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When you get killed and comeback with LI

RIP fallen Soldiers

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Gingy was shot down in what was seen as a fam war

JOKER69 died in Tamragunz backfire


Michelle was shot down by Evanescence

Evanescense was killed in retaliation by TheMessiah

Noyou was gunned down by an unrevealed

Usec and DaKingX team up for a backfire waste on Return and TheMessiah whoever killed Return is unrevealed. The kill of TheMessiah was claimed by SickOfItAll

SickOfItAll was shot down by MrWhite in retaliation

Nott1tsM3 was tomaSQUAWKED by Seagull

Cheesecake was shown who was boss by LikeBoss

Zar Dropped Jamiraquiai

Sirius dropped Moses

MrMafioso died in FuckLaura's Backfire

Seagull shat on Zedopipo3 before being hunted

LizardOG was killed

FuckLaura was killed by MrDavid

Alawhit2 took down Zar and ChrisHansen in backfire

Alawhit2 was killed by KingDrunk

Soloman was ran over

LizardAss died in Zanda's backfire

Dylan10000 died in ShotgunV6's backfire ShotgunV6 was later finished off by PercyPig

Double XP

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Congrats on the top 5 Rankings so far: _______

#1 ReSeReCtIoN with 42,069 points gained

#2 HeltsMaster with 36,017 points gained

#3 LaVidaLoca with 24,937 points gained

#4 Fez with 21,884 points gained

#5 MrWhite with 19,715 points gained


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Joke Time

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- What do a bungee jump and a hooker have in common?

They’re both cheap, fast, and if the rubber breaks, you’re pretty much screwed.


- When is it okay to beat up a dwarf?

When he’s standing next you girlfriend saying that her hair smells nice.

Thank you all :D

Written by Pingu

Thank you all for the Votes, more recent kills will be in the next issue