Deathmatch News - Issue 5

Written by ShotgunV13


HOLY CRAP. It happened, but not how anybody was expecting it to happen!

The Reds Are Down

Written by ShotgunV13

After a couple of days of war, The Reds have been defeated.

Focus, as we know was shot by ShotgunV10. This left Hazel as Boss & Happy as Underboss.

GN shot and killed Happy Day 108 early morning. He then wasted Hazel's backfire, someone RudeTwat had previously shot 1m at but died in backfire to.

This left Hazel making MikkeMuss underboss and staying on as boss herself. After backfire wastes by OrangeNip, Risingup1 and a kill on Sinners she was left extremely exposed.

Beared shot and killed her at 10:36AM, leaving MikkeMuss as boss.

And here you can see what happened after that...


The Blues Hijacked The Reds.

A statement from MikkeMuss

Time was right to show my color and bring CC to an end. Was a fun around but i'm
FOE and have been all along

As for the 150 credit reward, I will go over the kills that took place and decide who deserves them most!

A Message From Our Sponsor

Written by ShotgunV13

This issues sponsor was Bearable. Below are a bunch of images and captions that he wanted the world to see.


If me and Eagle had a child.

Shoutout to my mum Hazel aka Jen da goat

Me when I'm sad

Focus let himself go since you shot him.

Top Killer So Far

Written by ShotgunV13

The Gangster Nation Round 18's Deathmatch Top Killer award is currently due to go to Virizion who achieved 22 kills (238 points) all on Day 107. He was going crazy!

All until Katie881 stood up and finished him off.

Katie881 was shortly after killed by Vagrant who silenced the kill for hours.

A New Record

Written by ShotgunV13

The record for most kills within a minute of each other stood at 7 on Day 108 at 01:46AM.

But then, out of nowhere came Geryon achieving NINE (9) kills within a minute of each other!


Will someone be able to make 10? We shall find out soon!

Dylan's Deaths

Written by ShotgunV13

On Day 107 Dylan threatened me to step down as Times Editor. He said that I am a selfish c**t and should die in a hole.

He also called Anne a s**t and began insulting everyone non stop.

Zehn, a man of honour, had seen enough.

Zehn killed Dylan:

Day 107 - 11:50PM
Day 108 - 12:48AM
Day 108 - 1:22AM
Day 108 - 1:55AM
Day 108 - 2:38AM
Day 108 - 3:11AM
Day 108 - 4:01AM
Day 108 - 7:34PM

I make that 8 kills of the same person in less than 24 hours!

When asked for a statement, Zehn said:
He was exhibiting bitch-like behaviour, particularly towards Shotgun. He called Anne a slut for no reason, and then started swearing at me too ?

When asked for a comment, Dylan didn't respond. After his death on Day 108 at 7:34PM he sent Zehn the following PM:


A Message From Me

Written by ShotgunV13

Thank you to everyone who has voted for me and said they like The Times! I get a lot of hate from people due to it and every single message that comes through saying they like it means a lot!

Thank you for voting me as Times Editor to finish off Round 18 and I can't wait to hopefully do the same in Round 19!