The Times 293

Written by Kiritooooooo

So let's get on with the times :D

We have some news to share

Disney World

Written by Kiritooooooo

Disney World is no longer a family as 1 or 2 hidden gangsters shot KingLouie and SnowWhite in quick succession.

Police are warning everyone to remain cautious as they dont have any leads and whoever pulled the trigger are still at large

Also Deeks said whoever shot SnowWhite please can you return his prison brides back how SnowWhite dying and deek losing his prison brides are connected we don't know but if anyone knows of anything regarding his brides please he's begging you let him know.


Written by Kiritooooooo

Not only did we lose Disney World.

KILLERLEGION who was involved in a war with foe was also dropped when both Wenig and Aphrodite was killed silently there is a lot of crime happening and our useless police force have no idea on what is happening.

Also deek said he needs his prison brides back joking haha


Written by Kiritooooooo

I would like to shout out

Deek: hope you find your brides

The prison brides: keep hiding he is looking for you.

Everyone who voted for me as times editor I would like a mass shout out too saying Thank you

Dylan Wants To Kill

Written by Kiritooooooo

Dylan our local friendly car dealer has had enough survivor2 is annoying him to breaking point and dylan asked who would like to see slimz (survivor2) die I think everyone will agree with me when I say yes please dylan

Now if people could send dylan the required bullets to kill it would be a great help to him

Thanks for reading and goodbye

Written by Kiritooooooo

So this is the end of issue 293 of the times I hope you enjoyed reading it :)