Welcome to Gangster News - Ft. Senseless

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Welcome to this edition of GangsterNews! KingRobin was killed. Katherine was betrayed. Let's get into this edition which has a special interview from the man himself, Senseless!

The War on Reds

Written by ShotgunV2

Day 66, 10:11pm
KingRobin was killed.

Moments later, Nolan dies in Hazels backfire and returns as Senseless. Someone had finally taken out the boss of The Reds and many gangsters worldwide rejoiced.

TheMessiah had the following to say about the shots:
A few in the fam had ideas not all in the Following was a legit but I was oblivious as per usual so a shock to me but not too others !

And Katherine had the following to say:
I had no idea, I'm a red myself and a couple of reds were in there whom I was in fam with before same with my fam a few in here who are reds. I'm absolutely mortified that this shot came from within my fam.
When asked about revenge, she had the following to say:
I have no idea atm but I can't see it being the end of this

MissyL had this to say:
It was a long haul by the LEGEND Bruno aka Nolan ! But he got there and took (not) kingrobin out ... maybe if sindel would of listened to her fam members this may not of happened but cyber cocks seemed much more appealing ...

KingRobin, who came back as EliteRobin, showed respect to Senseless before committing suicide, citing personal reasons, and promising to be back in a few rounds.

Whatever the future holds, I'm sure that there is a lot more to come!

Interview with Nolan/Senseless

Written by ShotgunV2

Shotgun: Hi Bruno. For those who don't know you, care to tell everyone how long you've been playing?
Senseless: I play since orund 5 but was a noob. More seriously since round 12. My main AKA is Senseless or KingSense
Shotgun: I saw the name Nolan a day or two ago as a level 50 and didn't recognise it. Where did you come from?!
Senseless: Was hiding to do something like this
Shotgun: How long has this plan been going on for and who was part of it?
Senseless: I shot 795k on KingRobin and 955k on Hazel.
Shotgun: Good shots! Unlucky you couldn't finish off Hazel! How did it feel in the final moments before taking the shots?
Senseless: I was really nervous. I needed to have a wank (joking... or not). I love the moments before shooting like I have butterflies in belly. I don't do much kills but I like to plan and surprise.
Shotgun: You have the respect of many I can tell you that! Is there anything you'd like to add about what went on and why you wanted to drop CC?
Senseless: this started ages ago. Round 14 I arrived late and without family and joined a group that was dropped by reds and purples (colors from the past). And I did this in round 16 with my account KingeSense. I dropped Moose Kingdom while hiding. Nothing personal but this is a game of shooting and people need to have less afraid (me included).
Shotgun: Thanks for your time mate 🙂
Senseless: you welcome and keep good work 🙂


Written by ShotgunV2


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What's a GangsterNews edition without a PewDiePie plug? BAD!

I was actually going to caption that one "KingRobin calls HulmeY into his office"...but then he died...let's move on...


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