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An important message, two interviews, one giveaway and one thank you!

Mental Health & Suicide

Written by ShotgunV2

1 in 5 people suffer from mental health issues. Roughly one person kills themselves every 40 seconds. 1 in 10 teens have a mental health issue, 75% of them receive no help. Over 50% of mental health sufferers are embarrassed to get help.

This is a topic that has affected me quite a lot and many people I know. I'm sure it's affected a lot of you as well.

As a community let's see if we can do our part in helping others in the world. Below are a bunch of mental health and suicide charities that you can donate. Please consider it ❤️


I'd love it if you guys could PM me with your own personal stories (about you or people you know) relating to mental health. I'd like to post them (anonymously if you wish) in the next issue to show people that it's ok not to be ok.


Even if you can't donate, read up on mental health and suicide. There's a lot you can do to help.

Some ways you can help:

* Asking if someone is ok
* Opening up about personal experiences
* Showing you care about the topic

If you aren't feeling great then please get help or at the very least talk to someone. It can be totally anonymous if you want. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines

If you want to talk, PM me, I'm more than happy to talk to you 🙂

Take Care!❤️

Interview with Katherine

Written by ShotgunV2

Shotgun: Hiya, how long you been playing GN?
Katherine: On and off since my college days back in 2007.
Shotgun: Have you gotten over the betrayal you had with Nolan?
Katherine: Yes. It was my mistake and it taught me a harsh lesson. I will not make the same mistake in future.
Shotgun: Fair enough! Has what happened affecting the CC, TF "relationship"?
Katherine: No.
Shotgun: No.
Katherine: Not really. This has never been a problem in previous rounds when other families do it but when we do it, it becomes an issue
Shotgun: What do you like and dislike about GN then?
Katherine: I like a number of things about GN.. I dislike the ppl on here who jump on the bandwagon just so they can feel important
Shotgun: Go on, give us a name!
Katherine: No i don't wanna make them famous haha
Shotgun: 😂 Do you have any plans for some big kills later this round? You've been pretty quiet kill wise
Katherine: I know haha honestly my only goal was focused on getting 50 for the first time ever now there isn't anyone in range that i wanna shoot at ngl feeling kinda bored now 😂
Shotgun: Drop a few and take ya shot xD Congrats on getting 50 for the first time!! Is there anything you'd like to tell the world?
Katherine: Might do that you know 😛 And yeah to all the red haters out there keep hating you'll get rewarded soon 😂
Shotgun: Thanks for your time 🙂
Katherine: Np 🙂


Written by ShotgunV2


The winner of the last giveaway (CMD's GIF and 15 credits) was TheMessiah - https://streamable.com/exnnz

This issues giveaway is 10 credits! Just PM me if you'd like to enter and the winner will be announced in the evening of Day 72!

Good Luck!

Interview with Imback18

Written by ShotgunV2

Shotgun: Hi Imback, is this your first time hitting level 50?
Imback18: Na I've hit 50 before in the past. And I've been playing gn since round 14 or so. I really didn't get the full expect of the game till rob couch me.. As of right now I feel like am the most underrated player here
Shotgun: Interesting! Any plans for a big kill?
Imback18: I never let the left hand know what the right hand is going. So all I gotta say is stay tuned.
Shotgun: Oooo! What do u like and dislike about GN?

Imback18 comitted suicide at this point. RIP.

Thank You!

Written by ShotgunV2

Thank you for reading this issue of GangsterNews!

Next week we are in for a "treat" with Helt publishing whatever he wants to publish and after that hopefully I'll be back with some more issues.

Thank you to everyone for all their support and to all the giveaway sponsors and everyone who takes part and even just reads the times!