topic in the forums with my crazy idea in but I doubt people will support it. We do need some 'modernizing' there though, people shouldn't have to worry about a family member bashing the keyboard whilst chat is open.

Your character will be reinstated now.


Oooh I see.

But wow that's one reaching assumption, immediately thinking account sharing just because of some random letters

Got my account back so I'm happy.


Written by Ronaldodonut

What better way to start off the new year than with some nice chat arguments?

This issue's featured chat argument features Instinct, and WesKer

Editors note: Originally I copied and pasted the argument into this article, and I created a copy of it and broke it up into several sections for easy reading. I had also included some witty and insightful commentary to round out the piece.

Unfortunately it seems I fucked up. I was supposed to delete the original copy of the chat and leave the edited version, but I instead did the exact opposite. So here is the barely edited version in all of it's block of text glory.

[01:19:35 AM] <WesKeR> but im just relaxing and letting the little begger have hes fun
[01:20:01 AM] <WesKeR> instinct you was begging like a bird after his seeds
[01:20:10 AM] <Instinct> Stop talking
[01:20:13 AM] <Instinct> and play for 5 days
[01:20:15 AM] <Instinct> and put me to level 1
[01:20:26 AM] <WesKeR> if i do youll cry like a bitch
[01:20:30 AM] <Instinct> Id love to see it
[01:20:32 AM] <Instinct> honestly
[01:20:41 AM] <WesKeR> honestly?
[01:20:49 AM] <Instinct> Stop being a keyboard warrior
[01:20:50 AM] <Instinct> and do it!
[01:20:55 AM] <Instinct> or you all talk no action?
[01:21:32 AM] <WesKeR> An anonymous player has sent you 4 disrespect points. You now have a total of -3 respect. instincts likkle backup? and instinct im all bite im not like you
[01:21:43 AM] <Instinct> Not like me?
[01:21:48 AM] <Instinct> am i the pussy hiding my aka?
[01:21:49 AM] <WesKeR> i dont talk shit and do shit i do what i bark about

[01:21:51 AM] <Instinct> I think not
[01:22:08 AM] <WesKeR> hideing my aka you couldnt handle it matey
[01:22:17 AM] <Instinct> a noob?
[01:22:20 AM] <Instinct> i think i can
[01:22:36 AM] <WesKeR> a noob? iv shit longer than a noob
[01:22:42 AM] <Instinct> Like i said
[01:22:44 AM] <Instinct> stop talking
[01:22:47 AM] <Instinct> and come and try me
[01:23:12 AM] <WesKeR> try you? its no question of trying idiot its mere facts
[01:23:20 AM] <TwisteD> not lost from G players
[01:23:23 AM] <TwisteD> GN*
[01:23:23 AM] <Instinct> Do it then lmao
[01:23:32 AM] <Instinct> stop being a keyboard warrior like i said
[01:23:36 AM] <Instinct> and *try* and kill me
[01:24:20 AM] <WesKeR> keyboard warrior?
[01:24:29 AM] <WesKeR> your hopeing begger
[01:24:35 AM] <Instinct> I'm hoping?
[01:24:39 AM] <Instinct> Come and shoot me you faggit
[01:24:48 AM] <Instinct> all you low ranked noobs always give it when im high rank
[01:24:56 AM] <Instinct> stop talking and do something
[01:25:01 AM] <Instinct> end of conversation

[01:25:26 AM] <WesKeR> im low ranked for now but how long does it take to be in your range? family man if any of them go after me they die too
[01:25:30 AM] <WesKeR> its upto them
[01:25:48 AM] <WesKeR> theres one of me and atleast 20 of them
[01:25:57 AM] <WesKeR> its gunna be hard to tell me apart
[01:26:02 AM] <WesKeR> its not them
[01:26:16 AM] <Instinct> You said it takes 5 days to kill me?
[01:26:37 AM] <Instinct> good luck reaching level 40 in 5 days
[01:26:56 AM] <WesKeR> few days and i could have you out like a lightbulb
[01:27:12 AM] <Instinct> I will be waiting

[01:27:43 AM] <WesKeR> good job them bullets wont hold you forever theres weakness in begger bitchtits
[01:28:06 AM] <Instinct> like i said
[01:28:08 AM] <Instinct> stop talking
[01:28:19 AM] <WesKeR> talkiing ? im typeing fool
[01:28:26 AM] <Instinct> ooo
[01:28:28 AM] <Instinct> we got a clever cunt in here
[01:28:43 AM] <WesKeR> we have mr big
[01:28:56 AM] <Panasonic> no clever just a cunt'
[01:29:02 AM] <Instinct> We have someone who thinks hes the bollocks
[01:29:07 AM] <WesKeR> im intelligent to know you wont be at stop spot for awhile
[01:29:09 AM] <Instinct> and is a one man army

[01:29:19 AM] <Ramires> who is he
[01:29:29 AM] <Instinct> If
[01:29:34 AM] <Instinct> tell me whos gonna take me down?
[01:29:38 AM] <WesKeR> me?
[01:29:38 AM] <Instinct> you should know that too
[01:29:44 AM] <Instinct> good luck
[01:29:50 AM] <WesKeR> your a begger always will be

[01:30:10 AM] <Instinct> I have begged
[01:30:11 AM] <Instinct> and what?
[01:30:16 AM] <Instinct> your gonna do what about it lmao
[01:30:20 AM] <WesKeR> a begger whos got higher and thinks hes mr fantastic with your arselickers yet dont know shit
[01:30:25 AM] <Instinct> rank up to 40 in 5 days
[01:30:30 AM] <Instinct> and out stock me
[01:30:33 AM] <Instinct> and apprently kill me

[01:30:35 AM] <Instinct> phaa

[01:30:47 AM] <Instinct> Got higher?
[01:30:50 AM] <Instinct> ive been 50 before noob
[01:30:52 AM] <WesKeR> not 5 days maybe more but i will have you
[01:31:02 AM] <PsychoKitty> you no i would die from laughing if he killed you just had to say that
[01:31:17 AM] <Instinct> a noob who aint even started yet
[01:31:21 AM] <Instinct> you really think he would out stock me?
[01:31:21 AM] <WesKeR> kitty i will too better get your woupey cousion on
[01:31:45 AM] <WesKeR> outstock you? i will i learnt from the best baby
[01:32:11 AM] <Instinct> Very unlikely
[01:32:15 AM] <Instinct> but go for it
[01:32:16 AM] <WesKeR> i have more people on ere who will gladly help me than you have real life friends
[01:32:28 AM] <Instinct> like i said
[01:32:28 AM] <WesKeR> thats acually the funniest part ;
[01:32:32 AM] <Instinct> im not the one hiding like a pussy
[01:32:47 AM] <WesKeR> hiding? no your the one ignoreing like a fanny
[01:32:58 AM] <Instinct> Because i can?
[01:33:08 AM] <WesKeR> good for you wanna badge?
[01:33:12 AM] <Instinct> Damn right
[01:33:15 AM] <Instinct> bluepeter one cheers

[01:33:36 AM] <Instinct> [01:32:16 AM] <WesKeR> i have more people on ere who will gladly help me than you have real life friends
[01:33:40 AM] <Instinct> And im the begger?
[01:33:43 AM] <Instinct> you need to go beg your friends
[01:33:45 AM] <Instinct> to take me down
[01:34:48 AM] <WesKeR> nooooooooo far from it i said GLADLY! the type of people who are decent enough to send me what i need to put you outta your ignorant snobbish ways and make you a begger again
[01:34:51 AM] <Instinct> Today, 01:34:38 AM An anonymous player has sent you 2 disrespect points. You now have a total of 276 respect.
[01:34:55 AM] <Instinct> anon pussys
[01:35:08 AM] <Instinct> Send you what you need?
[01:35:12 AM] <Instinct> cant you do it yourself lmao
[01:35:15 AM] <Instinct> considering your mr big*

[01:35:46 AM] <WesKeR> see its not just me who would gladly kill you
[01:35:53 AM] <Instinct> STOP TALKING
[01:35:55 AM] <Instinct> AND DO IT
[01:35:57 AM] <Instinct> lmfao
[01:36:19 AM] <WesKeR> talking? im typeing you moron!
[01:36:26 AM] <JimLahey> typing
[01:36:29 AM] <Instinct> stop trying to be a clever little cunt
[01:36:35 AM] <WesKeR> heres the lackys
[01:36:36 AM] <Instinct> because you certainly arent one
[01:36:51 AM] <JimLahey> arent is not a word
[01:36:54 AM] <WesKeR> or else what? you guna git my account and blast me bruv?
[01:37:06 AM] <Instinct> na
[01:37:09 AM] <Instinct> ill leave you to try me
[01:37:13 AM] <WesKeR> jim go shag instincts legs

Too long didn't read version: Instinct is not getting killed anytime soon, every GN player online at the time loses several million brain cells combined, and WesKer got jokes.

Who really is Captain P?

Written by Ronaldodonut

Recently, we had a lot of requests for more information on a certain individual

[10:46:46 PM] <JAGGEDBLADE> who is CaptainP
[10:49:12 PM] <JAGGEDBLADE> seriously who is CaptainP
[10:50:04 PM] <JAGGEDBLADE> who the fuck is CaptainP
[11:12:33 PM] <JAGGEDBLADE> Who does a brother have to hit up to find out who CaptainP is
[2:01:15 AM] <JAGGEDBLADE> Can somebody please just fucking tell me who CaptainP is
[2:03:47 AM] <JAGGEDBLADE> fuck this shit you guys are lame

It is a good question. Who really is CaptainP? It seems everybody has a different answer

He's a killer, and we're gonna take him in.

CaptainP? Oh he's a saint!

I LOVE CAPTAINP! He is the best singer ever!


It's hard to explain the true legend of the Captain. But hopefully this was enough to clear things up for you Jagged.

International gangster/saint/American pop star


Written by Ronaldodonut

An accident or not?

He says he clicked on chat and this came up...

'Wishing you a happy new year!
Username Ted Location 'Somewhere in the US'
Cash $50,000+
Bank $2,000,000+
Bullets ***,***
Backfire ***,***
Level 28 - Overseer
Level % 77.59%
Day 33 04:37:13 PM