We are among a mastermind

Written by Ronaldodonut

Unbelievable deduction skills.

[02:12:03 AM] <iSexusDeusI> she dont talk which helps her rank and stock
[02:11:15 AM] <Captain1> well not until she get killed
[02:10:30 AM] <iSexusDeusI> nope
[02:09:47 AM] <Captain1> yes shes unkillerable
[02:09:28 AM] <iSexusDeusI> shes been shoot like 3 times and had time to re stock each time
[02:08:59 AM] <Captain1> alive from day 2
[02:08:48 AM] <iSexusDeusI> whys that
[02:08:37 AM] <Captain1> Daisu=unkillerable

Daisu is unkillerable, until she gets killed. My god, how did we miss this the whole time?

Captain1, you have truly shown me the light.


-Holy crap, this guy is putting my theories of relativity to shame!

-Okay, okay, not bad.

-A true genius this fellow is

-There is much intelligent life!


-Mommy I want to grow up to be like that guy

-I approve son!

-We should kidnap this guy and make him develop weapons for us

Make sure to vote!

Written by Ronaldodonut

Make sure to keep on voting for GN's best, voting will end at the end of the round!

Again, the categories are:

Best overall player

Best new player

Best ranker

Best shooter

Best family

Best single kill (please specify who killed who)

Best player named after an aquatic animal

Best times editor

Most attractive person that has access to administrator Mike's house


Write in categories are available and results will be shown, for instance we have had stuff like best backstabber sent in, if you feel like somebody is particularly good at something and deserves recognition, say so!

And also, Nicholas has decided to run his own GN's awards in the forums, feel free to vote there as well. Both of these awards are independent of each other, as there are different categories, polling styles, and the results will be presented differently.

hammer1 v fire Extortion - TopCaptain

Written by Ronaldodonut

[05:41:37 PM] <TopCaptain> well you was :lol:
[05:41:30 PM] <TopCaptain> for that
[05:41:29 PM] <hammer1> i aint particularly bothered tbh
[05:41:24 PM] <TopCaptain> vote him
[05:41:20 PM] <TopCaptain> suck up
[05:41:13 PM] <Woooo>
[05:41:01 PM] <fire>
[05:41:00 PM] <TopCaptain>
[05:40:53 PM] <Daniel> stop being an absolute nob jockey and deal with it
[05:40:42 PM] <Daniel> hammer1
[05:40:36 PM] <fire> your not on my friends list
[05:40:36 PM] <Ability> hmmmmmm sure you do
[05:40:23 PM] <hammer1> well tbh if i extort anyone on my friends list i always send back
[05:39:40 PM] <fire> you wouldnt so why should i
[05:39:41 PM] <TopCaptain>
[05:39:34 PM] <fire> Well
[05:39:34 PM] <TopCaptain> hammer so you cant ask for it back
[05:39:33 PM] <fire> If i extort you, i will not send back the money, it's part of the game, live with it.
[05:39:18 PM] <Ability> don't it's a part of the game
[05:39:10 PM] <TopCaptain>
[05:39:08 PM] <TopCaptain> hammer1 profile ]
[05:39:03 PM] <TopCaptain> If i extort you, i will not send back the money, it's part of the game, live with it.
[05:38:59 PM] <fire> I dont give extortiions back
[05:38:24 PM] <hammer1> send back
[05:38:20 PM] <Woooo> lool
[05:38:13 PM] <fire> You have successfully extorted $2,324,300 from hammer1.

IT IS DEATHMATCH! - Special by Fire

Written by Ronaldodonut

In Death Match you are supposed to shoot at everyone or shall i said all vs all.
But the amount of freaks on the game that buy bullets and talk shit about killing people is so stupid, they say they are going to shoot somebody but do they do it. No they dont. People need to man up a little bit more or just dont play the game no more as there is just no point sitting be hind the laptop and doing nothing. Killing people and making friends is the main aim to the game.


So far Death Match has been fun for some people as they have made effort in to risking there account which they spend hours on killing people i give them a thumbs up ?

Good luck to everyone that is playing Death Match and be prepared for whats comming.
Cause they may come sly ?

Christmas Time

Written by Ronaldodonut


28 days