GangsterNews Issue #296

Written by KingShitgun


Welcome to this issue of Gangster News!

The observant of you will notice that this is issue 296! I hope you don't mind the change in naming conventions.

In this issue we have an interview with Donna, some GN tips and tricks, a giveaway and the latest news.

Enjoy :-)

Interview with Donna

Written by KingShitgun


So she lied to me...

Shotgun: Hiya shorty! Did you accomplish what you wanted to when you were undercover?
Donna: 😂 shitgun !!! You taking the piss 😂😂😂 ask air 😂 so no not really but it was really boring hiding so I’m happy it happened the way it did
Shotgun: I missed you! Did you miss talking to people? Who actually knew who you were?
Donna: NO it was bliss 😂😂 quite a lot knew tbh ! U want a list lol
Shotgun: come when I asked you on discord you lied to me then? That's not very nice :(
Donna: Because your easily manipulated 😂😂
Shotgun: Oh... What do you think about a PG GN?
Donna: I think if you can’t handle the heat stay out of the way 😉
Shotgun: If you could change a few things about the game and add some new features what would you do?
Donna: I’d change anonymous! And maybe when you kill you take all their cars too but other than that not much.
Shotgun: Do you have any plans set in stone for the rest of the round or are you now playing each day as it comes?
Donna: Just playing see what happens sure there will be a lot of twists to come
Shotgun: And finally, for all the readers out there who are dying to know, how tall are you?
Donna: 😂😂😂😂 like 5.2
Shotgun: Thanks for your time! Is there anything else you'd like to say?
Donna: No problem! Congratulations on becoming King!

Gangster Nation iOS App

Written by KingShitgun

Did you know you can play GN on your iOS device in full screen?


I tried it out the other day and it works well and I also realised most people don't know how to get it so here's what ya do:

Visit on your iOS device and press the share icon:


Finally, find the "Add to Home Screen" button and add it to your home screen. Once added it will act like it's own app and you will get to play GN on mobile in full screen.


It's worth noting that there is a bug that prevents you from signing in with Google or Facebook. However, you can sign into your accounts manually by using the email registered with those social accounts. Just be sure to go through the Forgot Password section to set a password.

Enjoy! 🙂


Written by KingShitgun

Image's rigged giveaway time I guess isn't it?!

The last giveaway was a bit of a mess...I mistook a kind message from a gangster as a request for an entry and that person then won the giveaway and received 20 credits. After the mistake was pointed out I did the giveaway again and Octafuck won.

No, it was not rigged.

The prize for this giveaway is 10 credits.

You must PM me saying you want to enter and your message must contain the word "banana" to be entered successfully.

Please note that I do not reply to all entries as it would take too much time. However, if you don't use the word banana in your PM you will not be entered.

The draw will take place in the evening tomorrow so be sure to check main chat for the results.

Good Luck!

Now For Some News...

Written by KingShitgun

BigDaddy is Down
It took 4 backfire wastes but on Day 30, 3 weeks after the first backfire waste, BigDaddy was killed. Slimz claims his victory over Gambino.

Gambino later revealed that the killer was MrDawn who Paw Patrol. He was later kicked and killed. RIP.

Rule Changes
It has finally happened. After much persistence and endless reports, a change was made.

"The widely-mocked "sexual content" rule has been removed and replaced with the original "no adult content (e.g. pornography, nude images etc.)" rule. Back to your chit chat you bunch of savages!"


P.s. You can read the User Agreement here:

Gangster Nation King
On Day 30 of Round 19, the Gangster Nation community elected a King. The elected King was Shitgun who received over 50% of the votes.

Below is the speech he gave to the community:


Octafuck Fucked
A day after BigDaddy was slaughtered, his partner in crime was silently killed. Who the killer was is currently unknown, but I can assure them, that when they are found, they will die.

When Cookie Gets Unbanned On GN Discord

Written by KingShitgun



Thank You!

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