Deathmatch News - Issue 3

Written by ShotgunV10


We are live reporting from Gangland. It is Day 3 of Deathmatch and the battles are getting tougher. More deaths, more wars & more gossip and we are bringing it to you for free!

Starfall Falls

Written by ShotgunV10

It was the middle of the night and Starfall was using her butt plug (according to Beared) when in walked Tiwanaku. Seeing the horrorful sight he got out his machine gun and fired at her non stop, killing the butt plug.

Starfall fell (ba dum tss) to the ground in a heap, leaving a blood of pool marking the first level 50 death of Deathmatch Round 18.


Tiwanaku was then killed by Focus in backfire. One can only imagine that he was trying to get the 250 credits giveaway for round 19!

Remember! Drop Crucial Conflict and receive 250 credits for round 19!

Crucial Conflict Cause Missy's Suicide

Written by ShotgunV10

MissyXmas returned as MissXmas1 (it's really helpful when people do this because it means people don't get confused, js). After last night's ordeal she wanted revenge.

However, just seconds before she was about to take her shot, her target, Focus, travelled away twice. A few minutes after, she was shot at by failedagain leaving her exposed with a low backfire.

At this point she had had enough and leapt off the Gangland wall, ending her own life.


Following this I spoke to her and she had the following to say:

Fucking snake in the fam I had Sam located and I showed one person, a former red, and he flew

When asked about who she showed, she said this:

Don’t matter done now fucking snakes. Reds shook to get a 50 to shoot twice I was changing my bf as he shot but oh well shows their shit

It's evident she is not happy.

Focus also reached out to me to give the Crucial Conflict version of the story which is as follows:

1st I saw she was ranking hard knew she was coming for me.
2nd watched her pro like a hawk
3rd set dets on her early with follow to see her movements
4th got Issac to set and Hazel to set so we have back ups
5th has all online watch her profile to when pro ended
6th I flew twice to make sure I lost her tacked dets on me
7th Issac stepped in shot a few ks
8th she CS due to loosing 900k in two nights

I asked Sam a few questions about Focus after this happened as well:

Question: Would 900k have killed you?
Answer: Nope
Question: What about today's 900k if they both hit you?
Answer: I have since changed my BF and she would have had to shoot 1.2m too kill. Neither would of killed.
Question: Do you think you'll be killed by round 19?
Answer: Of course. It’s impossible to last the whole of DM.
Question: When do you think you will pass away?
Answer: Day 6
Question: Thanks for your time! Anything else to add?
Answer: No worries shout out to Issac for being so shit ta ❤️

Honourable Deaths

Written by ShotgunV10

A few honourable deaths from Day 3 of Deathmatch.

BigBoeBizzle - Killed
M8 - Killed (I was not forced to add this name)
Onky - Killed
CheeriosSuck - Backfire
Ghostrider - Killed
Potato - Killed

Thank You!

Written by ShotgunV10

Thanks for reading this issue and I'll see you next time!