Lizard News

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Lotta love everyone, Thank you all for the Votes ?❤?


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Bearclaw was nut-megged by PSG falling to the ground dead

IAmNoOne made an impact as a someone getting gunned down

TheDonald was blown away by a round of bullets drilling him down

ZilliKami was mistaken for a chick as ChickBeater beat him

Sirius cut "y so sirius" into Chickbeater rendering him dead

Jazpir now prefers Maoam after dying to Haribo

Legacy fall after lone shooter Safcftm drops boss and underboss BBQ and Sugar

BigBadWolfy retaliates killing Safcftm

Vine was assassinated so far no killers have come forward

Henry was silently trapped in a corner and slaughtered by Pepega

Elr3y sung a lullaby and bored Lullaby to death

Corvus was ran over and announced dead on the scene police are looking for the driver

6igWheel95dw was dropped by Patrick

Patrick died in a blaze as FireBallDude lit him a light

Romany was killed in what is described as a "Tragic Accident" however it was definetly a murder

BigBadWolfy was killed as the three little piggies took revenge after blowing their houses down

Top 5 weekly rankings

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#1 Pennywise with 26,494 level points

#2 Pepega with 26,317 level points

#3 BlueBird with 21,445 level points

#4 Luna22 with 20,148 level points

#5 LizardOnk with 19,436 level points

Big Well Done to you all, keep up the work :D


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Famous Quote

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"The center of the earth can be wherever you want it to be"

Work hard and everything will fall into place, give yourself a break every now and then

Keyboard warriors be like.....

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Thank You

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Big Thank you to everyone for all the votes, doesn't look like i will be doing The Times next week so good luck to Boyd leading with votes. Keep it cool. Lotta Love All!!