Deathmatch News

Written by ShotgunV5


Heya! Thanks for electing me as times editor for deathmatch!

I'll be doing my best to write an issue every night going over the "main events" from that day and the previous night I might've missed. I'll also do my best to note down all the deaths that took place during that specific deathmatch day.

I will try and go over all if not most revealed kills in the "main events" article but I can't promise anything. Silenced kills almost certainly won't be in the main events unless they are big kills.

I hope you enjoy the Deathmatch News and let me know if you have any feedback! Giveaways will be coming every few days with the final one leading into Round 19 so you can get a head start!

The Beginning of the End - Day 103

Written by ShotgunV5

Deathmatch has arrived, that means the round is coming to a close; but before it does, let the blood pour.

Deathmatch began at 4:30PM on Day 103. After a few random suicides, the first battle took place. Cleo1 shot at Green404, dying in her backfire.


Shortly after shooting Father, and dying in backfire, Dylan107 returned as Dylan 108 making 3 kills within a few hours! Father was the first to be murdered for what we assume was revenge. Followed by AdventureDM dying in Dylan's backfire and to end the kill spree, Dylan took out UncleBoris.

Starfall killed Blacksmoke whilst Nines killed Youngbigs, only to be killed shortly after.

The Asylum have started to hit out with multiple deaths. KILLERLEGION was killed by HoneyBun & BossDogg92 was killed by Shotgun. Twatface then died in Ega's backfire leaving 420G set to clean up Ega, which he successfully did.

LadyFknPurr was killed by HoneyBun who then went on to kill Dylan108. Cleo2 died in CrystalWolff's backfire leaving Shotgun to clean up, which he did. HoneyBun won't stop killing! Next on his kill list was Duplikat, no surprise here, the shot was successful! After that was Eroll, who was again, killed.

Proserpina killed LordBanana and then went on to kill PerfectTimin. Later that hour, he was killed himself by Bearicade. The Asylum were then provided some detective trackings from members of the GN public. We followed through on them with Katier killing Dj3, BigG killing BigTuna and Guadalupe killing XXDIMONDX.

An anonymous gangster killed TripleTonee, no clue why the kill was silenced but oh well...


Bangbang tried to kill Pepsi, a level 1,!

Reptile shoots and kills Backlash. Could it be that the reds are joining the battle now?!

I think it's fair to say that so far The Asylum have dominated Day 1 of deathmatch. Let us see what tomorrow brings!

Day 103 Deaths

Written by ShotgunV5

Only deaths 4:30PM onwards! Suicides & Admin kills not included

Cleo1 - Backfire
Dylan107 - Backfire
BlackSmoke - Killed
Youngbigs - Killed
XxassasinxX - Killed
Father - Killed
Nines - Killed
AdventureDM - Backfire
UncleBoris - Killed
MaxLeon - Killed
Mbg - Killed
BossDogg92 - Killed
BanZ0e - Killed
Twatface - Backfire
Ega - Killed
LadyFknPurr - Killed
IWOZ - Killed
Cleo2 - Backfire
Dylan108 - Killed
CrystalWolff - Killed
TripleTonee - Killed
Bangbang44 - Backfire (to a level 1?!!?)
Duplikat - Killed
Eroll - Killed
LordBanana - Killed
PerfectTimin - Killed
Proserpina - Killed
Dj3 - Killed
Backlash - Killed
BigTuna - Killed

May you all rest in peace.

Thank You!

Written by ShotgunV5

Thanks for reading this edition of Deathmatch News! Any feedback is greatly appreciated! I'm not sure how Deathmatch news will go down!

I'll be back tomorrow with the latest and greatest from Day 104!

See you then!