Welcome to the times

Written by ZillaKami

Our lord and saviour

Written by ZillaKami

Hi, I'd like to write about our lord and saviour, Alpha Eagle, Also known as Hero, Our eagle is the leader of Reds, Hated by most, Nobody sees the true beauty in the eagle, Nobody knows the eagle like I do, Which his cute little petite golf playing hands, And his sexy little hatchback corsa, The eagle is the lord of our game, And he shall forever be in our hearts, I remember when I was a noob, And I thought Dirk was the best, And then I was introduced to the eagle, And the cat, The eagle was so almighty, He struck fear into every other animals eyes, This eagle was the eagle that shall forever rule GN, With his golf playing claws, His beautiful gigantic wings, The eagle is love, The eagle is life. The eagle once crashed his car into a pregnant ladys behind, At bullet time, And he thought, The power of eagle was so much, That he got her pregnant, Just from the touch of his car, In Eagle we trust, But this isn't the end, Eagle has a son, His name is Jamal, He is the heir to the throne, In small eagle we trust. I remember, This one time, I was a noob, And so was the small eagle, And we were taken in by the cat and the eagle, Therefore changing our experience on GN for life, In eagle we love, In eagle we trust. Forever fighting cunts named Helt for life.

This weeks news

Written by ZillaKami

There's not much cause you cunts are boring, But JuiceWRLD opened fire on ECHONOMICAL, killing him. 420shooter opened fire on Nova, There was a siege on reds, And lord eagle sacrificed his members for JuiceWRLD to join, Only for him to turn purple. Hero opened fire on Global, And akinator, Killing them both. Jamal opened fire on Darkknight and StarSkream, Killing them both.

The memes.

Written by ZillaKami

No memes this week, I've been unmotivated and I don't think i'm going to run for times next week, I'm sorry guys. It's a hard thing to do sometimes, I hope you all enjoy your week, And i'm sorry for the terrible sendoff to a good start, I'd like to take this time to call you all dickheads, And even though I don't know most of you, You definitely know me, And this is one of the best communities, Thank you to everyone on GN, You make the game as good as it is, Because let's be honest, This game would be shit without chat

Refund My Life Please

Written by WhiteRabbit

Alright bitches. This was meant as a joke, i have no idea why i'm doing this but here we go.

So you know life, that little tramp in the back, good for nothing, kinda just ruins everything? Good, glad we know. So this is the story or plan of action on how we get a refund on it. Terry will grab the rope and chains and bobby pins. Don't ask they are necessary. I will grab the Chinese finger traps, Mj will be the one to get the cheddar cheese. Ant will grab the bombs and hero will just stand in the corner staring down at us ready to bitch at us for fucking up. Then we will have seagull sneak in and deliver the cheddar cheese. Life will be distracted with the food and terry and Boris will tie him up. Now here's where it gets tricky. Fixer will go into his garage of 100 shit cars and grab his 35th sprinter that has now finally made it to max tune. He will pick us up at Chuck-E-Cheese and we will shove life in the back of the van since his fingers will be useless in the Chinese finger trap. Fixer will drive the shitty ass van to the airport and then we will sell life to the mob boss Danny. Danny will then take life, throw some concrete shoes on him and drop him in the ocean. And in the end we will learn that life is a bitch and is immortal and he's still sitting at the bottom of the ocean chilling with dory ready to ruin more shit.

That's it. I'm really not that funny.

The end

Written by ZillaKami

Again, I'm sorry for writers block and not knowing what to write, Until next time, Cockheads and cockettes,
PS. Fuck cheerios, They're shit