Welcome to the times

Written by Focus


Thank you for your reviews of my previous edition it’s appreciated! Thank you too becci for your contribution and all those interviewed, this week will be firework themed due to it being firework night here in the Uk this coming Monday!

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween, please enjoy!

Interview With TheMessiah

Written by Safcftm


Please read from bottom to top, here is an interview with the times editor himself:

[x] Today, 9:50 PM

Such kind words Sam, thank you for your time.
[x] Today, 9:49 PM

She’s an incredible person and always looks out for me, she knows me well and knows when I’m down and is there to help, absolutely love the girl to bits and will miss her incredibly!
[x] Today, 9:47 PM

Seen as you have mentioned Becci, we will finish on that topic, any special message you would like to say to her...
[x] Today, 9:45 PM

Tbh i would really like more casino games but I would never rank πŸ˜‚ but If they was to release a huge war feature it would be immense! Or another option is to get becci to promise me nudes all next round then I’ll stay !
[x] Today, 9:42 PM

Seems like you achieved what you wanted, so well done for that. If you could change one thing about the game to maybe keep you playing for a couple more rounds what would it be?
[x] Today, 9:40 PM

Well me personally I wanted to get 50 it was my main aim for my last round just wanted to leave on a high i suppose, my own personal high was probs finally stealing a 1mil + car on day 38 took a long time but I got there.
[x] Today, 9:38 PM

Ahh, that will be interesting to see. How do you feel you have done personally this round so far? And what is your own personal highlight so far?
[x] Today, 9:36 PM

Well I kind of had a theme on the latest edition of Halloween and as the next one will be fireworks themed!
[x] Today, 9:35 PM

Haha, very good answer! Have you any special plans for the times, or just going to take each edition as it comes and see what happens?
[x] Today, 9:34 PM

I just wanted to win something

[x] Today, 9:32 PM

Hi Sam, What made you want to be times editor this round? Many will know you did it before so what made you put yourself forward again?

Interview with Anne2

Written by Ladybug


Interview with Anne 2....read from bottom to top please πŸ˜…πŸ™ˆ

[x] Today, 2:12 PM Anne2

[x] Today, 2:12 PM Ladybug
πŸ˜† thank you

[x] Today, 2:11 PM Anne2
Want to wish Messiah good luck with being editor and i hope that all the players having fun in the way they play this game. Thanks for your interview hun, i feel honoured

[x] Today, 2:10 PM Ladybug
Aww sorry they are poorly, sending best wishes.....thank you anne for your time, anything else you would like to add?

[x] Today, 2:08 PM Anne2
Hope my best friend will be better very soon

[x] Today, 2:07 PM Ladybug
Anyone you want to send a message to?

[x] Today, 2:00 PM Anne2
They joined from the old fam out of loyalty

[x] Today, 1:59 PM Ladybug
Anyway im interviewing you πŸ˜‚....how do you pick family members?

[x] Today, 1:59 PM Anne2
have a look on all families see the changes

[x] Today, 1:58 PM Ladybug
Yeah, just hard thinking of stuff lol

[x] Today, 1:58 PM Anne2
But you like it so far?

[x] Today, 1:58 PM Ladybug
Never done it before lol, Sam dragged me in πŸ˜‚

[x] Today, 1:56 PM Anne2
You like being editor?

[x] Today, 1:55 PM Anne2
cartheft is my favourite and prison the least lol

[x] Today, 1:53 PM Ladybug
Which feature is your favorite and least favorite?

[x] Today, 1:51 PM Anne2
I started half way last round

[x] Today, 1:51 PM Ladybug
True, true... how long have you played the game for ?

[x] Today, 1:49 PM Anne2
Anonymous is not only annoying it shows weakness and fear

[x] Today, 1:49 PM Anne2
I don't think so, it was the same on my former accounts. Hope it is because i always try to help and approach people worthy.

[x] Today, 1:47 PM Ladybug
Anon is always annoying...Why do you think you have so much respect? I know you send a lot of cars about for missions,could this be the reason?

[x] Today, 1:43 PM Anne2
Always anonymous btw and because haters always will hate, wish they wrote a reason or at least not anonymous

[x] Today, 1:42 PM Ladybug
Lol I'm good thank you, may as well ask why you think people bounty you as the first question

[x] Today, 1:40 PM Anne2
I am fine, thank you and back in bountieland, how are you?

[x] Today, 1:40 PM Ladybug
Thank you for talking to me Anne, how are you?

Meme Corner

Written by Focus







Bonfire night JokesπŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸ’₯πŸ”₯

Written by Ladybug

My apologies, there are no decent ones πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

1- Last person to enter parliment with honest intentions
Guy Fawkes

2- A policeman arrested two kids. One for drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks.
He charged one and let the other off!

3- I got my friend a very large rocket this year
Hes over the moon!

4- What do you call a duck who likes watching fireworks?
A firequacker

5- I’m good at firework displays. I’ve got a flare for it.

What a #Fail

Written by Focus

Unfortunately for one of our own here on GN was one of the biggest fails we have seen! Poor Michael all set for another kill was set to drop to level 48 but instead dropped to 28. 🀦‍β™‚οΈπŸ€¦‍β™‚οΈπŸ€¦‍♂️ Luckily for him he was still in range to take out his target but oh my what a fail! Only to find himself dead rather soon after Rip Michael!

On that note here are more fails for you to enjoy!

A fine Farewell

Written by Focus

Thank you all for your great support during my week of times. I appreciate all the comments and reviews I have really enjoyed doing it. But for me a week is enough a huge thanks to Becci and Dan for your help!

Good luck to the next editor who takes it on please make sure you keep it a good read let’s not let it slip I know a lot of people enjoy it and will be a shame to loose it.

Thanks to you all ❀️