What's with all the action

Written by Ronaldodonut


It's been a very eventful first week, with lots of news to report. It's been pretty hard trying to keep up with everything, but here it is!

So in the last issue we reported some conflict and multiple families being wiped already, and we have the same thing in this one.

It all started with stAMy in Angry Fuckers shooting Cameron who was in Relentless Desire for his blackjack table. She then decided to go for the boss of Relentless Desire, Volt. But Volt is one tough mofo, and managed to kill her in backfire; getting the blackjack table back in the process.

But then GN's professional chef, [b[Hulmey[/b] (Angry Fuckers), went after Volt and successfully killed him. The blackjack table was taken, and Elektra took over as the Relentless Desire boss.


But we're not even done yet!

Reflesh, from the Relentless Desire family fired at Hulmey, and successfully took him out, taking the blackjack table and six businesses. The infamous Captain of the Relentless Desire family then went after the boss of Angryfuckers, Angrybird, and killed him.

Angry Fuckers was dropped, and Relentless Desire added a new sticker to their kill book.

Pretty eventful stuff

Now we understand it may be hard to follow, so for your convenience, we decided to make a chart detailing the events.



Fish killed someone

Written by Ronaldodonut

GreyGoose has opened fire on you, as they fired the gun they said "i was gonna let you off but this time you're dead". You reacted quickly and fired back **,*** bullets.

You survived and managed to kill them with your backfire. You took their $61,970 held in cash and bank accounts.

His new name is CorTese if you wanna give him any hate (Y)

The Times is expanding

Written by Ronaldodonut

The Times Organization have just became bigger with the addition of Firnari, our new comic artist. He will be detailing events in a better way that I have done so in this issue, will be very exciting having him on board. He's a very talented individual, and I'm sure he will bring the times to a great new level.

Here is a sample of his work


Pretty short issue, I know

Written by Ronaldodonut

I know this issue is lacking in length and material, I apologize for that. I have a lot of stuff to do in real life, so I didn't have that much time to spend on this issue. I understand that there may have been a lot more GN events, but there's no way that I can find out about all of them by myself.

If you have any news you want put in your times, feel free to message it to me. If you have any special requests for an article, feel free to message me. I am open to any suggestions.