Welcome to Round 19!

Written by Sh0tgun


Welcome to the first GangsterNews of Round 19!

In this issue there isn't much Round 19 content to go over. SHOCKER! So we have a new thing for GangsterNews! Kiritos Korner! I'm trying something new where every week/issue there can be one or a few contributors to the times to do their own articles as part of the time!

Why? Well, to make it more of a community times!

We also have details for the first giveaway of Round 19 so be sure to read on for details on it!

First Gangster of Round 19!

Written by Sh0tgun

Admit it, you were eagerly refreshing the page at 6:59:58 to be the first to sign up for Round 19! Good news! There's a prize for whoever signed up first! (4 credits!)

Well the results are in, having spoken to Mike, the first person to sign up for Round 19 was Qtex!

Congratulations! PM me to claim your credits!


Ok so moving on to 2nd...that would be...joint between Shotgun and Sanctuary who both signed up at 19:00:05.

Seeing as I can't award myself credits, the prize will go to Sanctuary so just PM me to claim your credits (and so I know you read the times....hehehe)


Kiritos korner

Written by Kiritooooooo

First of all I would like to say welcome to Round 19 of Gangster Nation, most of you probably know me but I'm Tom or as my main aka kiritooooooo. If it's your first time playing the game welcome to the game I hope you stay here for a long time.

Right enough wìth the soppy shit let's get on with what my Kiritios Korner is about.

I pretty much try sell people and just roast them. For example, I would try to sell Focus but only person who would buy him would be me; love you baby ??. I will also message people for any ideas of what you want to see for the round.

So let the auctions begin!

First of all we have Shotgun (Shitgun as I call him, times editor).

This guy, love him or hate him, is a good little bitch and trust me his prices for sex are well worth it. He gives better BJs than any of the credit prostitutes you will find on GN. He is cheap at the moment because he is looking for a owner but as a solo rent boy he charges $10 for a his hand or $20 for his mouth. If you are a rich fucker, it's $40 for the Shitgun Special. PM him to find out ;)

I'm looking for 2 million for him or 10 creds. I will consider selling him for cheaper, just pm me with a new offer. If you buy him forget his because charges they are free! Just remember to feed him twice a day.

Now we have another GN bitch who is iconic around the game Steve (KingEagle), the daddy of jamal (LittleEagle). Now me and Steve don't see eye to eye but I can't help it. I'm such a nice guy I want to find him a nice home where he is loved (hopefully).

Where as shotgun performed sexual favours as a pleasure maker Steve is your money maker he is one of the best money stockers in the game with his gambling skill he can surpass the high roller status with ease and earn you a whopping 25% of his earnings so 100 million would get you 25 million. Need I say more? I'm selling him for 5 million.


I would like to add the people who have been listed for sale it's purely for banter reasons only ;) if you feel the need to complain please email [email protected]

Note from the Shotgun: that email doesn't work, unfortunately!

So the first person who I messaged for times is the beautiful Yorkshire lass Babycakes i just asked 3 questions and here is our chat:


First Giveaway Details

Written by Sh0tgun


So, the first giveaway of Round 19 won't be taking place for another couple of days so that more people can get signed up!

If you'd like to sponsor it then please PM me! The prize will be a minimum of 12 credits + whatever is sponsored!

Make sure you vote me for times editor so I can bring you the giveaway!

Top Rankers So Far!

Written by Sh0tgun

Round 19's top 10 rankers so far!


I wonder who'll be here when we get to DeathMatch :eyes:

Or more realistically, Day 50!

PM me to place your bets ;-)

Thank You For Reading!

Written by Sh0tgun

I know it was a fairly short issue, but I wanted to get one out to start Round 19! I hope you enjoyed the issue and if you have any feedback then please PM me!

Also be sure to vote for me as times editor so I can continue! If you're interested in being a contributor for a future issue then also PM me!

Shotgun <3