Deathmatch News - Issue 2

Written by ShotgunV10


It is day 2 of Round 18's deathmatch and the day started with Daddyd2 killing fernd at 12:15am.

(This is where I went to sleep)

The Morning After Yesterday

Written by ShotgunV10


Holy crap that was a lot of kills that went down.

It is at this moment I realise that trying to cover them all is the most impossible thing ever.

I'm going to do my best to recap what I consider the main deaths and funny deaths that went on within the community since the last times issue! Sorry if I can't cover all of them!

Missy & Trip vs Crucial Conflict

Written by ShotgunV10

Early in the day, TripleDM shot and killed Reptile. This infuriated the Reds who were just about to make their move when TripleDM shot Ghostrider...but died in backfire. MissyXmas was devastated. She began stocking like never before and ranked to within a Level 50's range.

She was ready to end Crucial Conflict.

All until Gamehatesme shot her. Although he died in her backfire, he wasted her backfire which was close to 1 million bullets! With those bullets gone, she was left exposed and after she called out Crucial Conflict bosses for being scared and not shooting first, Focus finished her off.


Missy gave the following statement about the events that unfolded:

I was shocked that considering the level 50s that supposedly get bored as they don’t have the chance to shoot that much ! Decided to let somebody else take the shot first . I had dets that failed otherwise I would of gone for the kill .. nothing more is needed to be said about the reflection on focus shooting after instead of first #nobollockssam .


Written by ShotgunV10


It's back! The giveaway prize is 250 credits that will be given at the start of round 19!

How do you win? It's simple, whoever is the first person (or people, in which case the prize is split) to drop and split up Crucial Conflict will win!

Enjoy ;-)

TheEnd's Rampage

Written by ShotgunV10


They might not be the biggest kills but there's sure a damn lot of them! I especially love that beautiful quad followed by a BF kill at the end!

Unfortunately, the rampage was ended when CheeriosSuck, currently holding the title for 2nd most kills in DM, shot and killed TheEnd.

The Asylum vs Bearicade

Written by ShotgunV10

It was a cold day on Day 104 when Katier woke up and said "I'm shooting Bearicade". She died unfortunately leaving her beloved partner, BigG, to search for Bearicade. Unfortunately for him, he failed, and went off to work.

ShotgunV5 wakes up to the news and cries no tears. The war must go on. Seeing members of The Asylum fall over night he knew what had to be done. Destroy the Bear.

ShotgunV5 opens fire and shoots 30,000 bullets at Bearicade but dies in his backfire.
ShotgunV6 opens fire an hour later and shoots 30,000 bullets at Bearicade, dying in his backfire again...stupid fuck...

It is at this point that Shotgun realised Bearicade was not empty like he said, but actually stocked. So he called for a truce.

But that greedy ass Bear wanted the hat-trick and opened fire on ShotgunV7, dying in his backfire.


Exclusive image of the Bearicade at work.

The Asylum had won the battle...only until BigG couldn't get his mobile data working at work and couldn't make an UB...leaving The Asylum exposed and ultimately leaving it to split up.

A word from the leaders of The Asylum: "WE WILL BE BACK IN ROUND 19 AND STRONGER THAN EVER".

Twathead's Quad Kill

Written by ShotgunV10

It was 11:12pm on Day 104 when Sanchez was killed by Twathead. It was expected to be honest, the guy had been going on about not getting into Crucial Conflict for hours!

But that's when it all changed.

MightyMatt3r was killed by Twathead.
GiftWrapped was killed by Twathead.
Sket was killed by Twathead.

Twathead gets a quad kill with 3 of them being CC members. I wonder what colour he supports!


After completing his quad and being pressed for a comment, Twathead gave the following statement: "Forgive me for my ruthlessness"

Thank You For Reading!

Written by ShotgunV10


Thanks for reading this issue of Deathmatch News! If there are any big kills I missed out I'm sorry! Please PM me them and I can see about including them in the next issue!

I would of course appreciate if you can vote for me as times editor to complete the round! You can do so via this link:

See you next time!