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This weeks kills


Many fallen gangsters this week as a killing spree occurred
Regicide was struck down with a spray of bullets from Trig who was later killed by IkeTurner who has been shot at anonymously
Shotgun swoops in killing Alfred destroying the Polski family
FatFool was ended shortly after leaving protection although this stays unrevealed
The Nut Gobblers Fam was ended after Click was dropped
Dolly dies in backfire to Legacy's Kirito
Another unrevealed shot at Rocky
KingLangerz takes down Team Titans defeating the Under-boss and boss at the same time
3 of Gambinos own where shot DemiGod97 and Whitedevil struck down by Coldestxx
and DissKiss shot down by an anonymous
HK hits the suicide button after stirring up drama
Not to mention, Mention died in backfire too Jamiraquiai

February Updates


February has brought in some new updates for gangster nation as....
- A new hide history feature has been added
- Bomb Defusal is always on a 5 minute timer
- Players now get an alert when their protection has 12 hours left
- 2 new cars added the Ford f-350 and a McLaren Senna
- New feature in the statistics tab of your garage showing your last 5 cars sent and received
- Can also now control which notifications you want to receive on the preference page
- Sadly you can no longer invite dead gangsters to your family whoever was trying that xD

Legacy VS PawPatrol


Legacy VS PawPatrol
After days of main stirring shots were eventually fired in the early hours.
- Zoa swoops in wasting MissyPaw
- PawPatrol quickly retaliated seeing Zoa gunned down by KittenKlaw
- Alexa pushes Legacy ahead drilling shots into PawClaw
- ElPresidente tries to finish the last standing PawPatrol member but dies in backfire to KittenKlaw
- HK commits suicide, will they be back?!
- Chloroform and Alexa both get wasted by KittenKlaw
- Finally Legacy member Poo kills the mass murderer KittenKlaw
is there more to come?

Exclusive Interviews


With the Legacy and PawPatrol war i went behind the scenes for exclusives and here is what was found.....



Me : Firstly, Thanks for letting me interview you, so the Legacy VS PawPatrol war, whats happening there?

Myers : My pleasure! Well tensions have been pretty high since missy, trip and res left the fam. Everything bad that happened to them they'd put the blame on us. Disrespect? Legacy. Someone shot? Legacy. Someone new in fam? Must be shoota or whoever else they didn't like. Then what caused the shooting is trip being too hot-headed again like last round in main. He threatened to go rogue and shoot us. Said the gloves were off. i don't know if you were around last round watching but trip was hot-headed also, dropped level to shoot a member of Crucial Conflict and kicked all his fam members. All over a person asking for unfiltered pics of missy. So with last round in mind, and the threat we felt it wasnt too far fetchedto believe he would do it again. And Zoa dying 8 minutes after missy proved they had deets and were indeed going to shoot at us.

Me ; I wasn't around last round, so is there any future plans for a prolonged war or do you think there may be a truce?

Myers : I personally don't want a truce. They brought it on themselves and i wouldn't trust that they wouldn't shoot anyway. Can't speak for the others. So I'm just waiting for missy or trip to bfw and one of them to try finish me xD

Me : Well, Thank you for the interview is there anything else you'd like to add?

Myers : Just like to say thanks to SoA and FoE and everyone in the fam for being loyal as fuck and being awesome to play with. And thanks for the interview :D



KittenKlaw/ ReSurrected

Me : Firstly, Thanks for letting me interview you, so the Legacy VS PawPatrol war, whats happening there?

ReSurrected : Well it wass all about some drama in main. Pretty much Legacy used HK to bait Trip into making threats so they had a reason to soot. I saw this coming like the others did days ago

Me : Now i've been told there has been alot of tension rising before over you guys leaving Legacy and HK may have been the push needed?

ReSurrected : Yes there was some tension that's why we left Legacy. Legacy paranoia got the best of them.

Me : Thank you for the interview is there anything else you'd like to add?

ReSurrected : I can only speak for myself but i wont be shooting anymore red's for the blue's cause




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