Nova's Mighty Hammer of the G.T.F.O.

Written by GSG9

It wasn't easy but here we are! +1 in favor of the free press! Thank you ShotgunV2 and TheMessiah for giving up the election, given that both of you were in front of me.

I told y'all that this issue was gonna be a big drama show, it isn't about role playing the kills in gn or showing photos of your pets or anything. If you don't like the drama, then I suggest you skip this one. The usual and more colorful issues will be published soon after this, under other contributor(s).

If you're someone who've heard some stuff but was never sure in what to believe in, or if you're someone new who wants to know who and what you're going to be dealing with in this game. Then I suggest you read it.

I've wrote the entire issue fully in image format, so I can erase the content when I feel some people playing the game have decided to grow the fuck up.