Official uncut war report of the week

Written by Ronaldodonut

Official war report, brought to you by anonymous source (uncut report)

Other news: NB vs carolina

The past couple of weeks have seen carolina ranking fast as she does only to be killed by an NB member as she starts getting to a stable rank, Multiple sources claim the reason is because PHX didn't want her to get in range to do any damage to NB, another source claims "it's a personal vendetta" and another comment from an actual NB member claims "she's a bitch".
Although carolina dented there lower ranks quite abit according to her kill stats of her last 3 accounts:
Score, Nastybastards 3 kills - Carolina - 6 kills

Relentless desire shot at nastybastards

Reason: reports from an anonymous source say that nastybastards killed two of there members due to feeling "threatened" by them getting higher ranked, the first was Benjy who expected to be killed, I asked for his comment and he replied "I expected to be killed, but not by a puppet, I dont feel bitter just disappointed how I was killed"
The second kill was Changer, a quarrel earlier in the round sealed his fate with the bastards, Reports from a NB member mentions that Owen was "prewarned" about these killings and he accepted that, little did NB know that the rest of Relentess Desire where unaware of this and decided to persue revenge for the killings

List of kills made:

PhiZzent killed Benjy
John killed Changer
Owen killed PHX and John although PHX was backfire wasted
Owen then went into hideout for 14 days
After the war settled down abit choke made a deal with NB that if the remaining RD members joined NB they would not finish Relentless desire off, choke held his half of the deal only for Omex to kill the remaining boss and rhm dropping the fam

Now the war has settled down a Nastybastard member messaged me earlier telling me that Benjy had "planned it all along" and knew what he was doing, I asked him on the situation and I got no reply.

The same member then told me that there is currently an unstable truce between everyone who is currently feuding which is based on the fact if anyone else in theknights family or instinct is killed by an NB member then there will be intervention by other high ranks to finish off NB for good, whether this is true or not we are unsure, let's just hope PHX knows when to call it even

Good stuff

Helpful Gangsternation tip of the week

Written by Ronaldodonut



Written by Ronaldodonut


-A fantastic quote and blurb for Ronaldo to put in his highschool yearbook ?

The quote is a quote, and the blurb is a 500 character max paragraph saying whatever about highschool. The best, serious answer will receive a lot of stuff ?

Basically I want to have something extremely clever (AND SCHOOL APPROPRIATE) next to my picture, and I need you guys to help ?

Consolation prizes will be handed out for good answers that aren't as good as the best.

Community Piece: Lauryn

Written by Ronaldodonut

"He's funny."
"She's caring.
"He's stupid."
"She's athletic"

Many people in this world can be defined by a simple word or phrase, but not a person like Lauryn. It's hard to define a person like her, because lone sentences can only scratch the surface on who she is. She's certainly different.

A true renaissance woman of society, she was surely loved by many people. She walks her neighbor's dogs in the morning, and helps feed the poor at her local soup kitchen during the night. Inbetween all of our charity, she doesn't have a lot of time, but when she does, she plays Gangster Nation. She joined the nasty bastards family and found her time there to be very enjoyable. Her smiles would seemingly be seen through the computer screen, and her family chat was filled with frequent laughter and happiness. I asked several members from her family for their opinion, and they couldn't stop piling on the compliments

"I think what makes Lauryn different than others is her smile, it just lights up the room"

"When I really needed help with my account, Lauryn was there to give me the support I needed."

"Lauryn is the bomb"

Needless to say it was a shock to the community when she was viciously gunned down in day 77 of this round. It was a crime that was utterly filthy in it's premise, and in it's execution. She was originally shot at by the vicious Hannibal, but after a long conflict she was able to kill the assailant. But it left her tired, and she was then killed by a fully prepared Choke.

A loving community member lost, all due to a senseless act of violence. But that's how it is in a Gangster's world. It's too bad she had to experience it firsthand. It's a dark week for this game. RIP Lauryn.

chat spots

Written by Ronaldodonut

10:53:32 PM] <Miyu> When you said you want my mother instead

[10:53:27 PM] <PsychoKitty>

[10:53:26 PM] <JigSaw>

[10:53:25 PM] <ProGreen> []

[10:53:17 PM] <Miyu> He knows all about them tho

[10:53:10 PM] <ProGreen> []

[10:53:04 PM] <JigSaw> cos ted needs head

[10:53:00 PM] <JigSaw> good

[10:52:54 PM] <Miyu> Haha no he is not

[10:52:44 PM] <JigSaw> lies

[10:52:18 PM] <ProGreen> looking at what your writing tom []

[10:51:56 PM] <ProGreen>

[10:51:53 PM] <ProGreen> he's on lauryns shoulder

[10:51:30 PM] <Miyu> Haha

[10:51:25 PM] <JigSaw> your dads on

[10:51:22 PM] <JigSaw> i've gotta becareful what i say

Actual helpful tip of the week

Written by Ronaldodonut

Drinking water in the mornings can help wake you up and it makes you poop!

Perfect for the poop conscious in the morning 8)

Works for me. ?

And here's a great bathroom read if you're into that kind of thing:

Hysterical ?

Good insults for use in chat

Written by Ronaldodonut

Fun facts. Did you know that over half of all the users on this game are utterly incompetent while trying to think up a creative insult?

That out of the 1641 insults uttered on chat, over 900 of them contained either a misspelled profanity or included a sexual reference that included one's mother? Not good enough Gangster Nation. Step your game up.

Here are some good alternative insults That I totally jacked from reddit

"You're as useful as a waterproof tea bag."

"You couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel"

"I would call you an asshole, but at least they get shit done."

"You look like something I drew with my left hand."

"Your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory."

"I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and SHIT a better argument than yours."

"I've seen younger faces on cash."

"You couldn't get a blowjob at a Weight Watchers meeting if you had a chocolate dick"

"You're so dense, light bends around you"

"You're not the sharpest screwdriver in the crayon box"

"You're about as useful as Anne Frank's drumset"

"Is your ass jealous of the amount of shit that just came out of your mouth?"

"Where did you get those clothes...the toilet store?"

"She had about as much sex appeal as a traffic accident"

"Her face looks like she did the 50-yard dash in a 40-yard gym."

And of course, THE argument killer:

"The jerk store called. They ran out of YOU!"

But remember, it's easy to act tough on the internet. If you're gonna say this stuff in real life make sure you can back it up.