Gangster News - Issue 2 - Must Read

Written by Sh0tgun


Welcome to the second issue of GangsterNews for Round 19!

We have an interview, some other shit and some more shit.

The giveaway has unfortunately been postponed temporarily due to a loss of credits. I'm working on it though.

Interview With Ferrero!

Written by Sh0tgun

Ferrero, at the time of writing, is the #1 ranked player of round 19! Interview time!

Shotgun: Hi Ferrero! Thanks for your time! How long have you been playing GN?
Ferrero: Hi there, since round 13
Shotgun: Do you have an AKA from last round? If so, who?
Ferrero: I do, but i didnt do much last round, Im not ready to reveal as yet
Shotgun: Fair enough! Do you have plans for this round based of what happened last round?
Ferrero: im just clicking and stocking atm, No plans have been formed as yet, or that i know off. tbh i never meant to click this much at the beginning ?
Shotgun: Are you hoping to stay #1 for quite some time?
Ferrero: well, i know i cant keep this up, my fingers hurt ? so no i dont expect to stay #1
Shotgun: How much have you stocked so far roughly? ?
Ferrero: You never ask a Gangster that ? . its like asking a lady her age
Shotgun: Fair enough ?Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Ferrero: just ty to the peeps that have sent me lovely messages ?

Fgs, he didn't last very long! Sanctuary has overtaken him at around 1:50AM on Day 3...

Kiritos Korner

Written by Kiritooooooo

Hiya everyone

Kiritos back again with some more homeless gangsters and another chat with someone :P

Now I was going to put huang up for sale but he hung himself he couldn't take the gangster life anymore R.I.P I should be happy he commit suicide I mean what could I say about him he plays with action figures and touches himself while playing rps with credits bought from his flatmates bank card not really something you fine people want to buy

So I had to have a look around the dangerous streets of Gangster Nation to find some new recruits.

So first up we have Dylan160,

Dylan has more cars in his garage than there are in the game rare or common chances are he has it everyone is available besides his tahoes and pickups they are his babies he will protect them with his life now say you have a mission and you need a car buying dylan today will help get you the car you need

He can be yours today for $3,000,000

Next we have TomJones

Tom is the perfect guy if you want to sell credits not only will he buy them he will give you the deal of a lifetime some say he is also a prostitute but I don't want to dive into what he does in his spare time.

So let's clarify will earn you money and might give you an happy ending behind a fast food restaurant what more could you ask for and for $6,500,000 you will earn the money back rather quickly.

I can't guarantee he will buy your credits I just want your money

All sales are final you do have a right to request a refund before 14 days but I will tell you to fuck off just bare that in mind when you buy

I also sat down with Happy to have a long ass chat (3 whole questions)

Question 1 what keeps you coming back to gn I've seen you around a lot over the rounds I've played so is there something that brings you back or is it just enjoyment of the game
mainly its the people i met here, got to know some people from all over the world, thats the main thing keeping me here

Great answer! What has been your favourite round out of all the ones you have played and why
i´d say round 13 ´cos it kept me playing this game after getting scammed ? and i did encounter the players who kept me staying ?
but after that my fave round was like round 17 i´d say, was a blast ?

Oh nice and last question now, what is best kill you have to your name over the last few rounds 15-18
Slimz dying twice in my bf ? (sry Slimz da best)

Oh damn haha I just want to say Thank you for your times been a great help for the times and an insight into your time on gn
thx for your effort on The Times, appreciate and hopefully it helps to get more people staying on GN or even attracting more players ?

Thanks again Happy for these great answers and everyone for reading Kiritos Korner!

And thank you to Shotgun for letting me post it!

First Kill

Written by Sh0tgun


It was 12:28AM on Day 3 of Round 19 when bangbang33 was walking down Gangster Street and saw Bosskiller.

The name pissed him off. He pulled out his revolver and opened fire on Bosskiller, killing them. He took a massive $112,651 and 14 bribes!

The first kill has been made.

May there be plenty more to come.

Let the bloodbath begin.

Scammers & Manipulation

Written by Sh0tgun

Since the game first started there have been scammers all round. Since the double scam I had given to me a couple of hours I've had a 8 people PM me saying that people who scam, whether it be on this game, for real money, or something else don't know what they're actually doing. One person left me with an experience they've had:

i was scammed on this game a few rounds ago and it actually fucked with me big time. i dont get why people would purposely ruin what someone's been doing for a "joke". it's not funny and it never has been. this game is on the low end of scams, but people have harmed themselves after being scammed because they can't recover from it and it's just pathetic that it happens so much.

I've been scammed irl too but friends I thought I could trust. It sucks. It messes with your head and leaves you vulnerable and not sure about who to trust and leaves you doubting yourself.

to scam on a game like this it's stupid. people use their hard earned money for credits and people will just scam them like they are a tramp. it's just not cool and can leave them questioning things in real life.

That was the longest response I had. However when I got that I asked more people about what they think about scammers and here are some of the responses:

scammers are the muck underneath my boots when i work in a horse stall. but at the same time anyone can fall victim to themselves turning into a scammer.

I mean in real life it’s the lowest of the low, what gets me most is they are usually scamming elderly people for everything they have or people trying to make an honest living. On gn it’s not such a bad thing really as anybody can do it. It’s just a matter of who to trust and who to not. The auction house is here for a reason and very few players are 100% honest.

Where to start they are pricks they prey on the people. they strike fear into them they are pathetic excuses of humans

All cunts but all fun when ya doing it yaself

Well, Scammers wouldn't be a thing if people were smart about transactions, I do think scammers are kinda asses, I am a scammer myself, Rarely. But I think being smart and staying safe will keep you from getting scammed.


I was initially gonna quit the game now because it's become too much for me. I've been scammed over 10 times in a few months and I don't think I can take any more! I've decided to carry on for now for two reasons:

1. The haters shouldn't win
2. Maybe I can bring some good out of my Times Issues in the future as well.

Personally, I don't think scamming should be allowed on GN, especially for credits or things bought with credits.

@Ulf, @Vati; ya both scammed me well. Good job. Jokes over now. I'd appreciate it if you send my stuff back.

Thanks For Reading

Written by Sh0tgun

Thanks for reading this issue.

I appreciate all the votes, nice messages and respect you guys give me and I appreciate it more than you'll ever know, so thank you.