Written by ChrisHansen

Big Thanks

I'd like to say thank you for all the votes. I'd also like to send some
big love (not the gay kind) to LizardKing, for all his hard work on the
Times. you have given me some big shoes to fill. Hopefully they aren't
high heels

Pocket Check Contest
Empty yo pokets, Bish! take a pic and submit it to me.
people who do so will be entered in a drawing to win 6 credits

Hopeful interviews
I'd like to get an interview with Noodles and Either Trip/Res/Missy
the next issue. I also want to interview Slimz, if he isnt com banned

Cooking with Mick
Next issue will have the return of Cooking With Mick. I wanted to do it
this issue, but ran into some technical difficulties.


Written by 3utchie

Many drive by shootings take place this week as masked shooters take action slaughtering 10, the deceased victims are:

In other news...
1VanMan has his dealership blown up by Mouth

OkeyDokey uses their reflexes to dodge Detective and puts them 6 foot under

The1Jesus took it light and breezy gunning down Breezy

Hiondra goes for BatShitCrazy who goes mental gunning Hiondra down in backfire

ProtectorX goes for the kills taking Sumia and ThugAngel before being shut down

PSG takes a beating after shooting at fossil

DDoubleE and his raps weren't to BenSmith's liking as he guns him down

SuperiorDan wasn't superior to TheMessiah who crushed him

GG didn't have a good game after LemmyKilmist hunted them

Pow didn't have the POWer as EmJay took it away killing

lilmick had shit happen as he died to shithappensB

Acid attack backfires Rat's rises victorious

Legacy / Wolfpack

Written by 3utchie

Legacy had been having alot of shots taken at them, they stood strong through all the attacks that was until the lone shooter Safcftm took Legacy's boss and Underboss down ceasing them to exist.....

They later returned as WolfPack with Pennywise as boss and Pepega as underboss however that didn't last past 2 days as both where gunned down Sunday.... do they have any big plans for the rest of the round? We will see.... all we know is they're back as Fam Chat

Interview With Dylan

Written by ChrisHansen

Today we have a very special exclusive with GN's favorite car collector and salesman, Dylan. Dylan and I have been fighting for a few rounds now, but now have put that aside and became friends again

I want apologies for what I have said about your kids
thank you dylan that means alot to me.
first question, how many years have you been playing gn now?
About 10 years
how many people do you have on your block list?
About 20
what is your favorite car on gn?
Ford f350
if you could be any rank and have unlimited bullets, who would you kill? why?
I would kill a bully
who do you think is the biggest bully on the game?
Really nobody is biggest bully
what do you think of Slimz?
He an asshole and woman beater
What is your favorite hobby outside of gn
Work on my vehicles
what are your cars?
My ram 2500 and my gmc Sierra
One reader wants to know why you want to pet Octavia's belly?
Well I roll you the truth I was going be an grandfather to her baby between working
I havn't got time spent time
with my family man
ah ok I see. well good luck dylan! gunna publish this soon
Ok thanks man


Written by 3utchie