Times 294

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Hey everyone another times issue out for you to read then moan about after ya fucks (love you)


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Around 11:26pm to 11:27pm yes a whopping minute

RASHIDOOOO and TripleTone was both shot at by a Lone gunman who was later revealed to be StatiX

With both RASHIDOOOO and TripleTone dead there was no body left to take control of the family which ended being dropped

Hold up

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The self proclaimed king or as I see him the pathetic peasant as learnt how to copy and paste I think this deserves to be our main headline because now he can save the bullshit he sends out and reuse it I thought this was major breaking news as I always thought slimz was a failure at everything including keeping an account for more than 5 days

Big prize competition

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DissKiss messaged me

Yo tom, add this to the times--->
I'm hosting competition, make a diss rap on me
The prize is 100 creds.
Submit by day 40

100 creds to rip the living shit out of him I know one thing I for one am jumping on this

So guys

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Vote me as your times editor and we don't want no PotHead turning our news into stoner stories do we?

Thanks for reading

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So this is the end of issue 294 hope you enjoyed reading

Many thanks and love you guys, girls and shitgun