Welcome to GangsterNews - Ft. Mike!

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Welcome to this edition of GangsterNews.

In this edition we will be revealing the winner of the last giveaway, starting a new giveaway and covering some major news stories that have spread around GangsterLand!

We also have a very special Q&A with Mike!

Veleno Dropped by Crucial Conflict

Written by ShotgunV2


Crucial Conflict have dropped Veleno in a war lasting just 2 minutes

It all started at 7:32pm when TheMessiah shot and killed Anne2 leaving Apollo as boss. 1 minute later Safcftm shot K93 and at 7:34pm the war was declared over when TheMessiah dropped Apollo, leaving Veleno broken.

We reached Anne3 who refused to comment. However, K93, now Orca, had the following to say:

It's upsetting, I have a few good friends in Conflict from rounds before and they will still be my friends. However there are one or two I will get one day when they least expect it. For now I will probably take things slow and do safes and win slots. I don't take dying very well but I had a good run and maybe I will be back.

Nobody from Crucial Conflict commented on the matter.

A Very Special Q&A with Mike!

Written by ShotgunV2

We managed to get a hold of Mike to do a Q&A about GN!

Q: What inspired you to make GN?
A: I created Gangster Nation after seeing people play similar games in school. I was getting into web development at the time so this seemed like a fun project to work on.

Q: How old were you when you made it?
A: I was 14 at the time. I created the game around 2004-2005 and it went online January 2005.

Q: When you made GN what vision did you have for it?
A: I don't think I had much vision at all. I was just having fun - learning web development and listening to the feedback early players gave me. In fact at one point in early 2005 I essentially copied and pasted the design of a similar online game (one of the few still standing today!) before quickly realising that was a lame thing to do.

Q: How do you feel about GN nowadays?
A: I love GN as always. I think the game is better than ever. Some people talk about the "good old days" - I think it's only natural to feel nostalgic about past times, especially given how many years some people have played the game but that doesn't mean the game hasn't advanced. The game is more unique and fun than ever in my honest opinion, there are various 'features within features' these days such as prison busting streaks. I love the fact that there's now a full featured mobile version too, it's interesting to see desktop usage decline each month while mobile usage increases - there's definitely more work due to make the mobile experience better though.

Q: Do you have any other games you've made?
A: Before Gangster Nation I had a little project called "Road Rage UK", a daft name but I wanted to create a game around the idea of street racing (The Fast and the Furious inspired). After Gangster Nation there was Criminal Force which had a bit of interest and was re-released a few times before the last version was passed to a new owner (a Gangster Nation player in fact). Other than that, there was a game called Theme Park Manager - this was in development for many years (off and on) but unfortunately never came to fruition. So today, and for the foreseeable future, it's just Gangster Nation!

Q: Any spoilers for new features?
A: No spoilers. I don't usually share info on future updates these days incase plans change, I don't want to disappoint anyone ? Hoping to have time for a good sprint on updates soon!

Q: Any other comments?
A: I'd just like to say a big THANKS to the community for making Gangster Nation a fun and vibrant place to be! The game wouldn't be here without the community and I know loads of you have been around for many years too which is awesome ?


Written by ShotgunV2


The winner of the last giveaway, 10 credits was DrZoidberg

This time we have a sponsor for the giveaway so big shoutout to Clay for sponsoring 50,000 bullets for this giveaway!

If you want to enter just PM saying you'd like to enter! The winner will be revealed on Day 61 at around 8pm!

If you'd like to sponsor the next giveaway then please PM me :)

Good Luck!

PewDiePie vs T-Series

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The race is ongoing! If you haven't already then be sure to subscribe to PewDiePie!!

You can view the race for 1st live with the video below!

Thank You!

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Thanks for reading this edition of GangsterNews!

There won't be an edition every day, but I intend to do a couple a week depending on what the news is like and whether the giveaways have a sponsor. There might also not be a giveaway in every edition if there aren't any sponsors for a prolonged period of time.