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Today we have many kills, wars, memes and a special artical from the one and only Zehnn

Thank you

Written by 3utchie

Thank you all for being patient with The Times, i haven't been well in real life ? had a headache for 5 days and feeling very sick ?? with all this the doctors messed up my medication so i have been very down and suicidal but the Lizard is back still not 100% though

Thank you all for the Votes and patience
#Lizard4Times ??


Written by 3utchie

After a few days away I go into deep research to find some kills:

Finch was caught in a toxic friendship being gunned down by ToXiCtHaWiCk

ForeskinGump open fires on Vivec only to be shot down

Ghosted couldn't keep ghosting dates any longer as BaNe turned him into a ghost firing shots

BfwTimeX dies in backfire after open firing on Kiritooooooo too many fecking O's

Dylan169 commits suicide after threatening to shoot. Tactical movement? Who knows? ?

Play wasn't playing as Legacy spotted him out SuperNova and ReSet tried to hijack his game but BOOM he takes them both down KARATEEEE style. In his karate styled fashion he roundhouse kicks Anomaly. Play played himself as SuperMushy put him too sleep in backfire

Reeeebz was assassinated by an unidentified stone cold killer

Krampus took a bite out of corruption as he blew a hole straight through Corrupt

Addict wasn't getting addicted so tried taking down Fan who fired back killing like a pro

SuperMushy wasn't warned Unicorns are dangerous as Unicorn charged into him impaling him

Unicorn didn't have a Fan as they were shot down

CactusJack (AVM/Ant) open fired taking down Krampus and the retired KINGLIZARD

Legacy boss Myers hired a jester who happened to be a lilJoker22 who assassinated the Legacy Legend that hired him

lilJoker22 was then struck down by GusGrissom in vengance

PepeLePewPew was killed by Henry Legacy VS GoodFellas ? Another Legacy War?

Bacon got fried and served in a full english breakfast by GusGrissom

Natasha had a crazy hangover and was killed by Asprin

Asprin failed to take Action and died backfiring

Action and CupKate died at just 33

PinHead had an infected pin in his head place by an unidentified murderer

FireTornadoe was put out as Luna22 chucked water over him

IbeFlossin be flossin no more after Shotter out flossed the flosser in a backfired dance battle

Sinbreeder was blown down by the BigBadWolfy

Missy was down the local shop as a hidden shooter drove past gunning her down

Legacy VS The Three Amigo's

Written by Qtex

Hello and welcome to my second edition of the Gangster Nation times this round ! This issue is FULL story behind Legacy VS The Three Amigo's.

I am hopefully going to interview both sides to find out WHAT, WHY & THE FUTURE is between these groups of players as they was all with each other for the beginning of the round and dominated as a unit together.

Legacy's Side Interview

Why did the war start?
Well... they decided to leave our fam and do their own thing. Everyone was cool with that but then they started acting paranoid toward us, everytime they'd get shot they'd blame us etc. Then they started talking shit about us in main, etc, then came the threats. All of this was unprovoked, so after a couple of weaks and yet another threat we decided to take action.

What happened?
I'm still not sure why they started acting like this. My guess is that some red did their heads, or trip just got greedy for power. Best if you ask them, cause I'm also curious.

The future?
Well, it's known that PawPatrol trio is working with reds now, so that's probably their future I guess

The Three Amigo's Side Interview

None of The Three Amigo' s have made themselves known or even comeback, who knows what will happen?

My conclusion is the war will continue for a long time Legacy seem to have alot of people gunning for them, can they hold the top spot?

I hope you all enjoyed my contribution to the times.

Also I would like to be considered for doing the Time. Vote the right way the Qtex Way :)



Written by Zehnn

Gonna attempt to start designing profile pictures, corner pictures, and maybe even have a go at a few animations

Here are a few samples that didn't take too long:

Profile picture

Profile animation

Corner/display picture

Simple profile animation

Corner/display pic

I'm nowhere near as good as some of the old-school folk who used to make pics (anyone remember Curran?) but it's alright I guess xD

Here's a price list:

CP = 1-2mil
Pic on profile = 2-4mil
Animation = 4-6mil

Backfire wasters be like

Written by 3utchie




Real memes

Written by 3utchie




Hustling days

Written by 3utchie

"Good things happen to those who hustle."
Good things (usually) don't just fall into your lap, and there's no use waiting around and hoping they will.

GN memes

Written by 3utchie




Thank you

Written by 3utchie

Thank you all for your patience and voting me again, hopefully for a few more weeks to come of Lizard News ☺
Big thanks to Nutrition, Boyd and Zehnn for helping me sort this weeks issue in short notice ❤
Vote Lizard for Times get more involved just pm me ?❤