Welcome to GangsterNews Edition 3

Written by ShotgunV2


Welcome to this edition of GangsterNews. In this edition we have some big kills to go over, a couple of interviews, and another giveaway so sit back and have a good read read. Yes, that one was on purpose

R.I.P KingInstinct

Written by ShotgunV2

He fought bravely during the 2xp weekend and won that battle. On level 48, he felt invincible. Nobody could stop him from getting to level 50.

Walking down GangsterRoad KingInstinct spotted Corniole and decided to shoot for some fun. He opens fire with his machine gun and quickly realises he’s ****ed!

Alas, KingInstinct took his last breath whilst falling to the ground at the feet of Corniole.

We have got exclusive footage of Carl's reaction to dying to Corniole: https://bit.ly/2QpQZ2j

Zombies Fight Back...Kinda

Written by ShotgunV2


Less than two hours after KingInstincts tragic death, QueenMissy shoots at TheTruth and sacrifices herself.

5 minutes later, he’s shot and killed by a mysterious gangster.

BUT MICHAEL RESSURECTS and comes back as missyisaslut, and then he kills himself...

RedLINE tries to kill Marionette but dies in backfire, Missy comes back as...retardedmike, drops her protection and shoots at Marionette...also dying...

Next up is OGmudone who shoots Marionette and successfully kills...himself...Damn, that’s some good backfire.

Someone killed Cassandra but nobody knows who 🀷‍♂️

LadyBug gets shot and killed by Vetis. Unfortunately, MrRed doesn’t take kindly to this kills Vetis just over an hour later.

Marionette finally gets killed 3 backfires and over 16 hours later. But who made the kill? We still don't know but we can only assume it's the same person who killed Cassandra and TheTruth.

(I thought this article was done!)

It kicked off again late Day 62, early 63!

MrRed is killed by serious, who famously says "πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•rather be dead then to be a redπŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•"

He got what he wanted though, after being taken out by "Them", a blue?!

Interview with TheMessiah

Written by ShotgunV2

Shotgun: Evening mate. Thanks for this! First of, how long have you been playing GN and what are your goals for the remainder of this round?
TheMessiah: Evening, I have been playing since round 13 and for this round now ? Absolutely nothing, I have done what i wanted too, now time to just sit back .
Shotgun: Quite some time then! How are things in Crucial Conflict? Instinct's death, I assume he didn't intend to die?
TheMessiah: All sweet thanks nah he didn’t just a missed shot he will be back better and stronger.
Shotgun: I'm sure he will! :) You've been playing for some time now, what do you like and dislike about GN and are there any features or improvements you are really hoping for?
TheMessiah: I pretty much like everything about the game but the thing that really does annoy me is anonymous I think they should just get rid of it
Shotgun: Anonymous in what way? Kills? Respect? Auctions? Or do you mean in every way?
TheMessiah: Everything. It needs to go mate people hide under anonymous
Shotgun: Yeah I see what you mean. Is definitely frustrating at times! Especially when you get targeted anonymously for 3m from your bank account! How come you didn't continue on as Times Editor?
TheMessiah: I just run out of ideas mate but I am pleased you have taken over and seem to keep it going and a good read
Shotgun: Why thank you 😊 Is there anything else you would like to let the world know?
TheMessiah: No worries and nope just good luck to everyone for the next rounds and enjoy it πŸ˜€


Written by ShotgunV2


The winner of the 50k bullets giveaway was Siska! Congratulations and big thanks to Clay again for sponsoring it!

Siska is sponsoring the next giveaway with 10 free Level 50 mentors! Looking to rank up and get some cash & bullets along the way? Then be sure to enter this giveaway by PMing me saying you want to enter!

The winner will be revealed in main chat on Friday (Day 64) evening and PM'd 😊

Good Luck!

Interview with xXSPXxXSPXx7

Written by ShotgunV2

Shotgun: Evening mate. How long you been playing GN?
xXSPXxXSPXx7: Well, I've been playing since round 2
Shotgun: Very long time! Made many enemies/friends?
xXSPXxXSPXx7: Well, most of my "GN Career", i had made a lot of enemies. But, this has changed since a long time ago, after i realised there are many good opportunities to be made with other people.
Shotgun: How do you think the game has changed since round 2 and what do you like and dislike about the game now vs then?
xXSPXxXSPXx7: Well, I like that people are way more friendly than they were since round 2. This game has really changed in a positive way, and i think Mike is doing a great job with the give resources that he has.
Shotgun: What about a negative about the current times vs the past?
xXSPXxXSPXx7: Well, one negative is how hard it is to make it around GN with a good amount of money. It seems everybody is out for bullets, but not me. Like i said, i ain't trying to make negative relations, but positives.
Shotgun: I see. Do you have any other comments you want to make?
xXSPXxXSPXx7: Yeah, actually, i'd like to add that Fenn really helped me be who i am today, along with the Hall- Of- Famer (At least in my book), Noodle, Waldo, and many other people. Just, thanks to them.
Shotgun: Thank you for your time!
xXSPXxXSPXx7: Thank you! I was really hyped for the interview!

Vote for Me :D

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This will be the last GangsterNews for this week! I intend to make 2-3 a week for as long as I am editor. If you enjoyed reading The Times this week then please be sure to take 5 seconds out of your day and vote for me as Times Editor. It means a lot!