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Happy valentines day ya goofs hope you're all enjoying it if not.... I LOVE YOU <3


Weekly Wars


So.... The day after the previous times PawPatrol and Legacy kicked off in the main chat but has however gone quiet so far....
- Dunnie of Insomnia fires shots at Anto of Legacy however he wasn't prepared for the round of shots that knocked him into an early grave
- Okurr of Alabama Hotpocket shoots his load into the GSpot, first guy to ever find it
- Okurr was later wasted by BfwTime
- Alabama boss Rkelly quickly retaliates taking down BfwTime
- Alabama Hotpocket was taken over by an Addict after a drive-by shooting of RKelly saw him 6 foot under the killer is still hidden
- Zik open fires on DissKiss looking for revenge after Jerry014 shot at him, only to have shots plowed into him later on by ZilliKami

So far from recent shootings we have :
Legacy fighting against PawPatrol,Insomnia and Alabama Hotpocket

Immortals VS Junkyard Dogz/Alabama Hotpocket

Rankings! Top 3!


Family Rankings
-Legacy lead the round with 1,107 kill points
-Insomnia follow behind in 2nd with 505 kill points
-Gambino Take 3rd with 317 kill points

With Legacy taking an early lead into the round being the first to hit 1,000 points will they push ahead and dominate the round?

A War?!?!?!?!


Immortals VS Junkyard Dogz/ Alabama Hotpocket

We have the exclusive!!!!



Me:Firstly, thanks for letting me interview you, so the Immortals Vs Junkyard dogz war what happened there?

ForeskinGump:Hey man,

Me: Hey? Lol so immortals v Junkyard dogz whats going on?

ForeskinGump:First I was shot at by Arctic for saying SS 4 Lyf. Which was silly, but hey each to their own. I’m a rogue player and I get along with everyone now. No animosity towards anyone in Junkyard, shit happens and all peace from my end. Pointless war, but hey it happens. It’s a gangster game at the end of the day, people can shoot who ever they want, it’s part of the game and part of the fun. I feel privileged to be interviewed by a reptile, I hope you’re well. Anything else you’d like to know?

Me: I'm well thanks, so did anyone in immortals shoot back at Junkyard dogz even silently or did you wait it out till they where shot?

ForeskinGump: Sticky and trig died on our side, which is a shame. But a retaliation was justified, I mean someone shoots your family you retaliate right? It’s peace on my end and if anyone’s got a problem with me they can PM me and we’ll sort it out. I was a bit surprised I got shot tbf, I was in McDonald’s waiting for my order just killing time and next minute pop, someone shot and I fired my my McForeskins back. Highly recommended custom making burgers at McDonald’s, also try asking for chocolate and vanilla milkshake, thank me later.

Me:Some deaths either side but I guess in the end immortals rose to the challenge as Junkyard Dogz was finished!!!

ForeskinGump:Don’t say it like that, you bad lizard! All the best to everyone this round, up the Foreskins, Bohemian Foreskin being released on Apple Music and spotify March 3rd, everyone buy. Thanks.

Me:Thank you for the Interview is there anything else you'd like to add?

ForeskinGump: Not for now, thanks to all the readers I hope you enjoy. Gigidy gigidy foreskin.



Me:Firstly, thanks for letting me interview you, so the Immortals Vs Junkyard dogz war what happened there?

RKelly:Arctic shot someone in the immortals... Can't remember who... Apparently the guy was a secret SS member hiding in the immortals, but who knows. It was done without fam approval. Arctic died in bf... Only around 100k left the game. Then Terry and Palmer were shot, so I made Alabama hot Pocket and shot back

Me:Yeah, i heard about the retaliation, is there any plans for any more shots or a truce between the 2 fams?

RKelly:As far as I know no one has a plan to shoot anyone. I tend to only shoot at people who shoot my members

Me: Thank you for the exclusives, is there anything else you'd like to add?

RKelly: I really don't blame trig for retaliating when his family got shot at. It's what a good family member does.

Australia's hard times!


Australia is a deadly country they train kangaroos for war!!! #LizardGangKnows

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Mikes Memes



Mental Health Awareness


Mental Health is very serious, if anyone is having a hard time or needs someone to talk too please feel free to PM me ?❤

If not there are places and people out there that can help you!

Just remember people care! I care! I love you all!!

To show how serious Mental Health is I will share my story and how its taken its toll on my life and how it affects people if you have any questions message me, here goes:

I've been suffering from anxiety and depression for around 5 years now, i started struggling eating in public places, even sitting in a place like McDonald's was a struggle I'd be sick and shakey as my anxiety took control, this led to me keeping things bottled up and becoming ill to the point I started bunking school, i fell behind, however I managed to pull through my GCSE's and get onto a level 3 sports course at college which I'm doing now,on my 2nd year didn't think of make it tbh, some deep stuff happened in the first year I won't go into, so now I do all my work at home, my depression and anxiety is really bad however I talk about it and I am getting the help I need, at the start of January I couldn't leave the house, but with the help and support I've managed to get into college to do 3 practice exams for English where on each one I score 2 or 3 marks off of 100% all thanks to opening up, things do get better !!! Like I have been suicidal multiple times and still do get like it but im still here smiling and trying my best!!!

I also have my personal reasons for running for Times, doing this and getting the feedback, 1 helps me notice my mistakes for English which I can correct and build up my confidence and secondly the compliments I get help me feel more confident

Thank you all for listening and those who have supported me too❤❤

Thank you


Thank you all for your support and feedback, this was written at 3am so don't judge to harshly hope you all enjoy the read #VoteLizard ??