GangsterNews - Issue 5 - My Final Issue

Written by ShotgunV3


Welcome to this GangsterNews issue!

As some of you may have noticed, I disabled my voting on Monday evening! Why? Mocks blah exams blah work! I'll still be on the game playing (and working on my top secret project that you will never ever find out about) but doing The Times won't be my thing anymore!

Interview with Langz

Written by ShotgunV3

This is the first anonymous interview article of GangsterNews! Langerz (Jupiter) was happy to be interviewed as long as his identity is kept a secret!

Shotgun: Hi Langz! Thanks for your time! How come you went on a reds killing spree this round?
Langz: Well basically me and my friend DawnyTheCunt got bored and decided to shoot i shot bangbang with 66k the cunt had 1k dawny shot 420toon and the job was done
Shotgun: What about Zehn? Why did you kill him?
Langz: Ahhh HouseCoat Gang well I was playing RPS and AVM had a bee in his bonnet about it called me wild and kicked me, my original plan was to bfw him but he ranked i started to get restless pulled out my gat and popped Dexii and Zhen no reason why I shot them but they can blame AVM for the downfall of their family
Shotgun: Why did you CS and how come your undercover?
Langz: Empty so I csed and I'm undercover cus I got more planned for the round
Shotgun: Care to share a sneak peak? ?
Langz: Not yet.
Shotgun: Good Luck! Is there anything else you'd like to add about your kills/plans?
Langz: Nothing at all tell Laura I love her ♥

I know, he revealed before I could publish. Oh well :(

The Slimz Revolution

Written by ShotgunV3


Following his recent revolution, the following is a statement from Slimz about it and his future plans:

After a early successful revolution against Reds. Taking out the reds high ranks but it’s only day 9.

Some friends of mine and some allies have backed my enemy Papi. Who seems to continually talk shit about me and carries on talking shit after promises of peace.

That’s why I killed him this round. Same reason I dominated him last round too.. talk shit, get hit.. trash player tbh.

I’m pretty sure it’s because he is really jealous of me but guess this is fate what’s happening..

I know everyone’s been calling me a snake because I’ve halted my efforts on reds to focus on killing Papi and his friends. One of those close to me said ‘You’ve just snaked everyone’ and people calling me a Red and stuff.

But defending myself isn’t snaking. I am no pushover and won’t tolerate shit from anyone.. that doesn’t make me a snake or unloyal.. just a strong motherfucker who doesn’t take shit from anyone even from allies.

But I also care about my friends who say they need me and I don’t want to let them down deep down in my heart.

So this is my decision:

After I have fucked up Papi and his friends, I’ll focus on the revolution against Reds.


Written by ShotgunV3


Well it's the final giveaway I'll be doing and the prize is 30 credits! Thank you to MikkeMus for sponsoring 12 of them!

Should there be at least 20 entries, there will be 2 winners each winning 32 credits!!

As always, just PM me saying you'd like to enter and you're in!

The winner will be drawn tomorrow (Day 13) evening!

Good Luck!

FOE Are Back!

Written by ShotgunV3

Well, here they are, making their appearance slightly earlier this round!

FOE have been born, albeit currently nowhere near the top of the leaderboards! With The Reds currently down and out, it remains to be seen who will be the family of the round!

After Round 18 I'm sure they will want to make their mark again and lead from earlier on in the round instead of the final few days!

Will they? I personally don't think so! But that's just my opinion! My bets are on SS to lead the round!

SS = Satan's Selection.

Disney Land Split

Written by ShotgunV3


Last night, RobinHood shot and killed both Renfred (The Saints) and Abstract (Satan's Selection) starting two wars.

Now I don't know about you, but I think that was a bad idea.


Within minutes, RobinHood is killed. Bugzy closes down The Saints leaving Disney Land with just one war...Satan's Selection.

@MadManMortz was killed whilst in Disney Land. @Fortnite28 took over as the boss.

Fortnite28 was killed whilst in Disney Land. There was no underboss to take over so the family split up.

Satan's Selection won the war against Disney Land.

The wars so far in Round 19 have been high and wild! I'm sure there'll be plenty more to come now that FOE have turned up!

P.s. Slimz says he caused this.

Thank You <3

Written by ShotgunV3


Special thank you to everyone who's sent me nice PMs saying they enjoy The Times! It means a lot!

Good luck to the next editor (looks like it'll be Kirito)!