GangsterNews is Back!

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It's me again! No, I did not intend to be back but after the start this weeks times had I decided I might as well do some more issues!

For those of you who don't know and are wondering, after the issue that PotHead published was deleted and Mike removed him as editor there was no times editor for the week. I asked Mike if we could have a snap election sort of thing and he said that he's made me times editor as when he checked I had the most votes.

So thank you to those of you who did vote in the hours after the reset! I'll do my best to bring out high quality issues at least once a week πŸ˜ƒ

Interview With The World #1 - Zoa!

Written by ShotgunV4

At the time of writing Gangster Nation has 1 level 50 and she is therefore the world's number 1 Gangster, Zoa!


Shotgun: Hi Zoa! Thanks for your time. Congratulations on being the first to hit level 50 this round! How does that feel?
Zoa: It feels like I was a hit by a train to be truthful! Although I usually rank fast I've never ranked this fast before. All I did was close chat and ignore most PMs and it wasn't too hard.
Shotgun: Do you think there are people who rank faster than you?
Zoa: There are others that rank as fast as i do and probably faster even...but they talk too much πŸ‘€
Shotgun: Being the boss of FOE, do you intend to attack the reds again this round when they come back?
Zoa: They are still around!πŸ‘€And they were the ones attacking us
Shotgun: You've been shot twice so far this round. Do you think you'll be able to survive for much longer?
Zoa: Why shouldn't I? Do you have some intel? πŸ˜›
Shotgun: I'm afraid I have none πŸ˜‚ How long have you been playing GN?
Zoa: Pomba in Round 16 was my first account. I got to level 40 on it.
Shotgun: Fairly new then! Are there any features or additions you'd like to see?
Zoa: I think Mike should add notes to the withdrawals in fam bank so everyone could give their the reason for taking money πŸ‘€Also I think the weekly rankings should be live so they don't have to be refreshed and a history of given and received vehicles in the garage would be nice.
Shotgun: πŸ˜‚I like those!! (Psssst....Mike!!!) Thanks for your time tonight! Is there anything else you'd like to add? πŸ™‚
Zoa: At the moment is all i have to say is thank you for The Times and keep up the good work.

In Gangland News...

Written by ShotgunV4

It's time for your breaking news!

Slimz Strikes

On Day 24 at 5:37PM Survivor2 opened fire on Skylar and burnt her to the ground. The Slimz had struck. He then opened fire on Kiritooooooooooooooooo but died in his backfire. He will forever claim that he went down as a king and here is what he had to say about the event: Don’t fuck with me.

Skylar, however, was not impressed and said:

He's been fed and needed help because he's too incapable and shit to be able to pull it off himself


Revenge is Sweet

The sun faded away as the night became...darker(?!). Siska1 was walking through GangMuseum to do a final sweep before closing time.....BOOM.....when out of nowhere Merlin pulled out his suppressed gun and fired a billion bullets at her. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Later that day, Merlin opened up about why he shot. He said: She shot my previous account AVM.

When Siska was asked about her death, she knew it was revenge and said she was lucky to have Life Insurance!


As the night turned into morning, Merlin, who was fast asleep in his warm bed, was chloroformed, kidnapped, tortured and killed by an unknown gangster. A couple of hours later, his boss, Leonzio, was also killed. Colombo had fallen, a few hours after rising.




Time: 5:52AM
Who: B93way

Dylan, who has been relatively hidden in the past few days, comes out of nowhere and blows B93way's brains out. The crowd went wild as support for Dylan in the latest polls skyrocketed to an overwhelming majority!

Dylan shared with us the defining moment of his career: You opened fire on @B93way and killed them. You took $325,657 of their money. You picked up $155,272 in bounties on their head.

I Asked Mike THE Question...

Written by ShotgunV4

I asked Mike the questions we've all wanted an answer to....

Shotgun: Hi Mike! The question on everyone's mind is have you ever rigged any part of GN or ever even felt like doing so? If not, how come?

Mike: Why would that question be on everybody's mind? 🀣 No, the game is not "rigged" and never has been. Anybody who knows me knows that I prefer to do things "the right way". Besides, it's just not in my interest to "rig" the game.

It's Rewind Time!

Written by ShotgunV4

I's GIVEAWAY time!


Giveaway's are back with GangsterNews! There will probably be one every week but as always it depends on the sponsors! If you would like to sponsor a giveaway as a one off or on a recurring basis just PM me! πŸ˜ƒ

This weeks giveaway is 20 credits! Big thanks to SuperMus for sponsoring 10 of them!! πŸ˜ƒ

As always, to enter, all you have to do is PM me and say you want to enter! I'll reveal the winner in main chat on Day 26 in the evening some time!

Good Luck!

Thank You For Reading!

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Thank you for reading this edition of GangsterNews!

I'm sure that there'll be more to come at this rate! If you enjoy the issues and would like to see my carry on please vote for me as times editor. If you have any feedback then please PM me it because I want to make The Times the best I can!

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