The Times By Wiggums

Written by Unknown

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So another issue of the times by GNs only crooked cop...i hope you enjoy this issue..iv added some raw footage of myself..and a few more entertaining if you are looking to be a crooked cop yourself join the CPD, GNs crooked police department (Y)

Tales From Dispatch

Written by Unknown

{dispatch}-dispatch to you copy chief?
{wiggum}-yeah go ahead dispatch
{dispatch}-got a call about a bar fight in your area..can you respond?
{wiggum}-negative in the middle of betting on a bar fight ..GO GO GO!!! NICE!!!

Drink Milk..Or Beer

Written by Unknown


Caught On Camara

Written by Unknown



Written by Unknown

I hate my back up

Written by Unknown

Just trying to protect and serve...i hate my back up(policeman)

Let This Be A Lesson To You Nuts

Written by Unknown

I will Kill ALL You nuts!!!

The End For Now

Written by Unknown

Well that was it for now....if you like what you saw and read..please vote for wiggums for times editor

I hope you all have a good day..and ill see you in chat

keep rankin and spankin

your faithful officer
Chief Clancy Wiggum
AkA Wiggums