The Times From Hell

Written by Buer

hello everyone and thanks for electing me as your Times editor. I will try and do my best to bring you the best of content and as long as im editor i will try and bring something new to the Times each time i do them.Ill try to keep it short and sweet but there's a lot too cover so sit back and enjoy The Times from your very own corner of hell

Double Experience points (Dxp)

Written by Buer

Congrats to The winner of Dxp
AngryBird came in 1st place
Dilon came in 2nd place
Missyl came in 3rd place

welcome all the new lv.50s

Admin Interveiw (New ideas)

Written by Buer

Today, 6:57 AM
I was wondering if i could interview you for The Times

Today, 10:12 AM
Hi Buer,
Sure! Happy to answer any questions you may have ?

GN Admin

Today, 11:50 AM
I have one Question but its has 2 parts.
Do you have any developments in the works and if so care to to
give us a little sneak peak?

Today, 11:57 AM

Sadly there aren't any big secret developments going on behind the scenes. I have a rough idea of what's coming up and then try to work on those changes whenever I can find some spare time. I don't usually talk about future updates in case they don't come to fruition for some reason. That said, I've made lots of small improvements recently and hopefully there will be more of those to come. In terms of gameplay, I want to implement Life Insurance for Vehicle Theft and I'm playing with ideas for a Prestige Mode and Family War feature, although I must stress those are just ideas at this time!

Today, 12:01 PM
As far as the recent changes you have made i think they were great.
I would like to add i think if prestigious mode doesnt have to do with level 50 that you should add something to make people want to hit 50 or add another perk since the removal of detective tip offs.Other than that you guys are doing great keep up the good work.

Today, 12:04 PM
Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you like the updates!

The Prestige Mode is for hardcore Level 50 players. If you've played Call of Duty, it's the same idea, you essentially gain a prestigious badge on your profile but have to work through the levels from scratch again, entering some kind of leaderboard which persists through rounds for those who have prestige'd ranked by the number of times.


Written by Buer

Kingcharming killed lilj
datboy killed strain2 in backfire
kingtoker killed mysticmajin -------> Crucial conflict wiped
Elprofesor killed killed big perm --->The Traphouse
Alphamale killed Elprofesor
ReyTheGreat killed Alphamale
On3lov3 killed wisdom
R3beccax killed Thesilent1GB in back fire
A7X killed matitan711
Kwengface killed blackdaddy00
dorkis killed Kwengface
seamus killed grimreaper94
Dorkis killed Mclew
Triggaa killed Wiz69er
OhGreatOnee kiled pathetic in backfire
jamieoliver killed carcrash0z
Jamesshady2 killed Alphamale
Shawn killed Mcdouce

Admin Interveiw (Family war mode)

Written by Buer

Today, 12:15 PM

I agree and i hope someday soon you will be able to implement it and what would the family war feature be like. would it be like one family could declare/set an fam as enemy or hostile or has it not that that much thought into it yet ?

Today, 12:42 PM

It would be an automated system actually, to help everyone watch which families enter situations with each other and how they play out.As soon as a member of one family shoots at another, a war is starts and will be shown on the wars page.From there, the game keeps a record of how many members are dropped from each side.If one family takes out another, that family wins regardless of how many kills were made.This then remains on record on the family wars page for everyone to see. So nothing too crazy. But it can lead to more features in future.such as taking another family's bank when the family is dropped, and statistics on which family has won the most wars, etc.Keeping the idea simple is what will enable me to implement it sooner rather than later though, then incremental improvements can be made in future.


Written by Buer

I couldn't fine a way to add pictures so i decided to write it out.I'm on PC so if anyone could tell me how to put picture in the times it would be appreciated.

This is this cat
This is is cat
This is how cat
This is to cat
This is keep cat
This is an cat
This is idiot cat
This is busy cat
This is for cat
This is forty cat
This is seconds cat
Now go back and read the 3rd word only in each line from start to finish :joy: you know it got you :eyes:

Admin Interveiw (New accolades)

Written by Buer

Today, 12:46 PM

to be honest i think that is perfect but would the family get like a family accolade for winning a war even if they don't i like the idea and if you put it to a vote i think you would get an overwhelming vote for yes on it because that sounds amazing

Today, 12:52 PM

Well, there aren't family accolades currently, but I agree there certainly should be some recognition on family profiles for winning a war. That's the kind of detail I would usually work out later with additional improvements, after getting the core of the feature up and running

shoutouts :p

Written by Buer

-Chocker-shout out to MissyL & TripleTone for being the best Boss & UB in GN
-Micheal-big shout out to gorilla for killing that p.o.s diableChadGB-Shout out to -ChadGB-buer for being a great newbie and doing a super mint Times..
-LeinaD-Shout out to angrybird for still been a hugger even after winning bullet lotto -Karlos-Big congratulations to Steve and Lauryn on there marriage. May God keep them the best future ever. Kind Regards Daddy Karlos
-Anomaly-Shoutout to Fan for being a big Ga*
-Seamus-Shout out to Danni for getting banned ?
-Malphito-shout out to MissyL for being a great and helpful player
-Slimdavy- I want a shout-out to anne, she s the best ub a boss could wish for. I love her dearly for that.
-LEWIS7657575- Shout out to all of Gn Lets get this bread Gamers Rise up
-Dylan- Add more cars and memes
-Anomaly-Shoutout to Fan for being a big gay

Thanks to All

Written by Buer

In closing i would like to thank you all again for getting me elected as editor and don't forget to vote for me again so i can keep you all update on the latest and greatest info of the game. Buer out