Gangster News - Issue 3

Written by Sh0tgun


Welcome to the first Gangster News issue of 2019!

Happy New Year to all of ya! I hope it's a great one!

We also have the first giveaway of round 19 so whoop whoop!

Interview with Sanctuary!

Written by Sh0tgun

So seeing as my last #1 interviewee couldn't hold on for an extra day (big glare)...I decided to interview her successor!

Shotgun: Hi Sanctuary! Thanks for agreeing to this! How long have you been playing GN?
Sanctuary: I've been playing for along time.
Shotgun: At the start of the round did u expect to be #1?
Sanctuary: Expected to be in top 10.
Shotgun: How long do you intend to defend your throne?
Sanctuary: Since i got top dog im not gonna rank as hard.
Shotgun: Do you think you could be the first to hit 50?
Sanctuary: Possible but i doubt it
Shotgun: Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Sanctuary: Shout out to my family Asylum and boss Shotgun.

Note from future: WHOOPSIES

Kiritos Korner

Written by Kiritooooooo

Hey everyone I'm back with my crazy antics of selling people (keep it quiet to the police I'm out of bribes)

So without further ado let's get on with it


This Aussie fuck is given to us today by Wenig. I don't know why I'm trying to sell him. Vati is useless.I have seen photos of him dressed as a girl....sadly.

Here is what Wenig has to say about him/her
He's annoying, pees on the floor too often. doesnt leave his room.

⚠️WARNING⚠️His nipples are sensitive so dont touch
Vati is free to a terrible home or if it's a good home he will cost you $1.


Babycakes has had enough, she wants rid of HulmeY. When speaking to Babycakes she alerted me to the fact he is a sex slave and he loves a cheeky finger up his bum. HulmeY will hump your leg like a little dog for attention he's pretty much GNs version of the Kardashians (only famous for sexual reasons) just not as talented. That being said if you are in the market for a sex slave HulmeY will set you back £2.50 that's less than 13 credits! Shotgun says: he's worth every penny


Meet Davie he's GNs answer to Newcastle United: useless in every way.

Davie has had many previous owners and everyone has given up on him. Maybe it's because he is an embarrassment but all I can really say about him he has been passed around more than an heroin addicts needle. Shotgun says: lmao

All I request is a donation of any price just let's find him a loving home (doesn't have to be loving I just want rid of him). Shotgun says: this is a bit harsh

So today I sat down with Focus for a few hours granted most of that was just me staring into his eyes. But I also did a Q&A with him.



HE SAID YES!!! Shotgun says: piss off, Sam's mine.

I just want to say a quick thanks to Shotgun for allowing Kiritos Korner. Best editor ever!

Happy New Year Fuckers

The War on Reds Continues

Written by ShotgunV1

At 7:00PM on Day 6, Focus was shot at by Shinobi who died in backfire. This wasted Focus' backfire who was then killed by Metabolic immediately after who shot 25k.

The Asylum were now at war with Chaotic Soul.

Shortly after, TheWarden died in TomJones' backfire which was followed up by Ferrero being killed silently after GusGus died in her backfire.

Happy was then killed silently...without a backfire waste being necessary!

It was now time for The Reds (we think) to hit back. They started off with killing BadManBuzz.

Hungry killed TomJones who after his bfw was supposedly empty. Hungry was then killed by Humble.

Babycakes then shot at Shotgun but died in backfire. She claims this was a BFW but the follow up shot came over 40 minutes later.

Shotgun's backfire for the Babycakes' shot was 151,193 or something like that. Why? It makes it look as if it was all his bullets and that he's now empty.

Keys opened fire on Shotgun at 9:25PM but matched when he shohe remainder of my bullets back. He was then fed 75K by a family member leaving Keys to die in his backfire.


Shotgun was taken out by Prime at 9:52PM.

At time of publishment, that's as far as the war has gone!

Needless to say, it's going to be an interesting round!


Written by Sh0tgun


For the first giveaway for round 19 the prize is 12 credits!! Big thanks to Nascar for sponsoring it!!

To enter just PM me saying you'd like to intent! The winner will be drawn on Day 7 in the evening/nights!

Good Luck!

Thanks For Reading!

Written by Sh0tgun