The Next Great Thing

Written by Ronaldodonut

Note - This isn't a regular times issue, but rather a very important message that everyone need to hear.

I have been playing this game for multiple years.

I have seen a lot of good families come and go. I have witnessed dominance from the likes of elite players and families before, but never have I seen something like this.

The future of Gangster Nation is here today. And you should be scared.

Rainbow, or also known as Tuttifruitti was born and raised in tough conditions. In the slums of Manchester, she was left to fend for herself. She had to ask herself everyday, "Do I feel lucky?

Somedays she answered yes. But the majority of those answers were a resounding no. Back in Tutti's days, it was hard to be an aspiring woman in tough conditions. Everything is set aganist you, everyone looks to you for an example of failure. But Tutti was unfamiliar with the term. Failure.

Not in Tutti's corner.

As with many children, Tutti found herself attending public school. Her devastatingly high grades had the skeptics in a fury, was she a cheat, was she a genius? Her dominance on the field during recess had all the boys in a sweat. But ultimately, her success was dashed as her school spontaneously combusted during a science experiment gone wrong.

There were 1,500 kids and faculty besides Tutti in that building. Tuttifrutti carried 1,500 people out.

She was 10 years old at the time.

After the school incident, Tutti turned to the Gangster life for a challenge. She was no stranger to hardship, but not like this. The Gangster life was something that she wasn't prepared for at first. But Tutti knew,

There is no crying to be had in the Gangster life

For the duration of her pre teen life, Tutti robbed banks. She cracked safes. She extorted billionaires. She climbed to the top. She had the streets at her grip. And with near tears in her eyes, she called out to the mother that abandoned her.

Made it, Ma! Top of the world!

But the haters were out in full force. Her dominance in all the crime markets had people on full notice. When Tuttifrutti was asleep, they struck like cowards. They sent a bullet straight through her head. She died.

Or so they thought

The bullet didn't go straight through her head, it only grazed it. But news spread of her demise. Her empire disbanded. The police who hid in fear during Tutti's rise came back, and this time they teamed up with the other Gangsters. In just 3 years, Tutti had the entire Gangster world on hold. But now at 13 years old, she had to start over.

But she felt lucky

Although the Gangster world was now harder than ever before to make a name in, she rose like a phoenix. She didn't quit. She seized the day, and made her life extraordinary. She started small, and broke countless nails as she slowly climbed her way back to the top. Tutti was determined to climb higher than ever before.

Why reach for the moon, when we have the stars?

It took Tuttifrutti nearly 10 years. But here she is today. Recently she started up the Dumb and Special Den family, and it will be big. She has assembled some of the most elite group of Gangsters into her family. Outlaw. Geo. Liquid Snake. Anno9000. And BarackObama.

Tutti and her family are poised to make a strike straight to the top. You can be with her when that happens, or you can settle for second.

Tuttifrutti is not like a box of chocolates. You know what you're going to get.

And that is success

Guess the Gangster

Written by Ronaldodonut

One of the younger players has sent in a picture of themselves this week...
Guess correctly and win 2 credits! (wow)



Written by Ronaldodonut

[01:04:36 PM] <Mike> im going to make lunch

Big news here, Mike announced that he is going to make lunch at 01:04:36 PM, it is unclear when he actually made the lunch or if he did at all, if anyone has information please send me a message and I'll put it in the next issue, thanks

Even bigger news here, Mike has started a rapping career! It all started when he destroyed Infidel in a rap battle in the early afternoon of Day 9....

If anyone would like to book Mike email [email protected]