Congratulations to lukeboi and Hulmey!!

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[12:04:48 AM] <lukeboi> got shit out of my free pack on fifa

[05:52:40 AM] <HulmeY> i farted

Anyways, now it's time for the second issue ?


Breaking news: A Scandalous Wave of Scam

Written by Ronaldodonut

-Day 123 breaking

The GN Times have recently received reports of a massive scamming operation taking place on our very shores. Early estimates indicate that as much as a dozen people may have lost a substantial amount of money in these scams, to at least two perpetrators. The scammers are using a common method known as the "not paying for any mentor purchased." To those who are not aware, the scammers first request on the main chat for mentors. Unsuspecting victims will then send their mentors with the expectation of receiving a certain amount of cash back, usually in the form of x amount of money for y points.

Selling mentors in such a fashion is a very dangerous method, and people should be wary while doing it, if they are brave enough to try it at all.

We have transcripts for the conversations that taken place after the supposed scammings. This first scammer is Rodz, a relatively unestablished player currently acting as a VIP member in "The Cartel."

We first heard the accusation:

[07:30:03 PM] <ChoKe> he scammed me earlier too...
[07:30:09 PM] <catwoman>
[07:30:13 PM] <catwoman> RODZ
[07:31:27 PM] <Allowance> ry mate
[07:31:27 PM] <catwoman> U SCAMMED CHOKE

Now normally in these situations, we may see some denial of the wrongdoings, but Rodz flat out confessed to the crime.

[07:31:32 PM] <Rodz> I KNOW

But the problem was even worse than anticipated.

[07:31:49 PM] <Rodz> I've scammed 7 people
[07:31:54 PM] <Misery> you cunt
[07:31:57 PM] <Rodz> Who gives a fuck!
[07:31:57 PM] <catwoman> pfft
[07:32:09 PM] <Rodz> YOLO
[07:32:06 PM] <catwoman> double PFFT

And we seriously doubt he has any intention of stopping.

[07:32:05 PM] <Rodz> I'll scam more

Gangster Nation, beware.


The next scammer may come as a shock to the community. We have received word in the discussion forum, that a reputable player, Didi (pronounced dee-dee) has been scamming as well. It has first been brought up by Infidel, with additional testimonies from Daniel and Castellista. Their evidence is shown below.

[04:53:08 PM] <Fisht> sellin mentor 5kpp
[04:53:09 PM] <didi> yes sure send
[04:53:29 PM] <didi> scammed!!!!!!!!!

[04:55:27 PM] <didi> show nme plz so i can send you 11
[04:55:24 PM] <Fisht> who was that 
[04:55:20 PM] <merv> haha yh right
[04:55:17 PM] <didi> 
[04:55:13 PM] <didi> Today, 04:54:17 PM An anonymous player has sent you 2 disrespect points. You now have a total of 1315 respect.
[04:55:10 PM] <Fisht> nobody would dare to scam me 
[04:54:57 PM] <merv> let down
[04:54:54 PM] <Fisht> tahts what i thought
[04:54:52 PM] <Fisht> didi has sent you $50,000 cash (following a 10% tax deduction from $55,555).
[04:54:28 PM] <Fisht> this is totally unexpected
[04:54:24 PM] <Infidel> Your topic has successfully been posted.
[04:54:19 PM] <merv> dont send didid
[04:54:17 PM] <didi> 
[04:54:16 PM] <Daniel> You have sent 1 respect point to didi.
[04:54:14 PM] <Fisht> send 
[04:54:15 PM] <didi> he for sure doesn't know me hahahaha
[04:54:13 PM] <Fisht> did
[04:54:11 PM] <Daniel> so was i
[04:54:10 PM] <Daniel> i know ;x
[04:54:07 PM] <didi> i was kidding hhahaha
[04:54:01 PM] <didi> 
[04:53:55 PM] <Fisht> 
[04:53:54 PM] <Daniel> You have sent 1 disrespect point to didi.
[04:53:53 PM] <didi> run fish run
[04:53:49 PM] <Fisht> yes didi run
[04:53:39 PM] <merv> runnnnn
[04:53:39 PM] <Daniel> wdfownff
[04:53:38 PM] <Fisht> 
[04:53:37 PM] <Fisht> OMG
[04:53:35 PM] <didi> 
[04:53:34 PM] <Fisht> WTF
[04:53:33 PM] <Fisht> 
[04:53:32 PM] <didi> tralalalalala
[04:53:31 PM] <merv> walk away
[04:53:30 PM] <Daniel> DIDI SCAMMER
[04:53:29 PM] <didi> scammed!!!!!!!!!
[04:53:29 PM] <Daniel> OMG
[04:53:25 PM] <didi> 
[04:53:21 PM] <didi> 
[04:53:21 PM] <Fisht> You successfully mentored didi and they gained 10 level points. At $5,000 per level point the recipient should transfer $50,000 to you.
[04:53:19 PM] <didi> i am kidding for God sake
[04:53:16 PM] <Infidel> im scammed
[04:53:15 PM] <didi> don't!!!!!!!
[04:53:14 PM] <Infidel> then you send me a pic of ya tits
[04:53:14 PM] <Daniel> 
[04:53:13 PM] <Daniel> need 8.8k
[04:53:11 PM] <Daniel> At your level, it will cost you $8,800 to send a mentor.
[04:53:10 PM] <Infidel> ill give you 1mil fi you dont send me a pic of ya tits
[04:53:09 PM] <didi> yes sure send
[04:53:08 PM] <Fisht> sellin mentor 5kpp
[04:53:01 PM] <didi> 
[04:53:01 PM] <merv> 
[04:53:01 PM] <Fisht> lol
[04:52:59 PM] <Daniel> you want didi?
[04:52:55 PM] <Infidel> scam me
[04:52:55 PM] <Daniel> selling mentor 50kpp
[04:52:53 PM] <Castellista> 
[04:52:52 PM] <Daniel> sure
[04:52:52 PM] <didi> tired of being honest
[04:52:33 PM] <didi> hey guys, plz let me scam one of you, just once plz

Certainly some damning evidence. But we caught up with Didi to question her about this. She was very receptive and answered the questions.

-A picture of Didi on her myspace profile

Q. Didi! It comes to my attention that you are a hardcore dangerous scammer to the public! Any comments about this?

A. :lol:i just asked for someone let me scam for once at least, i am tired to be honest :lol:

then i was sent a mentor and i said: scammed!!!!

but guess its not in my blood so

[04:54:52 PM] <Fisht> didi has sent you $50,000 cash (following a 10% tax deduction from $55,555).

but i wished i could scam someone once in my GN life ?

Decide for yourself GN.


Written by Ronaldodonut


Message your answer to Obama, results will be posted in the next article.

N4styB4stards vs Dilligaf

Written by Ronaldodonut

how it all started kittyy shot at jinx and killed then she got owned by Daisu and then Chaos got Akasha who will NB shot at next and who will Dilligaf shot at next also what fam will go down first in Death Match

How it all started

It started with the Canadian Cutter aka Kittyy shooting and killing Jinx. But then Daisu killed Kittyy in retaliation, inheriting her bank account finances, as well as her supply of Canadian bacon.

-Kittyy in emotional distress

And then Chaos shot the notorious Akasha ?

Big stuff! What will happen next? Which family will go down first? Send in your predictions ?

Why you shouldn't mess with Fish

Written by Ronaldodonut

Earlier this week, the Unsustainable family decided to make a terrible decision and shot Fish's family. Unfortunately for them, Fish has a lot of people that look out for him, such as Mckayla. ? Upon hearing the news that Fish has gone down, Mckayla sprung into action and immediately shot a member of the Unsustainable family (chesse), as well as ChaoticX, who betrayed Fish. Mckayla was later taken down by an unknown number of assailants, but Fish still had a lot more allies.

The Unsustainable family is now sitting at last place, with it's former boss dead, and no underboss.




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Editorial note

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-My face when the haters complained about a perfectly good issue last time