A mastermind, a foot, Michael Jackson...

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A 60 second look in the the mind...

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Of a brilliant mastermind on this game.

Yesterday the Mckayla times brought to you guys breaking news of Mercury's gambling prowess. I have since received a dozen messages from casino owners thanking me, so I'd figured you guys would appreciate a deeper look into this mastermind. How does his mind operate? Let's found out.

Q: Mercury. Gambling extraordinaire. I've heard reports that you have bankrupted multiple slot machines. Entire casinos. Plethora of families. The public wants to know... what is your secret?

A: Well McKayla, before I log in to GN I grab my iPod and get the good old Gangnam Style playing, that gives me the strength and focus I need to win on them.

Q: Strength. Focus. Desire.

The attributes of a champion I see. Excellent. Have you ever considered taking your talents off of the Gangster Nation world and using them in real casinos. I see a check with a trillion dollars and your name on it.

A: I've considered going to Las Vegas sometime soon, I just need enough cash to get their and enough for me to gamble with. Anyway, I'll still have my trusty iPod with gangnam style playing with me for luck ?

Q: I see.

But as Gangster Nation's LEADING news provider, I have to dig deeper. I have to provide the scoop, the juicy details.

Your ipod, what color is it? Do you have a case to go with it, and what color is that?

A: I have the iPod Touch 4 in white but unfortunately I have no case for it, that's why I have to take extra care of it.

Q: Care. Extra care. Another attribute of a champ I see. But we have to dig deeper. Suppose you're walking down the street, listening to your music in your hand. And then BAM, you see 100 beautiful women lined up on each side of the street.

You drop your ipod, but it lands on a mattress conveniently placed there in this hypothetical situation. Your pants fall down as well. You are wearing underwear. That is wet because it's hot.

What do you pick up first? Your pants, or your ipod?

A: Good question and a difficult one too but to be truthful to you, I wouldn't pick up either and go meet the lovely ladies ?

Q: With your pants around your ankle. Balanced and brave I see. More championistic qualities!

Interesting answer, this is my first time asking this question, and this was the first time I have gotten such an answer. Anyways, MOVING ON. Gotta see your intellectual side.

I'm sure you have heard of lamps by now, a lighting fixture that contains a bulb, and a lampshade over it to dim the power. With the advancement of today's technology, do you think lamps will still be made and sold in 20 years?

A: I think in 20 years time they will still be in production, but I can see LED bulbs coming on and taking over, someone very clever will think of something to use as a substitute by then I reckon.

Q: Very insightful. Just one more question, and we'll be done.

If you could have the attention of the entire world for 15 seconds, what would you do in that time? During that span everyone will be looking at you either live, or through a TV set.

A: I was hoping you'd ask me something like this. In those 15 seconds I would do the Gangnam Style dance. ?

Q: I see, I see. That is a deep reply. So much depth. What started off as a kiddy pool conversation is now one of the pacific ocean


Unfortunately that's all the time we have for today. Thank you for this intellectually stimulating conversation Mercury, I have enjoyed it very much.

A: Too bad ? I enjoyed it too, even though it wasn't the kind of interview I expected but fuck it ? Good bye ?

Ron's provocative foot

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Changing the game.


Helpful Gangsternation tip of the week

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28th month anniversary of Michael

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In just 22 days, it will be the extremely sad 28th month anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. In order to commemorate him, I have decide to add a video here.

It also makes my times article look considerably longer.