The families yo

Written by Ronaldodonut

So it hasn't even been a week into the new round, and we have already seen some families come and go. In just 4 days, all of the 10 family spots were taken, and the times editing staff decided to make a poll of which family people thought would be dropped first. We decided to ask every family boss for their opinion.

BUT unfortunately that poll and the comments are useless now, seeing as some families already got dropped. But for your pleasure, here are all of the votes BEFORE three families got dropped.


The Wolf pack received most of the votes, with other votes coming in for Relentless Desire, Attribution, The Cartel, Omies Homies and Boondock Saints.

But what actually occurred?

Well, the majority was right. The Wolf Pack lasted only 26 hours as the boss voluntarily left the family. Not much was expected of them:

-The wolf pack simply because players do not give new families a chance on here

And for good reason I suppose. Still, it is sad to see a family with lots of potential fail.

However, the second family to go down was surprising. Omies Homies only had 10% of the vote, and the family contained some very competent players.

What went wrong?

He put too much faith

Written by Ronaldodonut

The GN times team decided to interview Omie, the true boss of Omie's Homies to find out the truth. We asked the difficult question.

Why weren't you the family boss at the time?
What exactly happened
What's next?

I caught up with Omie just as he was leaving his daily job as a bomb defuser for Butchie. He was sweaty from deciding between green or yellow, but he wasn't shaken. It was just a few hours after the assassination of his family, and he was well composed.

Here is Omie's story:

At the start of the round, I planned on starting a family, Omies Homies. I'm a very busy man, and I don't have a lot of time to rank race to level 15, so I asked a person that I thought I could trust to be a temporary boss.

I got a dude to do it for me which was Knowledge and unluckily it turned out to be faith, once it was time to pass the family on to me and Rey, he kicked me and all the members. He was ruthless, calculated, and cold.

I filled a sock up with quarters and went after him, but he commited suicide like a coward. The family became corrupt, and was disbanded. He truly fucked us over, but I won't forget this. I will find the little prick, and tell him:

My name is Inigo Montoya Omie, you killed my father family, now prepare to die.

I will then stab him up and use him as a boxing bag.

(Now for all of you who don't know, Faith is a menace. He's a very capable stocker and shooter, and he is ultra deceptive. Just last round, he managed to climb to the top of a family, only to steal all the money and take it out. A true Gangster Nation gangster. They say lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice.)

Well it does if you're a menace.


The third family to drop was The Disciples. Again, it was a big surprise. Lots of competent players on board. The family boss, Ant, was assassinated at 03:34:01 PM on Day 6, leading to the family's demise.

Volt with the swag

Written by Ronaldodonut

But wait, the family news aren't even done yet!

At around 09:25:00 today, an assassination attempt was made on Volt's life by stAMy, formally known as Prince, the real slim shady, or Lizz.

However Volt, and his family, Relentless Desire was prepared.

[09:06:33 PM] <Volt> stAMy has opened fire on you, as they fired the gun they said "you've messed with me one too many times". You reacted quickly and fired back 50,000 bullets. You survived and managed to kill them with your backfire.

You could say that stAMy was... shocked.

( •_• )

( •_• )>⌐■-■


Guess the name of the Dogiraffe

Written by Ronaldodonut


Guess the name of this handsome chap and win...


A credit

It's not the best prize, forgive me, but I'm broke ?
So I'll make it nice and easy by giving you a few clues...

The first letter of his name is A, and contains 6 letters.

Message me with your answers
Only 1 guess per person per day

Good luck (H)


Written by Ronaldodonut


Another Competition

Written by Ronaldodonut

First person to send Zaki disrespect, wins.

BIG News!

Written by Ronaldodonut

Owen has a shlong...

[08:34:15 PM] <Owen> i have a big shlong

Not just a shlong, a big one 8)

IMO he's just being a cocky bastard, but at least he's not a dick about it.
I guess he must just be nuts...

I know what you're thinking - where did all these penis jokes cum from?
But I, Fish, have the balls to say them (H)

Another thank you

Written by Ronaldodonut

This issue was brought to you by BarackObama, and the always wonderful Fish. We are always open to suggestions and the sort, so if you have any news, suggestions, ideas that you would like to share, please go ahead. If you're interesting in writing for the times, don't be afraid to say so as well.