Can we please have a moment of silence?

Written by MONEYGANG


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*************DEDICATED TO MY FALLEN SOLDIERS***********************


Written by MONEYGANG

What did Slim Shady ask the class on his first day of teaching at music school?
"Hi kids, do you like violins?"

What would happen if Eminem lost weight and started doing questionable things?
He'd be the real Slim Shady.


Slimz: I have lost my wife. She went shopping and hasn’t returned!
Policeman: What is the ladies height sir?
Slimz: Height? I’m not sure, I’ve never measured her.
Policeman: Is she a slim or a large lady sir?
Slimz: She’s sort of average I’d say.
Policeman: Colour of her eyes?
Husband: Sort of bluey-green I suppose.
Policeman: What was she wearing sir?
Slimz: Dunno weather it was a suit or a dress to be honest.
Policeman: Was she driving?
Slimz: Yes.
Policeman: What make & colour car was she driving sir?
Slimz: 1985 Reliant Robin in electric yellow . Mantec raised air intake, Frontrunner Roof Rack. Black chequerplate kit and matching rock & tree sliders. Black A-Bar with Light Force spot lights. Warn winch with polished fairlead and added recovery eyes. Silverline 17” Alloys fitted with BFG All-Terrain tyres and custom union-flag dust caps. Rear spare wheel carrier, dog & window guards. Exmoor Trim Premium seats – Sony hi-fi system. tuned 10x’s and has 80% damage.
At this point Slimz burst into tears.
Policeman: Don’t worry sir, we’ll get your reliant Robin back

Starring SLIMZ


The Money story

Written by MONEYGANG



YELLA BEEZY AIN'T DEAD!!!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:



Slimz Da King is Coming to Town

Written by Shotgun

I'm sure you've all seen it by now but just in case you haven' ya go!

Credit bounties

Written by Seagull

As it seems ill be doing The Times next week, I've suggested this to Mike and cash bounties do jackshit, pm me who you want to put the bounty on, I'll post in the Times and go from there :)

The Real Money Gang

Written by MONEYGANG



Interview with Joey

Written by Shotgun

Shotgun: Hi Joey! How does it feel to be back?

Joey: Hi, Feels a good to be back, nice to see some changes around the place and great to see some old names i remember

Shotgun: Do you plan to stick around?

Joey: yeah i do for now, i wanted to have a round or so of, so i did. But i think i will stay around now for a while

Shotgun: Would you consider doing the times again?

Joey: Deffinatly yes, but want to play the game for a bit befor adding my name into the pot. as need to work out who is who again lol.

Shotgun: Fair enough! Have you read back on the past issues? If so, what do you think? If not, would you want to have a look at a few? :p

Joey: i have had a look at a couple, give me 10 mins and i will have a look now

Joey: all good just had a look at quite a few issues, some seemed rushed, some need a bit more game info, some need less pictures and to be less biased. the way i see the the times (only my opinion) is that it is for the players and as such a times editor needs to be un-biased in what he says and does. i tried to be like that with mine. out of all of them i did like the way you did your bits, looked very close to how i did mine back befor GNTV. by the way this is the first time somone has interviewed me for the times lol

Shotgun: Yeah I get what you mean about the bias 👀 if slimz ever reveals, you’ll see why there is a bias against him 😂 thanks! I appreciate that, your issues did inspire mine to be honest!

Shotgun: You’ve been back for a few days now, is there anything regarding the game play that you don’t like at all at the moment and wish could be changed?

Joey: well not to much has changed, just a few tweeks here and there, i am still getting used to the new car theft, i know i used it and its been around for a while but i have never been a great fan of LI. And still no Poker

Shotgun: Thank you for your time and hope you have a great round 😃
Thank you for your time and hope you have a great round 😃

Joey: your welcome, and thank you