Deathmatch News - Issue 4

Written by ShotgunV11


Welcome to this issue of Deathmatch News!

Phew! It's been an interesting couple of days! Let's get into it!

Focus Has Been Lost

Written by ShotgunV10

Butchie 02:24am
Focus was killed by ShotgunV10.


Q&A With Shotgun

Reds had ruled the round for ages and looking at the members who remain Sam is the one who stands out as the long term red. It was nothing against Sam, actually I think he's great!

How many bullets shot
I shot 1,108,213

Why not shoot Hazel?
I probably could have bfw'd Hazel but I don't think that far into the future 😊I decided I'm shooting Sam 2 hours before I shot!

Any big plans for the rest of the round?
Oh hell yeah 😏😉

Q&A With Focus

What was your backfire?

What are your plans for DM now?
Just have fun mate

I hear this is your last round, how come?
Need a rest and focus on family life

Did you at all imagine I would've shot at you?
Yeah I said I knew you was because of all the questions you was asking! Hence why I changed my Bf from 775k to 300k so I didn’t lose as much!

How many bullets will LI bring you? 😏
Now that’s for me to know and for you to watch bullets when I claim 😆

If you knew I was gonna shoot how come you didn’t get someone to kill or bfw me?
Because like I’ve told most people I wanted to die mate and play dm properly. Now you know why I told you 1.1 mil for the times.

Okay, he might've played me, but oh well!

Following Focus' death, ShotgunV10 was killed by PunDuh at 03:18am. When asked for a statement PunDuh said "Just shoutout to focus for doing an excellent job this round. And of course the others as well for maintaining the fam till now ✌"




Please note that due to Focus being killed the reward for dropping Crucial Conflict has been lowered to 150 credits.

Christmas Playlist!

Written by ShotgunV11

There's a Sinister Dick In The House

Written by ShotgunV11

Up until Day 106, 07:18PM the record for most kills in a minute by a single gangster was 4.

That record was broken by a sinister dick, SinisterDick.


My favourite part of those murders however was how I was made to promise I won't shoot him midway through!

In an interview, Dick said the following: i was just inspired to break twathead's quadkills to break his record so i did

Will this record me beaten? We shall find out soon!

#3 Ranked Family Dropped

Written by ShotgunV11

Slimz Da Beta were dropped on Day 106.

It was a one man job. He fought through the crowd of members picking them off one by one before reaching the bosses. Slimz then shot 666k at the underboss of Slimz Da Beta, killing him.


He went straight to the boss and looked at him in the eye. "**** you" he screamed as he fired 1,000,000 bullets at the now deadman's head.

The Twats

Written by ShotgunV11


The Twats were born. Then they died. They survived for about the same time as it took you to read this part of the issue. RIP.

The Removal of Reporting

Written by ShotgunV11

When Reporting messages was added to GN people were upset. They couldn't be mean to people anymore!

Anyway, it's gone now!


Mike on why it was removed:

Two main issues:

1. It was tied directly to chat messages but there's various reasons you may report someone so I would prefer to implement a report system which covers messages, profiles etc.

2. The ease of use meant a lot of people reported all kinds of random messages, it was being misused a lot.

I will probably implement another system in future which gathers relevant info (such as the content of the message or profile being reported, a reason for the report) and places it into a Help Request for the user.

Green404 Killed

Written by ShotgunV11

Green404 was killed in the afternoon of Day 5 of deathmatch.

Having been shot at by Cleo1, Siska3, Mermaids1 and Holy it since the beginning of deathmatch she was extremely exposed.

Canonero finished the job at 4:54PM

Thank You For Reading This Issue!

Written by ShotgunV11

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