Gangster News - Issue 4

Written by ShotgunV3


Welcome to the 4th issue of Gangster News!

We have some more information dripping through on the wipe out of Chaotic Souls, an interview with Laura, the Slimz Takeover and some other bits and pieces!

As always, if you have any feedback then please PM me :-)

So Who Took Out The Reds?

Written by ShotgunV3

These are the kills that have now been verified/revealed:

Focus - Metabolic
TomJones - Hungry
Babycakes - Shotgun (BF)
Prime - KittenBliss
DeJaVu - Omen
ExiledHeir - Omen

The kills of Happy & Ferrero are still unrevealed...I wonder...

Interview with Laura

Written by ShotgunV3

With Chaotic Souls now down, I approached Laura for an interview on what happened and the future for the reds.

Shotgun: Hi Laura! Were you expecting Chaotic Souls to be taken out so early in the round?
Laura: Hello Shotgun! Yes we were all expecting it, we waited for 7 to arrive ?
Shotgun: Do you blame someone in particular and if so who do you think orchestrated it?
Laura: I think most families were out to get "reds" after last round and the history of it goes rounds back
Shotgun: I have heard rumours that you, sam & ash aren't "hardcore reds". What do you think about the history the "reds" have?
Laura: We aren't I don't even know who to be honest and why it really matters ? It's only a colour but I guess some people are attached to it!
Shotgun: Do you think the reds could ever be liked by more people?
Laura: Probably not ?
Shotgun: Are there reds that you personally don't like or don't trust?
Laura: I like everyone ? the fucked up mix makes the game entertaining!
Shotgun: Will Becci, Focus & Happy be back or is that it from them for the round?
Laura: Will Becci, Sam & Happy be back or is that it from them for the round?
Shotgun: Will you personally be out for revenge on the red killers?
Laura: That would be telling ? but it won't be this account.
Shotgun: Thanks for your time! Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Laura: You're very welcome! Slut for hire, DM me.

Slimz Takes Over

Written by ShotgunV3

I was not forced to write this article.

It was a chilly Day 7 when BooM (Adel) opened fire on Priestess and successfully killed them. Shortly after, BooM opened fire on HulmeY and also killed him.

Our sources are able to verify that HulmeY asked to be killed but we are unsure if Priestess did too.

We can only assume that the reds are going undercover to find those who wiped them out and end them for good.

This could be a fun fun round!



@BooM was killed by @AlphaMaleX

Holy mother of god, Slimz killed someone! Now, whether Adel was empty we may never know. But what I can tell you is Mr Slimz is taking credit for dropping the reds and is encouraging the world to revolt against the reds and for his Slimz Soldiers.

We are hoping to interview Slimz soon, but he is hard to get a hold of with how many times he suicides!

Giveaway Results

Written by ShotgunV3


The results for the first giveaway of 2019 are in!

And the winner is...Polo!

12 credits have been sent your way!

If you'd like to sponsor the next giveaway please PM me! The next giveaway will be some time next week so be sure to keep it Gangster...?

BBCode 101

Written by ShotgunV3

I have had quite a few people ask me about formatting their profiles, be it family or gangster!

Here is the simple 101 on how to do it!

In the examples below I have used normal brackets at the start. You need to replace ( with [

(b]Bold text[/b] - This makes the text bold.

(u]Underlined text[/u] - This underlines the text

(i]Italics text[/i] - This makes the text in italics

(color=red]Red text[/color] - This makes the text red

(center]Centered text[/center] -

This centers the text

There are also tags for images and youtube videos as I'm sure you know about:

(img]image url[/img]

(youtube]youtube url[/youtube]

For images, you need to use the image URL. Let's say you upload an image to imgur. If you right click on the image you need to press copy image address.


In this case, the image address is:

Now if I put that address in the [img] tags, the image shows!


For the YouTube code it's super simple! Visit the youtube video you want and copy the URL for it and paste it in between the YouTube tags!

For example: (youtube][/youtube]

Shut up, I know we closed down.

Thanks For Reading!

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