Sexual Scandal

Written by Ronaldodonut

Warning, not safe for work.

Might not be safe for life.

Infidel, GN's featured Hitler look alike has been caught in a massive sex scandal that is stirring up the game.

-Cartoon representation of a typical Infidel make out session

Now before we go on, we have no solid evidence of Infidel being a homosexual, although numerous references to male genitalia have been made by him in the past.

Anyways, it started with the classic whistle-blower.

[10:23:49 PM] <Spyder> yeah
[10:23:56 PM] <Spyder> i saw choke kiss infidel.
[10:23:58 PM] <Spyder> ON THE LIPS

Infidel takes offense.

[10:28:01 PM] <Infidel> [10:23:58 PM] <Spyder> ON THE LIPS [10:23:56 PM] <Spyder> i saw choke kiss infidel.
[10:28:13 PM] <Infidel> what have i told you about looking up whilst sucking my dick
[10:28:22 PM] <Spyder> 8)

A confrontation between Infidel and Spyder, that's it?

OF COURSE NOT, that wouldn't be scandalous enough.

[10:28:43 PM] <IManor> Infidel you did not get back to me from my message
[10:29:02 PM] <Infidel> Coz it was fuckin pointless
[10:29:06 PM] <Infidel> You told me you loved my toes
[10:29:12 PM] <Infidel> DAFUQ am i meant to say
[10:29:31 PM] <IManor> You was meant to say back i love your toes to

Now I know what you're thinking.

Ehh, IManor isn't really Infidel's type right?

[10:32:13 PM] <IManor> I Love toes in my bum and the licking them you can't go wrong with toes and a cup of tea
[10:32:20 PM] <IManor> then
[10:32:32 PM] <Infidel> You look like a big toe
[10:32:45 PM] <Spyder> THATS WHAT SHE SAID!
[10:32:48 PM] <IManor> What can i say i'm a sexy big toe

But he gets shot down.

[10:33:43 PM] <Infidel> No, just a big toe
[10:33:48 PM] <Infidel> With fungus
[10:33:53 PM] <Infidel> Fugly fucker
[10:34:25 PM] <IManor> You love it don't lie
[10:39:58 PM] <IManor> Infidel you make me feel not loved

It was after this point they break out into a wild Shakespearean conversation.

[10:40:23 PM] <Infidel> With that which you hath drunk tonight already, you’ll be as full of quarrel and offense. As my young mistress' dog. Now my sick fool Spyder, Whom love hath turned almost the wrong side out.

[10:40:41 PM] <IManor> Alas you are mistaken my lord. Fore heaven, an excellent song you sing, I learned it in England where indeed they are most potent in the art, I am for it, Infidel, and I’ll do you justice.

[10:42:11 PM] <Infidel> No, for I hold him to be unworthy of his place that does those things. Well, heaven’s above all, and there be souls must be saved, and there be souls must not be saved.

[10:45:24 PM] <IManor> To the place I must be saved, Tis well I am found by you. I will but spend a word here in the house, and go with you.

[10:47:36 PM] <Infidel> Hold your hands, Both you of my inclining and the rest. Were it my cue to bring you to the place, I should have known it without a prompt. Whither will you that I go to answer this your charge?

[10:48:15 PM] <IManor> Nay, it is possible enough to judgment. I do not so secure me in the error, but the main article I do approve; in fearful sense.

[10:49:47 PM] <Infidel> Okay what the fuck are you saying? 8)

[10:50:01 PM] <IManor> I have no idea... 8)

And neither do we.


Okay calm down everyone, Fish

Written by Ronaldodonut


Now I know Fish is a very competent player, and it has already been well established in the times before.

But over shooting by 1.5 million bullets, damn!

A story

Written by Ronaldodonut

You know there comes a time in everyone's life where we start to wonder...

What type of people are we really?

How far are we willing to go for the things we love?

What do we really care about?

How should we live life?

They're difficult questions for sure. But last week, I found my answers.

It was last Wednesday. I had school. I woke up, at 5:30. It was a usual morning, except for

Actually you know what, never mind. I was going to write an extremely elaborate story, but I'm going to cut straight to the chase, since I'm hungry and I just wanna get this damn times published.

I was on the bus, ALMOST shit my pants, was thinking about getting off early to shit but I didn't.

I get off at my school's bus stop. There's a McDonalds directly across the street, the school is two blocks away. I decide to go to the McDonalds, because I really had to go, but the damn Mcdonalds was closed!

So then I had a choice, cross the street, THEN walk TWO blocked to poop, or try and find a place that was actually open at 7 AM in the little plaza that Mcdonalds was in. Found a supermarket that was, used the employee bathroom.

Was very nice.

I hope it inspired all of you. Happy Holidays.

The end.


Christmas Song of the Day

Written by Ronaldodonut