The Times By Wiggums

Written by Joey


Hi All and welcome to today's issue of the times.
Below is an issue completed by a dirty Cop, he wanted to have a bash.
So hope you like and please rate this at the bottom of the page with mikes special 5 star rating system(and be honest so that we all can get an idea if you like the issues or not)
So if any of you want to do an issue of your own with any help i can give please let me know.
Many thanks and thank you to Wiggums for his issue.

A Cop in GN

Written by Joey

what is a cop doing in a gangster world(policeman)
Wiggums is not an average cop...he is a crooked cop,
he watches the crooks go by and sometimes gets caught in an extortion or two..
he has his own crime spree going on...most of which you know of...he loves a bribe or two..and is never short handed with friends...

Wiggums is the Gangster Nation Police(policeman)

The Police Scanner

Written by Joey

(policeman)A Noob was found giving away creds like water...his name will stay in the police data bank for his protection(backoncrack)
(policeman)An APB was put out on PHX for being the most wanted person in the bountys area
(policeman)mike was found talking about his 3 balls out side of his house this cops were called, but his 3 balls should be kept to himself
(policeman)Jamesharding(joey)..was found in a hotel room with 3 american hookers..all were paying him, just to talk to them
(policeman)Wiggums was found with a link on his profile leading people to his Real life music..(check it out, it really is me playing and singing)

A crime scene

Written by Joey

Donuts Or Coffee

Written by Joey

this was my first issue...i hope you liked it...if you want more wiggums just vote for me as editor, or let Joey know you liked it

special thanks to Jamesharding(joey) for giving me a shot
and mike for being so sexy

keep ranking and spanking people

Gns faithful servant Wiggums(policeman)