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GN News

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Well hello there, unfortunately if your looking to watch the Simpson’s tonight your going to be massively disappointed and will have to watch sky 1. As I don’t decide to stick random Simpson’s videos in here which have nothing to do with current events on gangster nation.

So lets re-cap, good few weeks without a decent GN News edition, I know some of this is going to be massively wrong, but hang with me please I have not exactly been paying masses and masses of attention to anything that’s been going on.

Lets just say, PHX and Carolina have had a lil spat, and keep killing each other. All looks over and done with now, but you never know really?

Its claimed that Carolina keeps receiving bullets off people which have helped her kill many people off in N4sty B4st3rds, in backfire and straight up kills.

Also last week, Wayne got in on the fun, he killed several important members in the N4sty B4st3rds organisation, including PHX, Lauren and terri. Well that was until yours truly got a witness statement and thought, its about time I have a little bit of fun and went for it, shot him, killed him. NUMBER 2 OF THE ROUND, YEAH BOI!

In other news, there have been a fair amount of new families popping up, including me getting back in the game with Unsustainable, about 3 popped up last week without under bosses, 2 of which got quickly dispatched. And finally RENEGADES UNITED, someone clearly forgot to turn the caps lock off…

And yeah, that’s like half a page on word written about the GN news, pretty sure that’s about as much put all together by every other editor that’s done the times since Joey had a go! Was a damn good issue that as well shame he couldn’t carry on so I didn’t have to jump in and play!

The GN Quiz

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Well here’s the GN quiz. I want you to name every single member of staff that has appeared in blue on GN. Now this is going to be a hard one for you. I know them all, but do you?


A short lesson in 'Nothing'

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Nothing, is it really nothing...? Take space for example supposedly a 'vacuum'.

Vacuum energy is a way-out cosmological theory that says particles and anti-particles, countless numbers of them, constantly appear and then instantaneously disappear in a vacuum. They don't exist for any amount of time, but supposedly they're there, they just keep slipping into and out of existence at the same time. Because enormous amounts of energy are bound up in matter, some people think a complete vacuum thus contains enormous amounts of energy.

There are, of course, no complete vacuums anyhow. The notion of vacuum is a bit outdated from the perspective of quantum mechanics and atomic theory. Some would say space is not a vacuum, it's just not very densely occupied by particles. Even a bar of lead is mostly empty, if you compare its volume to the area occupied by actual particles. It forms a solid structure because the atomic forces are very powerful, not because the atoms are all scrunched together. It's still mostly "space" even in a bar of lead.

Since outer space has some particle density, there's no vacuums anywhere. But that's not really the important thing; the important thing is that even solid stuff is mostly empty.

...I believe this answers the question, Nothing really is something (also known as relative nothing) even in nothing something as small and unsaleable as matter and particles exist. therefor nothing has got to be something.

For absolute nothing to exist, there would have to be no matter, particles or anything any size or shape, I believe that absolute nothing will never exist and will be impossible to manipulate.


Interview Time

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Well yeah, I was looking for someone to interview and could not find a soul. No one wanted to do it. So I had to go for a last resort. Walking in at 6ft something, wearing Nike Airmax trainers, tracky bottoms tucked into his socks, aqua scooter jumper and his Burberry hat, its JONA!

Plainy: Hello there Jona, how are you today?

Jona: Hello Plainy, Im good thanks. What about you?

Plainy: At the moment I’m rather toastie! Got my socks on and everything, lovely and warm. So hows your day been?

Jona: Oh lovely! Well today has been rather good because of the amazing football that has been on, it has kept me well entertained and happy!
What about your's?

Plainy: Its been shit, but this isn’t about me its about you! So lets start off with an interesting question. Why do you think so many people think you’re a cunt?

Jona: I don't like to think of it as a "so many people" i prefer to call it a small minority.. makes me feel better ?

But to get to the point, i think it's because the can't handle the way i think and the way i act

Plainy: Would you like to elaborate on the way you think and act?

Jona: Well for example, a lot of the time i say what i think and it can piss people off, especially if it involves me speaking against them.

And the fact i find shit funny that is offensive to others, there's probably other reasons they think im a cunt, of which i can not think of in this moment in time.

Plainy: You kind of remind me, of ME! So, what do you think of your boss?

Jona: Really? Lol

Oh that guy, what a pure cunt he is, haha

No he's a cool guy, and he loves non-league football.. as do i!

So as you can imagine on a saturday night the chat is full of non-league chat haha (Talking as though your not the person i'm talking about)

Plainy: I heard there was a disagreement on the old family name, and he over ruled you. What was the name you wanted and how did it make you feel?

Jona: Well he insisted on the traditional Muse song title for the name, where as i wanted to name it The Dark Resurrection.. which to be frank gave me a slight erection.. but never mind.. i was overruled and i feel cheap! didnt sleep for a whole 72 hours because of it!

Plainy: To be fair the dark resurrection does sound kind of creepy..

Okay lets finish this up with 5 random questions which are randomly generated by my very random mind.

1) What do you like to sleep in?

Jona: A sauna full of sex dolls

Plainy: 2) How many dogs could you walk at one time?

Jona: Are we talking women or literally dogs?

I have feeling ive seen this question before

but im going to answer 3

Plainy: 3) What underwear are you currently wearing?

Jona: Calvin Klein Boxers ?

Plainy: Colour? Tightness?

Jona: Black, Fairly tight

Plainy: 4) If you drew me in the secret Santa, what would you get?

Jona: A pack of 500 sheets of A4 plain paper

Plainy: 5) What is your ideal feature in a sexual partner?

Jona: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Got to have a nice set of tits i would say, not too big.. nor too small

And they have to be an acceptable size, not an obese cunt [no offense ladies]

And a nice tight ass

Plainy: Well you officially have 1 question to ask me, and only one. Ask away

Jona: Well... may aswell use one of yours
What is your ideal feature in a sexual partner?

Plainy: Hmm, someone with a good personality, I like pillow talk, and intelligent pillow talk! No uggos though!

And may I take this opportunity to thank you for your time x

Jona: Was a pleasure

Well that’s another interview done. If you want to be interviewed inbox yours truly and we’ll sort it out!

Sports Review - FA CUP round 1

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Well yes, the FA cup is back. Its not really the first round btw but the 5th round of the FA cup. All the none league teams that are through to the first round have to actually qualify for it.

Now if you watched the draw, you would of seen my beloved team come out as the number 1 draw. Yes, Kidderminster Harriers are in the FA CUP. Did you know, qualifying for the FA cup wins a none league team £12,500 for a lot of big football club fans, you might think this is nothing, but for none league teams, this is probably about a months wages for all the staff at the club!

That’s how different it is, and that’s why I still think the FA cup is the most important competition in England.

Anyway, lets have a look at a few of the more recognisable cup ties:

Boreham Wood v Brentford is the first one for me, I have no idea who Boreham Wood is, neither I suspect do you care. But hey ho. Could be a Giant killing right there!

Met Police v Crawley Well yeah, the MET police have a football team, shockingly this never actually featured on the TV, which I think is shocking. Crawley going for it again, if you remember 2 years ago they got to the 3rd round and played Man UTD, and Steve Evans proved that he is a cunt. If you want to know, Steve Evans is the manager who flashed his penis at a female fan at a home match and got banned from the stadium for 4 games. Cunt.

Hereford v Shrewsbury Local derby. Need I say more?

I hope you watch some of the FA cup on tv, will give you the chance to see some real football played, not a bunch of men rolling around on the floor when they get touched!

FIFA 13 Tournament

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So yeah, I was thinking about doing some kind of FIFA 13 tournament. More information about the rules and things will be in the next times issue.

For now, I would like you to message me with if your interested and if you have a PS3 of an XBOX. That way, we could get 2 on the go, one for the XBOX users and one for the FIFA useres.

There will be a buy in charge for everyone, and the winner will win the pot. Basicaly. Sounds fun? I think so, plus brings a bit of banter into gn! We all like banter!

Some Real Life Stories

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Formula 1 organisers in India say they are determined to ensure that the track near Delhi is completely "dog proof" ahead of Sunday's race.

Canine entry points to the state-of-the-art Buddh International Circuit have been blocked ahead of the race.

Yes, you heard it first here, there will be no dogs on the circuit for the Indian grand prix. ALL GOOD FOR YOU ANIMAL LOVERS!

And finally

Superman is giving up his once-promising career in journalism.

Alter ego Clark Kent is resigning from the post of star reporter at the Daily Planet, the Metropolis newspaper where he has worked since the first Superman comics were published in the 1940s.

What is Clark Kent going to do now? Become full time superman perhaps?

What Happens Next?

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Well, what does happen next? Well I want to get myself back on the profile rating thing. And im kind of hoping to get a funny video or 2 in here and some pretty pictures, not just of tits and ass…

But yeah if you have any video ideas, or anything you want to submit into the times, questions to ask me? Or anything like that then please let me have them. The more input I get from you guys, the more you’ll enjoy the read.

Oh and, I would like to apologise for the use of the word “cunt” in the times today, yes I’ve used it a fair bit, you could probably say I was in a “cunt” mood, I probably am. I apologise if it offends anyone. The opinions expressed in the times are pretty much solely my own. So if you have any complaints come to me, and I’ll write you an apology letter or something.

May I also thank you all for reading, and remember, as always vote 5 stars at least and finally @MrPlainy follow me!